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String Rods are a great alignment tool.  The ability to dial in precise swing paths is unique among similar trainers.


One of the metrics I use for judging the best new products at the PGA Show is what people are buying.  By that measure, String Rods was clearly among the best of 2017 – virtually every PGA pro I saw had a set, and the booth was completely sold out.

Boosted by the great reception in Orlando, the company worked on some improvements and released an updated version.  I tested it to see if you should consider adding it to your bag.

Set Up & Ease of Use

String Rods set up in just a few seconds.  Straighten out the black segments, set the strings in your preferred position, and you’re ready to go.  I’d write more, but that’s really all there is.


The first thing that String Rods do for you is set your alignment.  The white rod nearest you will keep your feet parallel to the target line.

Where they separate themselves from basic alignment sticks is in what you can do with the strings.  Let’s start with the most basic use.  You can set the strings as a path – however wide or narrow you choose – that is parallel to your target line.

The next level, as shown above, is setting a club path to promote a particular shot shape.  Each white mark on the black segments indicates one degree.  This allows you to angle the strings to the precise path that you want.  You could even set the strings at different angles if you want one to indicate swing path and another to reinforce a particular face angle.

Another benefit of String Rods that could easily be overlooked is its use indoors.  If you’re stuck inside for the winter, you can set up String Rods and ingrain the swing path that you desire rather than making meaningless air swings or doing nothing at all.


When folded up, String Rods are a bit longer than a standard wedge (above), and they take up space in the bag equal to a club.  It’s not much different than carrying a couple alignment sticks.  They can easily live in your golf bag full time, a major longevity key.

Like most products that seek to replace alignment sticks, I think String Rods have high longevity.  If you are serious about your practice and you’ve invested in the tool, there’s no doubt that you’ll use them every time you hit the range.


String Rods sell for $50 through the company’s website HERE.  This is more expensive than a pair of alignment sticks, but the value is in the perfect set up, not having to adjust the set up when you bump them, and in the precision that the strings allow for.  For the serious range rat, String Rods are a good investment.

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For the guy who hits the range every now and then to blast through a small bucket, stick to a $2 alignment stick.  For the serious player who is using the range to perfect his swing, check out String Rods.  The way that they promote precision in alignment and swing path will pay dividends on the course.

Buy String Rods HERE

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  1. Peter Simshauser

    Thanks for posting about String Rods and facilitating a discount. Based on your review and my experience at a recent lesson (where my instructor noted issues with my initiation of my backswing), I bought a set of String Rods. They are a very useful tool, for the reasons you’ve described in your review.
    All best regards,

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