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Revant Optics Elite

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The new Elite lenses from Revant Optics are a substantial improvement over their original line.  Improved clarity and environment-specific tints.


Last year, we introduced you to Revant Optics, a company that makes replacement lenses for high end sunglasses like Oakley and Ray-Ban.  Now they’re back with their new Elite HC3 lenses boasting improved clarity, comfort, and contrast in six different colors to suit any environment.  I took them to the course to see if they performed as advertised.

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The new Elite HC3 lenses from Revant Optics come in six different colors – black, blue, green, red, steel and amber.  These different colors are designed to suit different environments, but they can also be used to simply change up your look.  Classic black is great, but there’s no substitute for the fiery, mirrored red if you’re looking to make an impression.

The Elite HC3 lenses are currently available for 44 different Oakley frames.

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Each of the six different Elite HC3 lenses is designed to perform best in a particular environment – black for the road, amber for everyday conditions, steel for alpine/snow, blue for the water.  You can see all of them HERE.

The two sets that I tested, the green and red, are designed for the trail/wooded areas and sand, respectively.  Rogue Green has been the biggest hit with golfers because of the way that it boosts contrast.  That enhanced contrast is the first thing I noticed when I put them on.  Typical black or grey lenses tend to make everything dull, but the Rogue Green lenses highlights small tonal differences in the grass and trees.  This is important when you’re reading greens or trying to evaluate the slopes and curves of the hole in front of you.

Vision through the Elite HC3 lenses is crystal clear.  If you’ve never worn first tier sunglasses, you need to do so to appreciate how muddy your vision is with cheap lenses.  With the Revant Elite HC3, you get the clarity of natural vision without the strain on your eyes.

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The Revant Elite HC3 lenses range in price from $54 to $59.  Compare this to the $100 you’ll spend to get polarized replacement lenses from Oakley, and you’ll appreciate that Revant gives you a great value.

On top of the great price, Revant has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 1 year warranty on their lenses.

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Whether you’re trying to eke out every advantage over your competition or simply look more stylish, Revant Optics’s replacement lenses are the way to go.  Their new Elite HC3 lenses are a noticeable step forward from their previous offerings and are among the best sunglass lenses I’ve ever used.

Matt Saternus

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