Slingshot Lights-Out Putting Aid Review

50 Words or Less

The Slingshot Lights-Out putting aid is easy to use but extremely difficult to master.  Works indoors and out.  Adds fun and competition to putting practice.


Practicing putting is essential to scoring well.  Practicing putting can also get dull, so we’re always on the lookout for trainers that can add a little spice.  The Slingshot Lights-Out does just that with a combination of challenge and competition.

Set Up & Ease of Use

Using the Lights-Out putting trainer couldn’t be much easier.  Drop it on the ground and putt to it.  Outdoors, you can anchor it with a tee, if you prefer.

As you can see above, there is a scoring system if you’re using the Lights-Out with other people.  Of course, you’re welcome to make up your own game, but I think these rules are excellent.


The Slingshot Lights-Out putting trainer is Tough.  Yes, with a capital T. 

The target is 4″ in diameter, just like a real golf hole, but the circle that actually captures the ball is smaller and quite shallow.  Getting a ball to roll through is challenging.  Holing it out can be exasperating.  You need to have perfect speed and near-perfect line.

Beyond the challenge, I like that Lights-Out can be used in many ways, in many settings, and at any distance.  You can use it alone or with a whole group of competitors.  It works as well on a real green as it does on a putting mat.  And whether you’re putting from three feet on a small mat or creating a target from sixty feet on a crowded green, it’s great.


The Lights-Out is lights out on longevity.  This trainer is milled from aluminum alloy, so it can take almost any kind of abuse.  It’s small and light, so it can live in your bag.  You can use it indoors and outdoors, so it’s a 365 day/year trainer.  And most importantly, it’s fun and tough.  You can’t do any better for longevity.


The Slingshot Lights-Out putting aid retails for $59.  Please consider buying it from Plugged In Golf sponsor GolfPal HERE.

$59 may seem like a lot for a very simple device, but I think it’s entirely worthwhile if you want to add challenge and excitement to your putting practice.  Lights-Out can increase your focus by adding a competitive element, and it’s a challenge you’ll never fully master.


If you’re tired of rolling the same four foot putt on your mat or getting crowded out at your local putting green, pick up the Slingshot Lights-Out.  No matter where you practice, this is going to add value by raising the difficulty and fun.  When you can regularly “make” putts on the Lights-Out, the hole will seem a mile wide.

Buy the Lights-Out HERE

Matt Saternus


  1. Nice review, do you prefer this or the Putt-Out? This seems to have the edge on portability.

    • Matt Saternus


      They’re different. The PuttOut is great because it returns the ball, but it doesn’t really have a purpose outside. I like having both.



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