Reader Reviews – Edison Golf Pitching Wedge

Reader Review #1

Name: Charles Prokop

Handicap: 7.1

Current Pitching Wedge: Vokey SM4 48 – 06

Edison Wedge Loft & Shaft: 48, KBS Tour

How did the Edison Pitching Wedge perform on full shots?  Carry was equal to or slightly (a few yards) longer than my old Vokey on well struck shots. More forgiving than my Vokey. For example, when I hit a shot heavy (high on the face) the Edison carried farther than I believe my Vokey would have with a similar miss. The shot was still short of target but noticeably closer than I expected when I hit the shot. I was also able to control roll-out on our hard greens as well as I could reasonably expect and I was sometimes pleasantly surprised.

How did the Edison Pitching Wedge perform on chips and pitches?  Reliable and forgiving. Handled a variety of lies with no problem. I loved my old Vokey for the low bounce on the frequently tight lies I have here in the Texas Hill Country, but the Edison sole design handled the lies just as well with more margin for error. After some experience with the Edison I was getting predictable (and satisfying) roll out on chips hit onto hard, fast greens.  My half-swing pitch shots (around 70 yards for me) were more consistent in length and trajectory with the Edison than my old Vokey.

How did the Edison Pitching Wedge feel?  Feel was solid but not hard. I play a firm ball (ProV1X) and shots did not feel hard or “clicky” with the exception of one bad mishit (on the toe) off a bare dirt lie. Overall, the feel gave me feedback on the quality of the shot but did not demand a perfect strike for a satisfying feel. If the feel of a club can give you confidence in using the club again, the Edison wedge did it.

Will the Edison Pitching Wedge be your new gamer?  Yes. I also need to replace a higher lofted wedge in my set and I will be replacing it with an Edison.

Reader Review #2

Name: Erik Antener

Handicap: 22

Current Pitching Wedge: Mizuno JPX Hot Metal

Edison Wedge Loft & Shaft: 45, KBS Tour

How did the Edison Pitching Wedge perform on full shots?  Very well! Got about ten more yards on average and a noticeably lower trajectory. Helped me from missing short and right. Despite lower trajectory, ball rarely took off when it landed and held the green better. When I did miss, it was still in front with a better lie.

How did the Edison Pitching Wedge perform on chips and pitches?  Chips weren’t that drastically different for me but pitches felt better and I was able to be more aggressive as ball grabbed better on the green.

How did the Edison Pitching Wedge feel?  Really good. A little heavier in the head which translated to more control for me. Misses felt better too. Sounded great.

Additional Notes:  Tried it with my usual ball, the Snell Get Sum, and Bridgestone e12 Contact (after reading review on Plugged In).  Both were better with Edison Wedge but it really shined with the Bridgestone ball. In two rounds, GIR was twice my usual.

Will the Edison Pitching Wedge be your new gamer?  Yes, and I’m getting another.

Reader Review #3

Name: Pat Kaack

Handicap: 11

Current Pitching Wedge: Ping i20 PW

Edison Wedge Loft & Shaft: 48, KBS Tour

How did the Edison Pitching Wedge perform on full shots?  The Edison 48* gave a slightly lower trajectory with equal spin to my Ping i20 PW.  Forgiving, with consistent distance, but thin shots lost a little more distance than my i20.  Thin is my miss with irons off the tee.  This 48* is virtually identical in distance to my i20.  I caught one a little fat off the turf with minimal digging and a little distance loss, but seemed to be less than usual.  As for half shots and knockdowns, I struggled a little bit with little “flick” shots from about 90-100 yds out that I am used to with the i20.  I could move the ball up and down a bit and left to right as well.

How did the Edison Pitching Wedge perform on chips and pitches?  I don’t usually use a PW for chips around the green, but I actually pitched in for birdie from 36yds on my first Par 4 approach (after advancing up from under a tree after my tee shot, of course), which was nice.  I tried to use this club for most shots from 120 yds in.  Very easy to hit from the rough and fairway with nice bite.

The Edison 48* is slightly strong for me on greenside chips, as I generally use my 54* or 58* depending on what I’m facing and the pin location.  I don’t love PW’s for chips.  My chips were a little strong and rolled out a bit far.  It will take a little more practice to dial in.  Not a ton of spin (for me) on chips.  As stated earlier, I generally use a my 54* or 58* Glide 2.0’s and know how they react.

How did the Edison Pitching Wedge feel?  Extremely solid.  Thin shots did feel a little harsher than the i20.  The feel across the face is solid, even on higher face strikes, which resulted in an unexpected non-ballooning flight with green holding spin.

Additional Notes:  As mentioned earlier this Edison 48* PW is as long, distance wise, as my i20 at 46*.  The Edison feels a bit heavier in the head and guides me to a slightly smoother transition.  The Plus 4 Grip seemed a bit large (there was a mix up on adding build up tape), and I didn’t love that on touch shots.  I did not take this into any bunkers, as I do not use PW’s in bunkers very often, unless I’m about 50-80 out.  My PW is generally a full – ¾ shot club.  Fun idea:  Could Edison take their 44* and turn it down to a 42*or even 41* and then take the remaining wedges all the way to a LW?  They’d have almost half of a player’s irons!

Looks:  The Edison PW is a clean, good-looking wedge with a thinner sole, which is nice for me.  The toe is a little more rounded than my i20 PW, and more “traditional” iron like, but still is inviting at address.  Very little glare.  As easy to hit as my current gamer overall.

Will the Edison Pitching Wedge be your new gamer?  I would need to get more time in and also change out the grip to my Ping NTS ribbed grip (2 full wraps and 3rd on the bottom).  My only regret is that I wish I had more testing time.  All in all, I’m not quite used to the Edison PW enough to execute a wholesale change, but it could be.  If it does become my gamer, then I’d have to buy more to round out the set!  

Reader Review #4

Name: BJ Johnson

Handicap: 20

Current Pitching Wedge: Wilson Staff Fat Shaft 44 degree

Edison Wedge Loft & Shaft: 48, KBS Tour

How did the Edison Pitching Wedge perform on full shots?  Full swing resulted in 100-105 yards which was similar as my current  wedge.  With a change to graphite shaft, all weight in the head of the club which produced a smooth swing.

How did the Edison Pitching Wedge perform on chips and pitches?  Shorter pitches around the green is the area I struggle with the most.  Various grass levels, types and slopes throughout a round of golf.  I used this club more than I would use my pitching wedge to get an idea what I could do with it.  I had better success than I would have had normally and actually several amazing shots I didn’t think I could pull off with my old wedge. I feel with some more time spent with this club, I can improve the results.

How did the Edison Pitching Wedge feel?  The smooth swing gives me a level of confidence in the club that will help me produce consistent shots.  I like the feel of the ball strike on the club face.

Will the Edison Pitching Wedge be your new gamer?  I plan to keep this club in the bag as a replacement.  It’s a clean looking club.   Not all shots were great but still getting used to the feel of more weight in the head of the club.  I was really surprise to be able to get a short pitch from short cut fairway grass some height that got to green were usually would need some fluffy grass to able to get that result.   My cons would be the price for this club and the degree stamped on bottom.  I knew they stamp the club with odd numbers so my 48 degree club has 47 stamped on it.

Matt Saternus
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  1. Love this kind of information. But is there a practical reason why they stamp odd loft numbers instead of even? I find it kind of annoying.

    • Matt Saternus


      Per Edison, because their wedges tend to be longer than most, they find golfers can add a degree of loft. Since most wedges come in even lofts, Edison makes theirs odd so that, for example 50-54-60 can be 51-55-61.



  2. Finally got to try these wedges today in my gamer specs of shaft, swing weight, and grip size. Hands down the best feeling, most consistent, and most versatile wedge I have ever tried. Vokeys, Pings, and Clevelands can’t even touch them. High, low, and partial shots were the easiest darn things ever. Can they now make a set of irons??

  3. John Giesler

    Matt – I’m currently playing a Hogan TK Wedge (45) and two Scor wedges (50 & 55). Your reviews of those were key in my deal hunting on those wedges relatively recently and I really enjoy the performance of those. I picked up all 3 for under $100 shipped and really liking them – tried hard to find a Scor in the 45/46 range but the TK was such a good price I couldn’t pass it up.

    In your opinion, is a player is missing out on anything (anything substantial at least) by playing Koehler’s prior iterations of his wedge? I realize there is some additional perimeter weighting in the Edison wedges but I don’t see any shots that steer offline due to wayward spin – if I miss them left/right it’s been the result of a dead pull/push which no weight is going to turn back to the green.

    Thank you for your reviews!

    • Matt Saternus


      I think the perimeter weighting and higher CG are a compelling reason to upgrade, but if you’re happy with your wedges, there’s nothing wrong with playing them until you wear out the grooves.



  4. Barry Cohen

    Can you give some feedback on using Your Edison wedges from the sand? What were your previous gamers?

  5. David, 7.2 index, Vero Beach, FL
    48 degree, KBS 92 gram, medium flex, mid size grip with 3 over wraps

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