Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 Putter Review

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The Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 putter is Scotty’s return to more traditional putter construction.  Classic shape.  Good feel and feedback.

Check out the new Scotty Cameron Super Select Newport 2 HERE


After many, many generations of putters that featured multi-material construction, the Scotty Cameron Special Select putters are a return to basics.  This new line includes Cameron’s most popular head shapes and will likely be met with ovations from the faithful.  I tested my favorite of his models, the Newport 2, to see if the Special Selects will end up among Scotty’s most celebrated flat sticks.


At a glance, the Special Select Newport 2 is your conventional Anser 2-style putter: square shoulders and bumpers with a plumbers neck.  Putter afficianados will notice some of the small changes that Cameron has made with this iteration.  One focus was on the top line, which was thinned and flattened.

In terms of the branding, this putter is unmistakably a Cameron.  The cavity has three dots, but the painting is unique – a red ring rather than a complete paint fill.  “Cameron” and “Titleist” are engraved on opposite sides of the neck, with Scotty’s name also appearing on the face.  The sole is very tasteful with Cameron’s crown and the model name.

Sound & Feel

With Scotty going away from face inserts, the expectations for the feel of the Special Select putters are sky high.  Milled from 303 stainless steel, I found the feel to be good but not particularly noteworthy.  What was interesting was how ball dependent the feel of this putter was.  When I used a Chrome Soft, the putter communicated that marshmallow softness.  With a Z-Star, it was much more click-y.  This isn’t a negative, but my preference would be for the putter to have more character of its own.

The feedback from the Special Select is excellent.  It was easy to precisely locate each strike.


The main performance feature that the new Special Select Newport 2 touts is the “Performance Balanced Weighting.”  This is simply new verbiage for the same interchangeable weights that Cameron has been using for many years.  In the Special Select blades, like the Newport 2, the weights are tungsten.  The mallets in the collection use stainless steel weights.

Cameron claims that these weights stretch out the sweet spot, but the reality is that this is still an Anser-style putter.  You can miss slightly and still get the ball to the cup, but if you’re banging putts off the heel and toe, this is not the putter for you.  I would view the weights as an added bonus: if you love the putter, the weights are a great extra.  If you prefer other Anser-style putters, don’t switch thinking the weights are going to change your life.


In my opinion, the Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 is the best Cameron putter in a long time.  Getting back to a “one-piece” construction improves the feel and feedback, and the look is excellent.  There’s nothing revolutionary here whatsoever, but for fans of Cameron, this is a worthy addition to the collection.

Matt Saternus


  1. Completely agree on the feel. A lot firmer than I was expecting , will be interesting to test with multiple balls like the ZStar ProV1. Even an AVX.

    Love everything else about it. Though. Visually it’s a winner

  2. I’m grabbing one in March

  3. Nicholas Alvarado

    I just bought this, 2020 newport 2 left handed, love it. My first SC for me, could not be happier, the feel, the sound, the performance is perfect and so happy I waited for a solid milled putter for 2020.

    • Rick. Rosales

      Same here, my first SC and very happy about it too. Might need to tweak the loft for a more precise roll off the face. Other than that, very happy to get a milled putter.

  4. Jeff Houglum

    I just picked one up. 4th Scotty Newport 2 (Pro Platinum, Studio Select, Select, Special Select). This is my favorite. Feels slightly softer than my Studio Select, and by far the best looking of them all. I really enjoy the new grip. I do enjoy the “firm-soft” feel of the solid putter. Very pleased with it so far.

  5. Can you tell me how many grams does the standard model 2 weigh?

  6. The same face absolutely no tech .Are they scared that odyssey is taking over the pga . Are they hoping for the OG sales to make money.
    I know it supposed to look like the old stuff, but at least give the golfers a better chance to make a putt than they did 20 years ago.

    • Steve Davey

      Robin believes in all the Odyssey tech nonsense.

      • Hector Fernandez

        Beautiful design, poor quality control.

        I purchased this putter, first Cameron OTR in 20 years, and after one use under misty conditions the face was completed pitted with rust.

        I understand SS can rust, but a brand new putter should not rust that fast.

        The last putter I bought from Cameron was a custom 009. By far the best putter I have ever used and continue to use.

        This mass produced putters are not only expensive, but they are not worth the money. You can get something from Bettinardi’s OTR offerings of much better quality.

        The QC at Cameron’s shop doesn’t appear to be well regulated and when you call they tell you, “sorry can’t help you”.

        Not impressed!

  7. I purchased one in February. I have to say this is the most enjoyable putter I’ve ever owned. I had it built to my specs, 68 degree lie, standard loft, and a pistolini grip. I’m really looking forward to using this one. Superb!

  8. Question? I just purchased this putter, I normally like my putter to be a little shorter , I got the 33” length my old putter it’s about 2” lower .would it be wise to shorten this new putter to my likeness, I don’t wanna ruin it ! Just curious

    • Matt Saternus


      Cutting two inches off the club will reduce the swing weight noticeably. That’s not a good or bad thing, just something to be aware of.



  9. Mark G Burmeister

    I am not a club ho, the putter this Newport 2 will replace is a 20+ yr. old Ping WRX custom shop Redwood Anser milled from 303 stainless. I won’t change any club unless I either wear it out or see significant improvement over what’s in my bag. I switched to the new Newport 2 because the improvements are SIGNIFICANT! It is considerably more forgiving. The longer blade length coupled with the heavy 35 gm. tungsten weights, pushes far more of the putter’s weight to the heel and toe. The longer, thinner, blade makes it easier to aim and release than my Redwood and previous Newport models . Feel is slightly softer than the Redwood, which I prefer. Finally, this putter has the best grip I have ever used on a putter and came perfectly aligned from the factory. I don’t want a log in my hands when I putt, but I want enough material to control my stroke. Mr. Cameron got it just right and I predict we will see several wins on tour with this Newport 2 in 2021.

  10. I have had most every version of the newport2. This is a special version. The head with no weights is 288 grams, where previous versions were 330. The use of “heavier” tungsten weights to get back to the 350/360/370 gram weight- 35/34/33” has expanded the sweet spot slightly. Also the sweet spot and line are moved closer to the heel by a few mm’s. The milling is more medium as well. 2014 had heavy/deep milling, others were lighter milling overall.

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