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The Shapland Sunday Bag brings lots of storage and a very comfortable carry to the walking golfer.  A legitimately unique offering in the carry bag market.


A quick glance at the Shapland “About Us” web page (HERE) clearly communicates the idea that nothing about this relatively new company was done without thought.  The name Shapland was inspired by Henry Shapland Colt, better known as H.S. Colt, one of the most influential golf architects in history.  Their logo is inspired by the first course Colt designed, Rye Golf Club.

With so many interesting ties to golf history and a commitment to quality and detail, I was eager to take a look at their version of the classic Sunday Bag.


The Shapland Sunday Bag is available in five colors: grey, navy, burgundy, green, and black.  With the exception of the monochromatic black, each Sunday Bag has a contrast leather stripe down the spine – black on grey, brown on the other colors.  Shapland has kept the branding extremely minimal – a small, rectangular leather tag with their logo debossed.

While the branding and colors are very minimal, your eye has a lot to take in due to all the features on the Shapland Sunday Bag.  Unlike most Sunday Bags, Shapland’s has loads of features and pockets.

As you can see above, custom embroidery is available, so you can make your Shapland bag unique to you.


If you want a Sunday Bag with lots of storage options, this is it.  The pocket you see above runs almost the length of the bag and can store two dozen balls easily.  It also has a zippered mesh pocket where you can keep small items like ball markers.  On the same side of the bag, there’s a velour-lined valuables pocket with a key ring clip, and third pocket for a rangefinder or tees.

Flip the bag over and you’ll find more storage.  There’s a drink pocket that’s easily accessible while walking and large enough for most water bottles.  Additionally, there are two more zippered pockets that could hold a small rain coat, sun screen, or more balls.

For those of you keeping score at home, the Shapland Sunday Bag has a total of five zippered pockets.  And those are waterproof zippers, so your stuff will stay dry.  If you need more storage than that, I don’t think Sunday Bags are really your thing.

Finally, the Shapland Sunday Bag includes a towel loop with velcro for your glove and the most substantial umbrella holder I’ve ever seen.  Most bags – cart or carry – have a little loop of webbing for the tip of your umbrella.  Shapland has incorporated a fully enclosed sleeve.  I’m not one to carry an umbrella on the course, but if I were, this is the bag I’d want to use.


Shapland bills this bag as “the most comfortable Sunday Bag ever created.”  It’s only 3.5 pounds, has two “pillow-like” straps, and a large cushion on the side where the bag rests against your body.

The cushioning and light weight are big wins for the walking golfer.  Having the small pillow on your side is great, and the straps’ padding keeps them from digging in to your shoulders.

Having two removable straps is another thing that makes the Shapland unique among Sunday Bags.  As someone who rarely uses two straps on any bag, I really like the ability to completely remove one strap.  When I did use a two-strap carry, I found that setting it up took a little work.  This bag provides a lot of freedom – you can even carry the bag straight up-and-down like a true backpack – but with that comes the requirement that you spend some time getting each strap length correct.

Two other things that help the Shapland Sunday Bag to perform well are the full-length spine rod and the 4-way divider top.  The spine rod gives the bag structure even when it only has a few clubs, making it easier to get your sticks in and out.

I was initially skeptical of the 4-way top – it seemed that the dividers took up too much of the moderately sized opening.  However, after I actually used it, I really liked it.  This bag is more than capable of carrying 14 clubs, and the dividers keep them organized.  The smartly designed top is another instance Shapland’s motto, “Great designs made better.”


In a segment of the golf bag market with very little innovation, the Shapland Sunday Bag is truly different.  It gives the walking golfer loads of storage, a lot of comfort, and smartly designed features to improve on course performance.

I also want to note how well constructed this bag is.  Everything from the materials to the zippers to the seams feels like it’s built to last.  Shapland offers golfers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but I don’t foresee many players wanting to send theirs back once they get it on the course.

Matt Saternus


  1. Matt – Great review. Do you know where these bags are made?

  2. This bag really comfortably holds 14 clubs?

  3. Matt,
    Does this bag have enough structure to be used on a push cart?

  4. Great review,
    Could the bag be strapped onto a golf cart though? I’m torn between this bag or the Stitch SL1 bag.

  5. Matt
    Thanks for the review.
    Have you reviewed the Shapland Stand bag? Torn between the Shapland stand and the Vessel VLX.

    • Matt Saternus


      I have not, but if that’s something you’d like to see, I can reach out to Shapland about that.



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