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Seamus Fescue Project Sunday Bag Review

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The Fescue Project Sunday Bag by Seamus Golf is the perfect golf bag for the minimalist.  Plenty of space to carry the essentials.  Hand made in Oregon.  Style to spare.


There are few brands that I love more than Seamus Golf.  From their trademark head covers to their consistently excellent PGA Show booths, the level of quality and taste in everything they do is unparalleled.

When Seamus first introduced their Fescue Project bags, I admired them from afar.  As I embraced the minimalist golf movement, the pull to own one grew too strong.  After having gamed it for several months, I can say that it’s one of the best golf purchases I’ve ever made.


If you’re carrying a Fescue Project Sunday Bag, it’s going to stand out.  No one is making golf bags that look like these.

Seamus offers these bags in small batches of unique styles.  Some of the recurring themes are Hawaiian prints, Harris Tweed, and different black fabrics – leather, herringbone, etc.  If you have a specific vision in mind you can always commission a custom bag.  That’s what I did for the “Ball Is Life” version you see here.


This is a minimalist golf bag, so the list of features is short.  The focus is on having everything you need and nothing you don’t.

There’s one zippered pocket, one “slip” pocket, and a pocket with a magnetic closure.  Newer versions have a drawstring closure instead of the magnet.  My set up is: tees in the zipper pocket, balls in the magnetic pocket, and rangefinder in the “slip” pocket.

The signature feature is the bungee cord in the middle.  There’s a ton of flexibility in how you use this.  You can secure a towel, a jacket, a bluetooth speaker, water bottle…the options are limitless.  I use it to stash my valuables pouch which holds my phone, keys, and wallet while I play.


Weighing only two pounds, the biggest performance advantage of the Fescue Project Sunday Bag is the ability to walk 9, 18, 36, or more without getting worn out.  Additionally, the size of the bag will encourage you to play a smaller set and carry fewer extras, further lightening your load.

Seamus designed this bag with a 7″ top and two leather straps to keep your clubs organized.  You can fit 14 clubs in, but to carry 14 clubs in a Sunday bag is to miss the point.  I typically carry 8 clubs, and the leather dividers are surprisingly effective at minimizing the grip tangle in the bag.

The Seamus Sunday Bag has a traditional single shoulder strap, perfect for a bag of this size.  It’s well balanced, allowing me to carry it forward or backward on either shoulder.

One of my favorite things about this bag is figuring out the best way to use its storage.  It has made me focus on what’s essential, and it allows me to have those things close at hand.  While cavernous pockets are great, it can be hard to find what you need in them.


Handmade in Oregon, the Seamus Fescue Project Sunday bag is not the cheapest way to carry your clubs around the course.  The quality of the materials and construction, however, make these bags heirloom pieces that you can realistically expect to last a lifetime.  Most golf bags wear out.  A Seamus Fescue Project bag just earns character.

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  1. Jim W Rosteck


    Which 8 clubs do you carry and what gets left home?

  2. Hey

    Just out of interest what is your 8 club set up?


  3. Very nice. Was the pricing for a custom order similar to buying the “off the rack” ones they have on their webpage?

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  5. Hi Matt, where is the option to create a custom order?

  6. Matt,

    What’s the length/height of your bag?

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