Reader Reviews – Cleveland RTX-4 Wedge

Reader Review #1

Christopher S., Handicap: ~14

Feel: The feel of the RTX-4 is very crisp.  Balls hit on the sweet spot jump off the club face.  Turf interaction is excellent. I have been searching for the right explanation for solid contact with the wedge, so I went to the Plugged In Golf review of the club and Zack has hit the nail on the head with his comment, “Center-face contact feels like the ball melts into the club head.”  Center face contact, in fact feels amazing.  Likewise, I know immediately when I catch a shot slightly thin, as feedback is very evident.  Not terribly harsh, but certainly evident.  Even on those strikes that I have hit thin, the ball still goes a predictable distance.

Look: The look of the RTX-4 is confidence-inspiring.  The club has a flat leading edge, which I really like.  Comparing the Cleveland to my other 56* I finally realized what it was I didn’t like about my older club, the rounded leading edge.  I choose the satin black finish and mid sole grind.  I like being able to open the club face up around the green with the mid sole grind.  The black finish is, in a word, sexy.  I love the 2 white stripes on the ferrule, which match the stripes on the Golf Pride grip. Nice touch Cleveland.

Full Shot Performance: This wedge is deadly accurate for me at 75 yards on a full swing. I really went after a couple of swings and sent the ball a touch longer than 80 yards.  Trajectory is very high.  Since I have always used my 50* GW for approach shots of this distance, the traj of the 56* RTX-4 is much different than what I am accustomed to.  The ball stops on a dime on full shots.  I’m not quite good enough to back shots up, but I was seeing the ball stop dead on full swing shots.

Chip & Pitch Performance: Set up, aim, and swing.  The RTX-4 is fantastic around the green.  With more practice, I can see this wedge becoming a major weapon in my scoring arsenal.  When I played this past Tuesday, I was certain I had holed a chip shot for birdie from just off the green on a par 3.  One more revolution and it was in the hole.  I can count on one hand the number of times I have holed a chip.  (Dang, I should play more.)  On half and 3/4 shots, the ball hit the green and rolled well.  More practice with it, and this club will be a scoring machine around the greens.

Bunker Performance: While I am not a solid bunker player, I am certain this wedge will be a difference maker when an up and down is a must.  The mid sole grind is great for opening up the club face in these tricky situations.

Additional Comments: I am totally sold on this club.  In fact, I plan  to buy either a 50* or 52* RTX-4, also in black satin with the mid sole grind.  My goal is to now replace the AW in my bag with the Cleveland that will fly +/- 100 yards.

Reader Review #2

Rick S, Handicap: 5

Feel: The RTX-4 does have a better, more solid feel, especially on full shots compared to the RTX-2.  On full shots the trajectory was normal, but it did seem to have a little better stopping power on the greens.  The feel of the club is also a little more solid around the greens.  This better feel is probably a result of the supposedly better shaft used and a probable redistribution of weight in the head.  I noticed the RTX-4 hosel is a half inch shorter than the RTX-2.  My Golfsmith club makers scale showed the static weight virtually the same between the two but the swing-weight coming in at D4.5 for the RTX-4 and D3 for the RTX-2.  Both clubs were weighed with the same heavier grip.

Look: Black Satin finish.  The finish is flatter than on the RTX-2, which is fine.  The new RTX-4 logo is nice but its weird they used black fill paint on the Cleveland name.  White would definitely look better with the Black Satin finish.  The orientation of the loft number on the sole is the same as the RTX-3 but I would prefer the orientation of the RTX-2 both for the look and the practical side of finding the correct wedge in your bag more easily.  The set up at address is very good, especially since the lower lofted wedges are more compact, with a straight leading edge, per the Cleveland website.  Comparing the test club with my previous 50 & 54, you can see the straighter leading edge, less offset and slightly smaller shape which is a more comfortable look at address.

Full Shot Performance: The more solid feel and better setup and look at address does result in better performance over the RTX-2.  After hitting a few full shots, I had a lot of confidence in how the club would work and the ball would react.  As mentioned above the ball had a normal trajectory and responded better on the green.

Chip & Pitch Performance: I did quite a bit of chipping with the test club as I practice my chipping 2-4 times a week and my normal style is to use a lower loft (50) and just carry it onto the green and run it as much as possible.   The test club being 52 was just what I needed, and the performance was excellent and consistent.  Using my normal Pro-V1 the ball would take a small little check and then run out as intended.  My older 50 does not provide this check and is not that worn.  I believe the supposedly deeper grooves and surface milling is providing a better spin.  I did much less pitching as normally that is coming out of the rough and I am using a 58 or 64.  On the occasions I did use the test club while pitching it did work well with no problems.

Additional Comments: I have been playing my current RTX-2 wedges for about 3 years and prior to that I had 5 Cleveland wedges for about 5 years which would have been prior to the first Rotex model.  Obviously I have experience with Cleveland wedges, was happy with the test club and will probably buy this model in the future as my current wedges wear out.

Reader Review #3

Michael K., Handicap: 18

Feel: This wedge felt nice when the ball was hit as a full swing or a pitch.  Even with off center hits the wedge felt great, no bad vibrations.  And I didn’t notice an large drop of distance.

Look: Overall this wedge, in black satin, looks great.  It has a really clean and simple look to it.  The black and white pain fill compliments the black satin wonderfully.   The clean look continues when addressing the ball, there is nothing distracting on this wedge when it is placed behind the ball.  Also the head isn’t overly large so it fits nicely behind the ball.

Full Shot Performance: When hitting a full swing, the ball flew off the club face nice and flew high (60*) and land soft most times with nice spin.  Out of the rough the ball reacted nicely as well.  It was really easy to get the ball out of rough and on to the green or back into the fairway.

Chip & Pitch Performance: Now around the green is where is wedge shined for me.  It was super easy to a low chip that checked up after one hop, or a low runner to the middle of the green.  From the fairway, lush or a tight lie, I had no problem getting nice clean contact.  In the rough, I had no issue getting the club through the grass and on to the back of the ball.  If there was a sand trap that needed to be hit over, not a problem.  A ridge to carry on the green, easy.

Bunker Performance: From the bunker, the wedge performed well.  It was easy to hit a chunk and run or a long bunker from soft fluffy sand.  Out of a wet bunker it was still easy to through the sand and get the ball out of it.

Additional Comments: Overall this wedge performed great from the fairway and the rough, I would recommend this club to anyone looking to get a new wedge. 

Reader Review #4

Scott G, Handicap: 6.8

Feel: Very solid and not a harsh sound.

Look: Very clean look and satin finish produced no glare…not an insignificant issue here in AZ.

Full Shot Performance: Very good distance with slightly lower flight than my current wedge (same specs, 56 degrees with 10 bounce). I can only guess this is due to the mid grind.  It flew the same distance and checked up as expected.

Chip & Pitch Performance: Great, I could flight it high or low with exactly the outcome I wanted.

Bunker Performance: Very good, no issues…nothing spectacular or unexpected.

Additional Comments: I have been a fan of the Rotex face since Rotex 2.0.  I think anyone of any handicap could play these and be happy.

Reader Review #5

Todd W., Handicap: 12

Feel: Solid but with a softness that yields some confidence in my control.

Look: I tested the satin finish.  Love the look at address, not too big and the low sole makes it nestle nicely behind the ball.

Full Shot Performance: I don’t typically hit a lot of full shots with my wedges.  I did hit a few with the RTX4 and it performed rather well.   Distance was consistent and it didn’t feel like I was forcing it.  Might have to add the full wedge shot to my arsenal.

Chip & Pitch Performance: It performed great.   I am a feel player with the wedges and once I took a few swings with the RTX4 to determine the turf interaction it was back to normal.   Plenty of control whether it was a high shot or low shot.   I don’t spin the ball a lot on my normal shot but the roll out was predictable and when needed the spin was doable.

Bunker Performance: The RTX 4 glides through the sand.   No problems here.

Additional Comments: If you need a multipurpose wedge.   This is it.

Matt Saternus

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