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The Revo Black sunglasses represent the stylish fusion of photochromatic lens technology and advanced frame materials.  World class optics designed to enhance the way you see the golf course while protecting your eyes.


Reviewing the ‘Revo’ results generated by our Plugged In Golf website search feature, I couldn’t believe it’s been 5 years since my first Revo sunglasses review.  And truth be told, I’ve worn Revo sunglasses for nearly every round of golf I’ve played since.  The combination of unbeatable eye protection, course-enhancing lens colors, and sporty frames is tops in my book.  The new Revo Black collection adds photochromatic lenses plus carbon fiber and titanium frames to their already stellar lineup.  I tested three of the Revo Black collection’s frames, and both new photochromatic lenses for this review.  From top to bottom in the photo below:

  • Meridian, satin gunmetal with Evergreen Photochromatic lens
  • Air 1, satin black with Graphite lens
  • Horizon, satin chrome with Blue Water Photochromatic lens


The three lens colors may sound familiar, but for the Revo Black collection, the Evergreen and Blue Water lenses are photochromatic – automatically lightening and darkening in different light conditions.  I found this particularly helpful during sunny conditions when I ventured into the shadows of trees looking for a golf ball.  Whereas normally the area would look even darker with my go-to standard Evergreen lenses, the photochromatic version created a seemingly naturally illuminated light condition.  The golf ball was bright and details of roots, leaves and branches were crystal clear.

Cloudy conditions and dusk were the other two situations where the photochromatic lenses really excelled.  In both settings, I often get caught between it still being too bright to not wear sunglasses, yet a bit dark with them on.  The photochromatic lenses offered the perfect sweet spot for continuous eye comfort.

You can probably guess why Evergreen lenses are my favorite for golfing – they just make natural colors pop while remaining true.  But I must point out that the Blue Water lens is also impressive on the golf course.  Designed for the bright conditions experienced on the water, their ability to cut the glare off wet grass or blindingly white bunkers is remarkable.

The Graphite lenses in the Revo Black collection aren’t photochromatic, but are still excellent for golf.  I love the boost of blue they give to the sky and how clouds look whiter.  And all while maintaining crisp details around the golf course.

For a greater understanding of how the various Revo lenses perform, check out the sliding “with” and “without” window under the Technology tab on Revo’s website (link provided at the end of this review).  Despite subtle differences between lenses, they all share one common characteristic – crystal clear optics.

What makes Revo lenses so extraordinary is their signature Light Management System technology.  This NASA rooted technology utilizes specialized coatings to precisely manage the light spectrum.  Simplified, helpful light is optimized while harmful bandwidths are greatly reduced or even eliminated.

Style & Fit

Eye protection and enhanced vision are great reasons to wear sunglasses, and with the Revo Black collection, you can do it with style.  From the minimalist design of the Air 1, to the vintage navigator style of the Horizon, the Revo Black collection has a frame to suit most every golfer’s preferences.

And like the lenses, the frames of the Revo Black collection are special, utilizing advanced materials and construction techniques to create distinctive designs.  Take the Meridian above.  It features a curved frame front that’s punched out of a single sheet of titanium, eliminating the need for welds.  With temples also made out of titanium, the Meridian sunglasses are remarkably lightweight.  The fit was snug without feeling tight, and worked with the elastomeric nose pads to keep the sunglasses in place wonderfully throughout my golf swing – even in sweaty conditions.  Although similarly constructed, the slightly larger Horizon frames didn’t stay in place quite as well for me as the Meridian.

Weighing in at less than 0.5 oz, the Air 1’s are simply phenomenal.  The frameless design and curved lenses offered uninterrupted viewing.  Although I handled the A1’s gingerly at first, I quickly realized the titanium temples and bridge were impressively sturdy.  These are sunglasses I could wear all day.


As I noted in the opener, I’ve been trusting Revo for my eye health for years.  Now, with the Revo Black collection, I have even more options for enjoying time on the golf course – and looking good while doing it.  With the high end materials and photo-chromatic lenses, the Revo Black sunglasses do command a steep price tag at $359.  Add in the carbon fiber elements of the Bode Miller models and the price jumps to $379.  You may find the Revo Black sunglasses difficult to justify – until you compare the price and time of use with that of your new driver.

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  1. Hi Matt, I went back and also saw your 2020 revo review and saw you’ve consistently liked the evergreen lens. How would you say it compares to the drive (which seems like their “golf” lens) and Terra which you thought kept the truest colors? A lot of golf-specific lenses out there seem to tint everything reddish so I’m intrigued by evergreen… I’m outside to enjoy the green, not see red haha

    • Matt Meeker

      Thanks for reading Jon. The color differences my eyes observe with all three of those lenses is very subtle. There’s also small variations of light transmission with the lenses, which can factor into preference. But from what you mention, it sure sounds like evergreen is a good match. If you get a chance to try out the various lenses at a sunglasses brick and mortar store, please come back and share your findings.

      – Meeks

  2. Does the Revo Air available with prescription?

  3. Richard Manry

    Bet this review gets deleted… my Revo sunglasses in 1995 were awesome!! My Revo PLASTIC lenses in 2022 are terrible. If you’re a librarian and you were surrounded by tissue paper all the time, these glasses may work for you. If you are an active outdoors person, go to the beach or have an active lifestyle, if you hv Revo’s, make sure you do not drop them on a stick of butter because you will, more than likely, scratch the lenses! I would not recommend Revo sunglasses under any circumstances and I have buyers remorse. Buy glass lenses! Not Revo.

  4. Does the graphite lens give the Mexico filter like the blue ones does?

  5. Paul richards

    I have 2 pairs of the revo cobra. Sunglasses. One in blue water and satin black hands down best sunglasses very comfy and sleek thank u revoe I hope u come out either the copper lenses for the cobra paul

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