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The Sanddune Stepper is a unique piece of fitness equipment designed to improve balance, coordination, and strength.  Reduced impact makes it ideal for rehab and older athletes.


Most fitness products tout endorsements from high end athletes.  Others are designed for rehab and boast recommendations from doctors and researchers.  The Sanddune Stepper has both.  It’s the secret weapon of an increasing number of PGA Tour players, NFL players, and professional fighters, and it’s used in treating Parkinson’s and rehabbing injuries.  We tested it to see how it can help your golf game.

Set Up & Ease of Use

The Sanddune Stepper is essentially a large piece of foam (above you see a size 14 shoe on it, for size reference) divided into two “steps.”  Throw it on the ground, and it’s ready to go.

In the box, you’ll receive a pamphlet with some suggestions for exercises, but you’re only limited by your imagination.  You can walk or run on the Stepper, do squats, jumps, push ups.  Anything you can do on the floor, you can do on the Sanddune Stepper.


From a general workout perspective, the Sanddune Stepper is great for getting a lot of work done in a little time.  After five minutes of non-stop movement on the Sanddune Stepper, my legs are scorched, and my heart is pumping.  For me, a couple rounds of that is way better than being on a treadmill for ages.  In addition to being time efficient, it’s also challenging my balance and coordination in ways that a cardio machine never will.

When it comes to golf-specific benefits, the Sanddune Stepper is even better.  We all know that balance and lower body stability is key to a powerful, effective golf swing.  The Sanddune Stepper challenges you in both of those dimensions, even if you’re just standing on it doing curls.

Finally, like many golfers, I prefer to walk the course.  One thing that occasionally holds me back is shin splints.  It’s not major, but it’s a nagging issue that pops up toward the end of a round.  After using the Sanddune Stepper for a month, I walked 36 holes at Whistling Straits.  I had no pain on the course, and the following day I was back in the gym feeling fresh.


My recipe for longevity is versatility plus ease of use.  The Sanddune Stepper has both of those in spades, giving it extreme longevity.  I’ve incorporated it into every home workout I’ve done since receiving it, and I have no plans to stop.


The Sanddune Stepper sells for $279 through their online store.  For that price, you get the stepper and a carrying bag.

You may be thinking that’s a steep price.  That was my first thought as well.  However, now that I understand its benefits and versatility, I think the price is fair.  For the serious athlete, it’s a good investment.


If you’re looking for a new piece of fitness equipment to boost your performance, get rid of nagging lower body issues, or just break you out of a rut, I strongly recommend the Sanddune Stepper.  It’s hard to appreciate just how versatile, effective, and fun it is until you have one, so the company offers a full money back guarantee.

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  1. Hmmmm, that price is a bit steep compared to other balance trainers…. Matt – if you could, after you’ve been using steadily for a few months could you come back and comment on durability? Thanks!

    • Matt Saternus

      I wouldn’t regard this as comparable to any other balance trainer that I’ve seen. Bosu balls, etc are not even close.



  2. Emily Sheppeard

    Hey Matt,
    Could you do a follow up on the Sand Stepper now that you’ve had it 5 years? I’m curious how the foam has held up. How often has it been used?

    • Matt Saternus


      I use the Sanddune Stepper at least three times a week, and the foam is still doing exactly what it did when it was new. This is a tremendous product.



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