Scotty Cameron Special Select Squareback 2 Putter Review

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The Scotty Cameron Special Select Squareback 2 is a widebody Anser-style putter.  Very attractive, good feel, but nothing new in terms of performance.


Scotty Cameron introduced his Squareback putter in an attempt to bridge the gap between blades and mallets.  For the player that wants the feel of a blade but the alignment help and forgiveness of a mallet, the Squareback may be the ideal solution.  I tested the latest version, the Special Select Squareback 2, to see how well it performed.


Scotty Cameron did a very fine job with the aesthetics of the Special Select Squareback 2.  At address, all the elements fit together in proper proportion to each other.  This is no mean feat, especially on a widebody Anser where there are plenty of opportunities to create something visually jarring.  Rabid Cameron fans may notice that the top line is thinner and the face is slightly shorter than on previous version of this model.

As I’ve said of his other Special Select putters, the level of taste in the branding and details lives up to the hype.  The milled dots in the cavity have become a Cameron signature, and the sole is tastefully decorated.

Sound & Feel

While the Squareback 2 does feature an aluminum sole plate, the face and body are milled from a block of 303 stainless steel.  This improves the feel other previous generations markedly, in my opinion.

Overall, the Special Select Squareback 2 has a soft, premium feel.  Impact creates a gentle “click” which makes it seem slightly firmer than some of the other putters in this line.  Feedback on strike quality is good; no one should have an issue locating where the ball met the face.


With full shaft offset and toe hang near 4 o’clock, the Special Select Squareback 2 swings like a Newport 2, which is exactly the idea.  Since an Anser-style putter is typically my gamer, I got along with the Squareback 2 very easily.

The other part of the mid-mallet promise is enhanced alignment and forgiveness.  Personally, I didn’t find much alignment advantage with the larger head.  If anything, I was a bit less confident with this because I don’t like alignment lines, so a longer line is just more of what I don’t prefer.  I would be interested to see if I felt differently about a larger Anser 2 without the line.

In terms of forgiveness, the difference between a typical Anser and the Scotty Cameron Squareback 2 may be measurable, but I did not find it noticeable.  If I mishit a long putt, it ended up well short of the cup.  The Squareback 2 is not comparable to modern mallets like the Spider or Odyssey EXO line.  If you’re buying a Squareback 2, do it because you prefer the look or feel, not in the hopes that it will help mishit putts find the hole.

One other interesting note: the interchangeable weights in the Special Select mallets, like the Squareback 2, are lighter than those in the blades.  The mallets use stainless steel weights at 10, 15, or 20 grams.  The blades use tungsten weights at 30, 35, and 40 grams.  This does allow for the possibility of creating a massively heavy putter head by plugging tungsten weights into a mallet head.


Regular readers may be sensing a theme in the Scotty Cameron Special Select line.  Like the Newport 2 and Del Mar that were reviewed previously, the Squareback 2 is a good looking putter with above average feel and nothing new in terms of performance.  For a player seeking a traditional looking mid-mallet, that might be just fine.

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  1. Hey Matt,

    Thanks for the review, have been eyeing this putter and the spitfire for a while. I am coming from a Newport 2 studio stainless and ready to try something new ( after almost 20 yrs lol). Tough decisions !

  2. Keith Finley

    Just got a 2010 Laguna 1.5. Superb balance, which is the Scotty hallmark IMO. I’m pleased the insert is gone for the new line.

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