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The Scoring Method is a simple, easy-to-follow program that will help you shoot lower scores.  A valuable tool for creating purposeful practice.


One of my favorite things about golf is that you can play it for any number of reasons.  You can play for the one hero shot you pull off each round, you can play to enjoy nature, or you can play to shoot the lowest score possible.

If you’re in that last group, The Scoring Method is worth checking out, but only if you’re really sure you want to shoot lower scores.


The Scoring Method gives you two plans: one for how to play on the course and one for how to set up a meaningful practice session.

This program starts by laying out some statistics and explaining how to play.  One of our staff members called it “a completely new way of thinking for any golfer.”  I would agree.  The program breaks golf into two distinct games and even provides its own scorecard (don’t worry, you’ll still get a “real score”).

After you’ve played with this new method and used The Scoring Method scorecard, you’ve got all the information you need to set up a meaningful practice session.  The scorecard you use on the course translates directly to your practice plan sheet.  I think this is the single best part of The Scoring Method because it gets you away from “I’ll go hit some balls on the range” and toward “I did these things on the course, here are the specific challenges I need to take on in practice.”


I found Coach Will to be a clear, concise, and likable presenter.  He gets his point across thoroughly without beating it to death.

The videos are typically five minutes or less, which keeps the pace of the course brisk.  Everything is laid out logically and requires no explanation.  When the videos ask you to refer to a particular printout, it’s right there on the same page so you don’t need to click back and forth.


You can join The Scoring Method for $79.99 HERE.  For that price, you get lifetime access to the videos and the discussion groups within the site and on Facebook.  The Scoring Method also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.


If this is the year that you want to shoot lower scores, The Scoring Method is worth the investment.  The methodology is unconventional, but it will work if you use it.  Even if you don’t love the on-course aspects, the guides for creating purposeful practice routines deliver good value.

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Matt Saternus


  1. Dennis Laringer

    I went through 4 months of this at my golf club. My scores did not improve. Some parts of my game improved but it didn’t impact my score. Here’s an example of why. My driver was erratic so prior to this program, on a 380 yard par 4, I would hit driver, punch out, 20 yard pitch and 2 putt = bogey. Thru the program, I’m hitting a hybrid, then a long iron from 175+ yards, same 20 yard pitch and 2 putt = bogey. When I hit my driver decent, I had a chance to have a GIR. Hitting a hybrid off the tee, I had no chance of a GIR. Throughout a round, this approach would help in some cases, and hurt in others, but my scores didn’t improve. The program forces you to practice putting and your short game, which is good. It forces you to actually reflect on what your score consists of and to work on improving it. That said, at least for me, this program had me playing to scramble for bogey instead of trying to score for par. I guess it taught me how to score differently, but not better.

    • Great feedback – I was intrigued by the program because I hit it out of play and a little wild but can score well but never break 80. I feel like mentally I need a new direction …this seemed to be of interest. Now that you’ve been working the program…does it help?

  2. Frank Miles

    I have just started using the Scoring Method, after having played golf for some time. I have found the program is well thought out, working on facets of the game such as eliminating penalty shots, playing a controlled game and reducing risk and does focus on the short game. The many challenges within the program that are given to players to complete are excellent and continues to increase in difficulty as you progress at your own speed. The other piece is that it does decrease stress and anxiety in your game as you progress, reducing the tension and allowing you to play in a more relaxed state (focused). Really take the time to work the program and I think any level of golfer can and will see improvements (also for those that have played at a higher level it will assist you in getting back into the game and enjoying it). It does not address the golf swing, but challenges you to self identify and improve. Yes, a coaching lesson may be required at some point but I think overall if you have played for years you can do without the coaching lesson as the program provides you with tips that will assist you in playing consistent golf. I look forward to the progress I will see after the first 12 weeks.

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