Srixon Z U45 Utility Iron Review

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The Srixon Z U45 Utility Iron is a versatile tool for the better player.  Neither the most forgiving nor the most demanding of the new driving irons, this is a great choice for better players and those seeking to be better.


Though Srixon is offering a fairly wide range of clubs in their first US release, it seems clear to me that they’re most interesting in winning over the better players.  The Z U45 Utility Iron should help them do just that.  This is a solid, versatile club that should find a home in the bags of many skilled golfers.

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At address, the Srixon Z U45 pulls one of the best tricks I’ve ever seen: it makes the “bulk” behind the top line disappear! This club’s sizable backside is mirrored so that it reflects the grass and becomes camouflaged.  Take a look at the picture above and the picture below to see what I mean.

Optical illusions aside, the Z U45 is a good, middle of the road utility iron.  It’s not the most offset, nor the least.  The top line isn’t the thinnest or the thickest among the current crop of driving irons.  It’s big enough to inspire confidence in the 12-handicapper, but not big enough to turn off the 4.

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Sound & Feel

Hitting the Z U45 perfectly results in a crisp “click” and a firm feel.  Despite it’s good looks, this club is quite stable, so all shots hit in the immediate vicinity of the sweet spot feel pretty good.  When you do wander too far, the feel becomes hard and the sound becomes a bit dull.

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Much like the looks, the performance of the Z U45 is middle-of-the-road, and that’s not a bad thing.  Some of the current driving irons might as well say, “Don’t bother if you’re not on Tour.”  This club isn’t like that.  Some of them are clearly built for the 25-handicap who just has to have a driving iron.  This club isn’t that either.

The Z U45 will be a good performer for anyone with above-average club head speed and ball striking skills.  It will forgive a shot that’s hit a little thin, but it’s not going to reward the shot that barely finds the face.  You don’t have to hit every ball perfectly to get good results, but wildly toe’d or heel’d shots are going to be punished.

In short, if you want a driving iron that has some forgiveness but can still hit all the shots, the Z U45 is worth a look.

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The Srixon Z U45 Utility Iron is a good choice for stronger players looking for a versatile long game club.  The looks and feel will satisfy the discerning golfer and the performance is solid.

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