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The Srixon Z 565 driver packs the forgiveness and draw bias that most players need into a beautiful, traditional package.



Over the next few weeks, PluggedInGolf will be bringing you reviews of Srixon’s entire 2016-2017 club line up.  The trend you’re going to notice is that this line up delivers the goods.  From game improvement to high level player’s clubs, they’ve covered all the bases with performance and style.  We’re kicking things off with an in-depth look at the Z 565 driver.



The Srixon Z 565 driver stands out among today’s drivers by going back to basics.  While other OEMs decorate their drivers with all kinds of graphics and ridges, Srixon opted for a simple gloss black crown.  The sole is similarly understated – clean black and silver with straightforward branding.  Though this is a forgiving driver, it looks more like a club for the plus handicap.


Sound & Feel

Srixon recognizes that players who want forgiveness don’t necessarily want a driver that can be heard two counties over.  The Z 565 produces a medium volume crack at impact with a very solid feel.  There’s good feedback on mishits though the club still feels stable on off-center shots.



Srixon’s Z 565 is the game improvement driver in their current line up.  It’s a 460 cc head geared toward a higher launch and a slight draw bias.  It delivers on both counts: it launches on a high, strong trajectory, even on low strikes, and it does favor a draw with a slightly heel-side sweet spot.  It’s worth noting that the draw bias is moderate.  It’s not going to fix a 30 yard banana ball, nor is it something that hookers should be terrified of.

As a gear nerd, my favorite thing that Srixon has done with their new line up is to spell out exactly how it’s an improvement over the previous generation.  In comparing the Z 545 to the new Z 565, Srixon has increased the MOI 4%, lowered the center of gravity, and improved distance on low-face strikes.  What all that means in the real world is that it creates a dispersion that’s about 5 yards tighter, and it loses only 0.2 yards (compared to 2.2 yards) on low strikes versus centered strikes.

Finally, I want to mention the stock shaft in the Z 565, the Miyazaki Kaula Mizu.  Over the last couple years, Miyazaki has shifted from producing aftermarket shafts to engineering stock shafts for Srixon clubs, which is a major boon for Srixon players.  The Kaula 5 has a balanced profile that’s a little firmer in the butt without getting too soft in the tip.  While custom fitting is always beneficial, this balanced profile should fit a wide range of players.



As a relative newcomer among major OEMs, Srixon is going to be overlooked by some golfers.  Don’t be one of them.  The Z 565 driver is one of the strongest new game improvement drivers of the fall, and it’s one that should definitely be on your list to try.

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Srixon Z 565 Driver Price and Specs


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  1. Gary Benchich

    I have tested almost every driver. One stands out 4 me.the TaylorMade M2. I get the same distance as the other top drivers, with once difference. Thw ball travels another 10-15 yards once it lands . a very important amount to this 75 year old. Who used to be a 1 handicap, but health issues cost me dearly. Im now better, but older. Until I find something better. Im not going 2 switch.

  2. How would you compare this new Srixon offering with the Ping G/G30?

    • Matt Saternus


      Both are at the top of the game. Those two and the new Callaway would be my top three for forgiving drivers.


  3. Matt, Would you rate the Srixon Z565 driver as comparable to the Ping and Callaway for forgiveness and distance?

  4. Not sure if you still check these older posts but how would the 565 compare to the 355?

    • Matt Saternus


      I didn’t test the two head to head, so I can’t give an educated comparison.



  5. glen Kaszubski

    What loft did you test

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