Scotty Cameron Phantom X 7 & 7.5 Putter Review

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The Scotty Cameron Phantom X 7 and 7.5 putters are large, modern mallets with excellent forgiveness.  Better feel than most recent Cameron releases.  Unique alignment system.


We’ve now arrived at the final installment in our series of Scotty Cameron Phantom X putter reviews.  The 7 and 7.5 models are very similar to the previously reviewed Phantom X 6 putters (review HERE), but with different neck options and a modified alignment aid.  We dive into all the details below.


The Phantom X 7 is, in terms of shape and size, identical to the Phantom X 6.  Where they differ is in their alignment aids.  The Phantom X 6 (above, left) has a low flange, so the yellow lines stop at the back of the top line.  In the Phantom X 7, the lines extend from the back of the putter all the way to the ball.  I found that I had a strong preference for the continuous alignment of the Phantom X 7.

Overall, the Phantom X 7 and 7.5 are large, angular, modern mallets.  Their size is obscured somewhat by the mix of black and silver, but these are clearly designed for the players who derive confidence from seeing a putter with a large footprint.

Sound & Feel

While the Phantom X 7 and 7.5 putters look a bit different than the 6, they feel identical.  The milled aluminum face produces a pleasant “tock” after a centered strike.

Predictably, the feedback from this large mallet is limited.  Unless you’re paying very close attention, small mishits will feel identical to pure strikes.  Larger misses can be felt easily, but there’s not a great deal of auditory feedback.


If you’ve read my reviews of the other Phantom X putters, you probably have a good idea what the difference is between the Phantom X 7 and the Phantom X 7.5.  The Phantom X 7 putter has higher bend in the shaft which makes it face balanced.  This is ideal for the player with less arc in their stroke.  The Phantom X 7.5 has a lower bend which creates some toe hang, preferable for the player with a more arcing stroke.

Like most of the putters in the Phantom X line, the 7 and 7.5 deliver very good forgiveness.  Small mishits will hold their line and get to the hole.  Even on larger mishits, the face was resistant to twisting.  Of course, all this forgiveness is for naught if you’re fighting the putter.  It’s essential to choose the model that fits your stroke to get the best results.


Scotty Cameron’s Phantom X family of putters gives golfers a wide array of choices in terms of both aesthetics and performance.  The Phantom X 7 and 7.5 are fine choices for the golfer who wants forgiveness, doesn’t mind a large putter, and has either a straight or moderately arcing stroke.

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