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Srixon Z 545 Driver Review

Srixon Z 545 Driver (6)

50 Words or Less

The Srixon Z 545 driver may be the best under-the-radar driver of 2015.  Really long with plenty of forgiveness.  Lots of adjustability to boot.

Srixon Z 545 Driver (4)


We’ve already tested Srixon’s Z H45 hybrid and their Z U45 utility iron and found them to be excellent, but I still had a shade of skepticism when I received the Z 545 driver.  Though they’ve made clubs for the Japanese market for years, I couldn’t shake the impression that Srixon is just a ball company.

After testing the Z 545, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Srixon deserves to be considered among the best OEMs in golf.

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The look of the Srixon Z 545 immediately brought to mind the Cleveland 588 Custom driver.  It’s got a clean black crown, and it’s noticeably large from front to back.

The Z 545 also has a lot of in-the-bag sex appeal.  The white and red head cover is really well done and has a lot of visual pop.  The club itself is all shades of black which is very sharp.

Srixon Z 545 Driver (9)

Sound & Feel

The first thing I noticed about the Z 545 driver is that it feels very light.  It’s not marketed as a super lightweight club – and with a 60 gram shaft and Lamkin UTx grip it isn’t – but something about the balance of this club makes it feel effortless to swing.

At impact, the sound is unique: it’s quiet and non-metallic,more of a “pop” than a “thwack” or “crack.”  The feel and sound are also very clean, reminiscent of the PING G30.  Your hands don’t get any extra rattling or vibration, just a clear sense of how you struck the ball.

Z 545 LM Data


I said that this driver is in the running for Sleeper of the Year, and here’s why: the numbers that I produced with the Srixon Z 545 driver are as good as I’ve seen in a long time…and this is December in Chicago!

First, the ball speed is very robust.  Swing after swing, pure shots and mishits, my ball speed stayed in the mid and upper 140’s.  This is the first and most important ingredient in consistent distance – launch and spin are nothing without speed.

Beyond the forgiveness, this driver produces high launch and low spin.  Even on shots that were hit low on the face, the spin remained in the mid to low 2000’s which kept the trajectory strong and preserved the roll out.

Finally, this driver has a lot of adjustability.  The head can be moved into twelve different positions to change loft, lie, and face angle.  The face angle goes from 2° open to 2° closed and the lie angle can be adjusted as much as 2° upright.  Additionally, there is an adjustable weight near the back of the head.  Srixon packages the weight kit with the driver (thumbs up, Srixon!) and that includes weights of 3, 7, and 11 grams.  This isn’t enough weight to change the launch or spin measurably, but it does allow you to dial in the swing weight and feel that you prefer.

Srixon Z 545 Driver (7)


The Srixon Z 545 driver does absolutely everything you can ask for from a driver: it’s long, accurate, forgiving, and adjustable.  It checks the boxes on the subjective elements of looks and feel, too.  This is a club that should be on every golfer’s short list to demo this year, and I expect it to find its way into many player’s bags.

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Matt Saternus
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  1. Erick Kuntzelman

    Glad to hear you found it as long and forgiving as I did. Demoed it and the next day it was in the bag. Agree with your comments, and then for me, also liked the even with the lack of the alignment mark, that it easily lines up and just looks right (and sets square) at address.

    Happy holidays to you, and all the best for a long and straight 2015!

  2. tom mcfarlane

    what about the weight ports. is the 7 gram weight on front oif club non removable? and the one on the back i can switch around??

  3. Derrick Nelson

    How do you know what degree to set the driver at if you hitting it high or low or right or left like to know im hitting my low to me but friends say they love my ball flight but I thinks it low and can be higher please help

    • Matt Saternus


      If you’re not sure if your ball flight is ideal or not, I would suggest working with a club fitter. Get some time on a launch monitor, and they can tell you what adjustments could add to your distance.



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