Square Strike Wedge Review

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The Square Strike wedge is designed to allow golfers to chip and pitch with a simple putting motion.


I have a confession.  As much as I like testing the top Tour-caliber equipment from the major OEMs, sometimes I like testing clubs sold via infomercials even more.  I love the bold claims and the (sometimes) innovative designs.  It’s rare for an OEM to try something that’s totally out of the box, but these types of clubs do so on a regular basis.

The Square Strike wedge checks all those boxes for me.  The claims about what it can do for your short game are audacious, and its design is unorthodox.  I took one to a practice green to see if the big promises rang true.


The Square Strike wedge is an unconventional looking club.  Where most wedges taper from a tall toe to a short heel, the Square Strike has a nearly rectangular face.  The extremely upright lie angle also puts you in an unusual position at address.

This club defies the ordinary in the bag as well.  The bright green cavity grabs the eye, and the wide, lined sole will stand out in any set.

Sound & Feel

Call it snobbish, but I was expecting the Square Strike to feel terrible.  I was completely wrong.  Even when hitting range balls, the Square Strike produced a soft, pleasant feel and muted impact sound.

The one negative is that there’s virtually no feedback.  Because of all the weight in the toe and the sole, it’s very hard to tell whether you’ve struck the ball well or not.


I’ll cut right to the chase: the Square Strike works as advertised.  The set up looks unusual, but I was getting good results from the very first swing.

This club has a really high swing weight because of the very heavy sole and the weight in the toe.  That heavy feel gave me the sense that the club was pulling itself through the swing.  I can see how that would be helpful to the player who tends to get handsy or has the chipping yips.

More importantly, the weight in the sole helps every shot to get in the air.  Even when I tried to belly a wedge shot, the ball wanted to pop up a bit.  This isn’t to say that every shot will result in a tap-in, but it’s very hard to have a terrible miss.  The sole also has a lot of bounce, so your fat shots will advance the ball rather than laying a divot over it.

The downside of the Square Strike is that it’s not a versatile, precision short game tool.  This isn’t the club for your flop shots, your hooded bump-and-run, your flighted 50 yarder.  Then again, it isn’t meant to be.  This is a club that simplifies the short game for the player who is struggling around the greens.


If you’re searching for answers around the green, you can work on your technique or you can check out the Square Strike wedge.  The bright green cavity back might get you some funny looks, but you’ll be the one laughing when you’re no longer blading shots over the green or chunking chips.

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  1. Peter Simshauser

    Matt — Always great to see your take on these somewhat “gadgety” sorts of clubs and training aids. Much appreciated. As interesting as the clubs themselves is the business model — it would seem to take a lot of sales to cover all of the advertising time that they purchase. Would love to know the economic basics — cost of manufacturing and advertising, and number of sales. I don’t expect that it’s possible to get visibility into those metrics. All best, Peter

    • Matt Saternus


      I agree, the economics would be fascinating to see. From what I’ve been told – not about Square Strike, but more generally – infomercials are tremendously effective and they move a TON of units.



  2. Brandon Cox

    Were you able to control the trajectory any with this thing?

    • Matt Saternus


      To an extent, but as I said in the review, this is not a shotmaker’s clubs. If you’re worried about altering trajectory, get a standard wedge.



    • I’m wondering if the squat strike is a legal club to use during a tournament?

      • Matt Saternus


        I don’t see it on the USGA Conforming list, but I don’t know why it would be illegal either. That said, this is not my area of expertise.



  3. This club is similar to a Cleveland Nib lick chipper.I didn’t start golfing till 52 years old and am now 60. self taught Amateur golfer, and wasn’t bad in my short game but inconsistent . the square strike wedge has worked well for my expectations. and improve so of those miffed shots.

  4. Can it be used in higher rough around the greens or are we talking chipping from fairway type of lies

    • Matt Saternus


      It works anywhere. Again, I’d stress that it’s not a precision club, but for simply getting out of the rough and producing a reasonable shot that will probably get on the green, it’s quite good.



    • Bill Burton

      I too was skeptical, and when I received my Square strike the first things I hated was the green color and the skinny grip. I painted over the green and took it to the course. Have to tell you, I holed more chip shots than ever in my life; im a 20-handicap and this thing changed my game. I replaced the grip but the performance deteriorated. Stick with the standard grip and swing it like a PUTTER! It will absolutely work for you. A buddy tried to take it to a more extreme level at 50-60 yards and it doesn’t work. Also I donot recommend it for bunkers, For in between chips and pitches it’s awesome! Expect some runout, you cannot spin it, but it beats trying to finess a gap or pitching wedge by a mile!

  5. Aside from having visions of Caddyshack and advertising to the World that you can’t chip one has to remember that Golf is not How, it’s only How Many.

  6. Marty Boxer

    The club really wants to hit it straight. Chipped in from 90 feet for eagle on a short par 4 the first day I had it.

  7. Hi Matt — very interesting review, thanks for doing it!

    One request: with a launch monitor, could you hit 10 full shots with the Square Strike, and then 10 full shots with your PW or GW, and let us know how the results compare? I’d be very curious to see how the shot lengths compare, and also how the accuracy and precision of the two clubs stack up.

    I know that Bryson DeChambeau has his irons bent very upright, somewhere in the 68 or 70 degree range, similar to the Square Strike. I’ve been trying to find out why, specifically, he has them so upright, but not finding any definitive answers online yet.

    I’m hypothesizing that the steeper arc gives him more “room for error” in terms of how long the club face is reasonably square to the target line, similar to the way a straight-back/straight-through putting stroke compares to a highly arced putting stroke.

    The Square Strike website specifically describes this as one reason their club is easy to use. Maybe they, and Bryson, are on to something.

    • Matt Saternus


      Bryson has his single-length irons bent way upright to accommodate the “one plane” swing he tries to make. I don’t know if it’s a universally good idea – I’m inclined to say it’s not – but it seems to work for him.

      As to your request, I’m just going to be realistic and say it’s unlikely that I’ll do that. First, I’d be massively uncomfortable trying to make a full swing with the Square Strike, but more importantly, I have a lot of other new content I need to be working on.



      • Fair enough on the test, and I’ll keep digging on Bryson’s upright swing. With a deliberate “one plane” swing like his, it seems like you could do that at pretty much any lie angle. E.g., you could execute a one-plane swing at 60*, 50*, 63*, etc.

        Anyhow, if I find his explanation I’ll post a link.

  8. Ron M - Arkansas

    I am impressed with my squarestrike. It’s helped my short game doing mostly what it’s advertised to do. I was agree with everything Matt wrote with the exception that I can hit mine with a decent amount of accuracy even to 40 yards. I like it well enough that I have also ordered the 60 degree squarestrike. The key is keeping your head centered and still, throughout your stroke and follow rhrough.

  9. Isn’t this just a chipper?


    Is this club similar to the Cleveland Chipper?

  11. Reed Fisher

    Hi Matt – love the reviews and my question is along the same lines as Mr. Goodelman’s – which do you think performed better, the Cleveland Smart Sole Chipper or the Square Strike? If you struggled with the short game, whom would you give your money to?
    Thanks and keep up the great reviews – I look forward to seeing them in my in-box

    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you!

      The question of Smart Sole vs. Square Strike comes down to weight. The Square Strike is much heavier. If it were me, I’d find a Cleveland Smart Sole in a store, try it, and see if that worked for me. If I found myself still yipping or having troubles, I’d see if the Square Strike could fix me. You could go the other way, too, since the Square Strike has a money back guarantee.



  12. frank vollmer

    square striker wedge, very good club. enjoy using it, had to change the grip, worth the money,

    • Jason Grovenor

      I ordered it last Friday morning. I got it today the Thursday of the following week. I live in Sydney Australia. Impressed so far.

  13. William Ricke

    Aging and yips turned what used to be the best part of my game into a mess! Played most of my life to a 2 handicap, now a 12. The “automatic” up and downs I used to make with regularity, were now rarely happening. The only way I could chip without a skull, chunk or a double hit was to go left hand low. Thought I would give the SS wedge a free trial….expecting NOTHING! Much to my surprise after a few strokes, I found myself trying to make shots instead of “hoping” to not blade, skull or chunk it. The club is weird looking and has a completely different feel BUT it works exactly as advertised! I am done trying to “fix” my problem with my conventional wedges. I have gotten the SS wedge up and down from deep rough, tight lies and divots. It inspires a lot of confidence! I saw a lady on the chipping green struggling with her wedge. I handed her my SS and within a few swings, she had improved immensely. I have never endorsed a club before, let alone an infomercial, but this thing works! Stop laughing at it and buy one.

  14. Mark in Colorado

    For me it works okay, but I’m not terribly impressed. The head weight takes some getting used to (for someone used to chipping w/ a lob, sand or approach wedge). This significant change in weight requires fairly regular practice to ensure consistent results. For me, the jury is still out on whether or not this club is worth the investment. So far it hasn’t impacted my 12 handicap either way, but I’ll use it through this season (at least) to give it a fair trial period. I’ve been alternating chips on the practice chipping green at my club between the SS and my approach wedge, and haven’t noticed much difference – at least not enough to give the SS some of the ooo’s and aaaah’s I’ve read here!

  15. I bought one and it works. It pops the ball in the air higher than a chipper and it doesn’t run as far. It’s easy to use and it has saved me shots already. I bought a 55 degree as well. Great for getting over greenside bunkers and onto the green.

  16. Michael Dent

    I have both the 45 deg and 55 deg SS and absolutely love them. The rounded leading edge makes it almost impossible to hit a fat shot. Still possible to hit thin shots but the key is hitting down on the ball. The extra weight of the head aids in the swing pattern. Straight back straight forward hits it straight every time. Definitely taking strokes off my game.

  17. Leo Makohen

    Let my wife use both the 45 and the 55 degree SS and now they are permanently in her bag.

  18. Ron Baillargeon

    What do you prefer 45 or 55 degree

  19. TexasSnowman

    Ok. I’ll say it… my ego will not allow me to put this in the bag. Someone needs to make a chipper that doesn’t look like a chipper, especially the cheap looking bright colored plastic. Something more conventional looking than the square strike and the Cleveland smart sole… just putter length, 42-45 degree range, more upright, heavy head, and moderate to high bounce…..that would be a winner in my book.

  20. Ross Huggins

    Hi Matt
    The infomercial indicates that you hit the SS wedge with, essentially, your putting stroke. But would you use your putting grip? I play all my shots with an overlap grip, but I putt with a reverse-overlap grip.
    I’m keen to try this (if I can get one in Australia) as my chipping is very hit-or-miss, but just wondering what your thoughts would be.

    • Matt Saternus


      The Square Strike works well with a putting stroke or a “normal” chipping stroke. I found myself using my full swing grip (overlap), not my putting grip, even when I made more of a putting stroke.



  21. Joyce Klein

    How should I be using the 55 degree square strike. How far out Still with a putting stroke?

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t know that there’s a universal answer for that. I suspect that for most people there will be a maximum distance with their putting stroke and another for their full swing, if they’re able to make a full swing with the Square Strike.

      My guess is that most people will be able to comfortably hit a 30 yard shot with a long, firm putting stroke, but that’s just a guess.



  22. Charlie Johnson

    I am using the square strike out to 85 yards and it works , you have to swing down , it goes high and straight.

  23. Played with a gentleman that used his 45* SS from every green side lay possible. He used it to easily get out of green side bunkers. Chipped in from 45 ft out of long rough. He got close on most shots. I was impressed enough to start looking at more reviews. Ray Cook, Wilson, and others offer similar chippers, less expensive, but with a completely different design.

  24. I only want to buy just one Square Strike club…………Of the 45 degree or the 55 degree, I would like your thoughts on which club would be better for both tight lies and thick rough around the green????

    Matt, thank you for all of the helpful reviews………………….Tom

    • Matt Saternus


      I would pick the 55 because I tend to hit the ball low. If you tend to hit the ball higher, go with the 45.



  25. Got both – two round. Have hit two amazing shots, but stuck it in the ground and bladed a few. Makes the assumption one has a solid putting stroke. 35 years with long anchored putter. Making change, use “claw” for putting. The jury is out.

  26. How does the four square compare to the C3i?

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t tested the C3i, but it looks to me like the C3i is a much more conventional sand wedge with a wide sole. This is quite different than a traditional wedge.


  27. Ken Ferguson

    Hi Matt… I live in Scotland and play my golf on a links course where a chip and run can be the right option on this type of course…Decided to buy the SS Wedge and no regrets. It’s a “gem” of a club and very easy to use and delighted with the results….Have decided to call the club “Bryson” (after Bryson Dechambeau who has a one plane swing for all his shots…..which is the way to hit the SS wedge…..

  28. It’s an 8 iron!! Took delivery of my square strike and couldn’t wait to try it out. I watched all the videos and went to the practice green to see how it worked. After hours of chipping and stroking with both my 8 iron and the square strike, the results were basically the same. I came to the conclusion that once again there is no free lunch or magic bullet. Save yourself some money and use your 8 iron exactly the way the guy uses the square strike in the video.

    • I agree with you 100% . Hard to justify taking a club out of the bag to carry this one. Made a mistake buying it and I regret it.

  29. Bob Shelton

    Is the Square Strike USGA approved?

  30. Ricoflashback

    Totally disagree that an 8 iron gives you the same results as the Square Strike wedges. I have both the 45 and 55 degree clubs. I’ve always had chipping problems even when I was younger. I’d tend to either chunk a shot or not be able to play distances correctly. I now have supreme confidence that I can pull off delicate chips and get it airborne, even in a tight lie or rough conditions with the right loft. Now, it’s not a matter IF I’ll get it on the green but how close I can get it to the hole. If you’re a low handicapper or accomplished golfer then these clubs are not intended for you. Pat yourself on the back and use your 8 iron. If you struggle with chipping either in tight lies or the rough – try them out. All I can say is that it’s one part of my golf game that I have much more confidence in.

    • Ricoflashback

      Update: chipped in yesterday and broke 40 (38) on the back nine — something that I haven’t done in 30 years. I now use the Square Strike 45 degree wedge for shots 100 yards and in. Easy to swing – the bottom weight almost makes the club swing itself. Smooth follow through which lets me concentrate on dialing in the direction and distance. I use the 55 degree Square Strike wedge for tough to hold greens – especially mountain courses here in Colorado. Very happy with the performance so far.

    • Ricoflasback

      Update 2: Chipped in from 50 yards yesterday with the 45 degree wedge. Nuff said.

  31. Bill Lovell


    Can confirm that the “putting stroke” range is about 3O yards.
    Can also confirm that the club works as advertised.

  32. If the club cures chipping and pitching yips…why on earth wouldn’t you use it? I was like the guy who said that he would never be seen with something like ‘that’ in his bag. I also was the guy who used to get up and down from everywhere when I was younger who now prays to God now that he doesn’t have to pitch or chip! Laugh all the way to the bank with this club. Get your confidence back with this club. Stop caring what other golfers think and start getting your scores lower. There….I’m done with my sermon..ha.

  33. Frank Norwood

    Could you use the 55 degree SS out of the sand ?

  34. I’ve only used it for one practice but first impressions – pretty reliable on shots needing a low pitch and run 10 to 20 yards. Nice heavy head weight helps stability like a putter head. Hard to get a feel for distance of anything else. Not designed for anything over 30 yards I think because you’re supposed to use a putting stroke. Shorter shots of 10 ft to hole with about 3-5 ft off green tended to run too far. I found it harder to do short finesse chips, they went too far because it’s 45 deg. Mostly because you are not supposed to pivot much I don’t think I want to have this in my bag unfortunately. Maybe I would get better distance control using length of swing with practice but I have enough trouble remembering to pivot I don’t want to ingrain a different stroke for this club only! eBay incoming.

  35. tennesseecanuck

    I just ordered a 45 and 55…we’ll see how it goes. I’ve got a 60 day return at worse…

  36. Would the 60 degree SS be suitable for getting out of very deep rivetted bunkers like Royal Birkdale’s? Are there any videos showing uses of the 55 and 60 degree SS wedges?

    • Matt Saternus

      I’m not sure the Square Strike would be my first choice out of a very deep bunker. The club -specifically the lie angle – is designed for a putting motion, and I don’t know if that would give the shot enough height.



  37. I have the 45 deg model square strike. Have always been low hdcp, above average regarding chip/pitch shots. I can chip with any iron depending on shot type needed. But this club surprised me. This club is legit. Love that its heavy enough to alternate between putting stroke for extremely close chips and versatile enough with regular grip/pitching. Love the longer wedge grip for choking down. Not wild about green color and back cavity shape but after hitting pins and chipping several in, well it kinda don’t matter anymore…. Probably would not have gamed in my younger days but now its all about results and I am a believer.

  38. Douglas Brady

    At the end of the day, this club, while fine for some people, simply does not fix the Chip Yips. I hoped it would, but the 6″ in between my ears does not allow me to chip any club. Chip Yips are debilitating. Sorry it didn’t work out

  39. Raúl Nieto

    I would like to buy the 55 degree wedge, please tell me how.

  40. Kevin E Bushberger

    I have all three square strike wedges and would like a recommendation as to when to use each club. Not looking for anything written in stone, but just a starting point. Thanks Kevin

    • Matt Saternus


      I’ve only tested one of the Square Strike wedges, so I’m not sure how far from the green you can reasonably hit each one. I’d suggest taking all three to the range and seeing how far you can comfortably hit each one.



  41. Walter Glass

    After reading and watching the training videos . I decided to order the wedge. Received it last Saturday played Tuesday. Great club it knocked off several strokes. It improved my chipping and accuracy to the pin.

  42. Paul Sheehan

    Received my 45 degree wedge a week ago. As yet it is not great for me. My golfing mate has one and he waves it like a magic wand. I will continue to persevere and MAKE it work !

  43. Matt,.
    I thought the infomercial video said the SSW was good for up to 70 yards out? I think you said no more than 30 yards.

    • Matt Saternus


      I wouldn’t try to hit it from more than about 30 yards. Others may feel differently.


  44. Michael Todd

    I have 3 of these the 45, 55 and the 60 Lob Wedge. I hit the 45 around 70 metres (75 yards). I hit the 55 about 50 yards and the 60 about 30 yards and down. By comparison I hit my pitching wedge 105 yards. It is fantastic for bunker shots. I am nearly 60 years old and on a 5 handicap. It took me around 20 hours to get really good with these. I love how they bite and stop so quickly.
    They fly super straight just swing slowly and chop down you can take a big divot. I have gone around 8 rounds without making any mistake with these clubs.

  45. Jeff Moreland

    I have been using the 45 Deg SSW for two full seasons. I’m surprised that none of the reviews so far have addressed what I think is the most important thing that it does … it goes straight … every time. Chipping with a wedge or high-iron results in higher directional variability for me. This issue with the SSW is distance control .. it can be difficult and requires practice to become consistent. But eliminating the angular variation means there is one less reason to have a long putt after you’ve hit this club. I retired my 3-iron and the SSW now has a permanent place in my bag.

  46. My weakest part of my game is greenside bunkers. What is the technique using the 55 square strike?

    • Matt Saternus


      The Square Strike isn’t meant for any kind of clever shots, so I’d just set it behind the ball and swing. That said, I don’t know that this club is well built for bunker shots.


  47. Dr. Patricia Moore

    I bought the square strike, and it completely changed my short game. I had an okay short game but sometimes chunked 50 yards and in shot. This club completely eliminate chunks and gets me on the greem 99 % of the time. I have great confidence that this club will get me on the green. I am working on the roll out after it hits the green. I am not so sure about my ratios yet. Mine is 45 degrees and I am able to use it from 90 yards . Its an amazing club. My handicap is a 10 and I find this very useful . Now I know that if I am 90 yards out on my second shot it’s a sure Par. Thats a great feeling.

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