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The Skechers Go Golf Drive shoes are a comfortable shoe at a reasonable price.  Traction isn’t great, but isn’t too bad for a spikeless shoe.


Matt Kuchar isn’t my favorite golfer, but I do enjoy his Skechers commercials.  When a guy makes fun of himself for having zero personality, I think it’s hilarious.  The commercials are also effective because they made me wonder if Skechers, a brand I certainly don’t associate with golf or athletics, could make a respectable golf shoe.  I brought their Drive shoe to the course to find out.

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While they don’t quite rise to the level of the best from TRUE Linkswear, the Skechers Go Golf Drive shoes are very comfortable.  When you slip them on, there’s a very cushioned, pillow-y feel.  As you walk, the shoe moves with you without any bunching or pressure anywhere on your foot.  The shoe is fairly light, and the weight is well distributed, so walking a long distance is quite comfortable.

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The Go Golf Drive shoes are a pretty tame take on the golf/street shoe.  This shoe comes in two colorways – grey and black – and is virtually monochromatic. There’s a substantial amount of blue on the sole, but the only other signs of the secondary color are on the lace holes.  Skechers uses a bit of texture to add interest to the sides, but, overall, this is a very buttoned-up shoe for the more conservative player.

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This is the one area where the Skechers fall off.  As you can see in the picture above, the sole does not have a very aggressive spike pattern to it, and the result is very average traction.  For smooth, balanced swingers, that’s not going to be much of an issue, but players who rely on spikes to maintain stability and drive from the ground will find themselves slipping a bit.

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At $85, the Skechers Go Golf Drive are hard to argue with from a value perspective.  They’re undeniably comfortable, and, if you’re not in need of great traction, they should serve your purposes on the golf course.

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