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Cleveland and Plugged In Golf have teamed up to bring you reviews from readers like yourself.  We selected golfers from across the country to put the new CBX 2 wedge into play.  Here are their reactions.

Reader Review #1

Name: Josh Giesige

Handicap: 8

Current Wedges: 52* Wilson Staff FG Tour V6, 60* Nike Victory or Bombtech

How did the Cleveland CBX 2 perform on full shots?  Started with 52 and right away biggest thing I noticed was add’l weight of head compared to my gamer.  A few practice swings in and I felt like the club was in control and not me, which is a good thing.  I tend to try and control the club too much and this full swing felt natural, amazing.  Looked great at address also, much higher toe than what I currently use.

I hit several full shots with both the 52 and 60 with each swing my smile grew bigger and bigger.   For the 60 I usually shy away from ANY full shots during a round, too many horror stories.  But I honestly felt like I kept hitting the sweet spot each time I hit it.  And wow it had some spin!  Balls were staying where I hit them on the green.  Trajectory for both wedges was right where I wanted it and the soles cut through the turf (on the soft side) with ease.  On average hit the 52 about 10 yards farther than normal.  60 not sure as I rarely hit it full, like I said.

How did the Cleveland CBX 2 perform on chips and pitches?  This is where things really got fun.  I worked on this after doing full shots so I was already brimming with confidence with these in my hand, and it carried over into chips and pitches.   I tend to tinker (too much sometimes) with stance, grip and ball placement with these shots so I found a happy medium and let the club show me what it could do.  I kept hitting consistent shots.  I added acceleration when I needed it, or slowed down when I didn’t. I didn’t feel like I had to “help” the club do anything, especially with the 60 and higher flight flops.

How did the Cleveland CBX 2 perform in the sand?  I didn’t do any longer sand shots, only greenside shots using the 60.  I typically use my 56 here (Cleveland RTX4) but wanted to try the CBX 2 60.  That C-shaped sole made splashing it out of the sand a piece of cake.  And here was another scenario where the added weight gave me a ton of confidence to trust the club, not my hands. 

How did the Cleveland CBX 2 feel?  I read that cavity back clubs aren’t necessarily great for “feel” players.  In fact, I opted a few years back to play forged irons for that added feel but am now currently in the market for going back to loading up on forgiveness and confidence at address.  That decision to start searching for new irons was expedited while testing these CBX 2 wedges because they are easy to hit, helped me shallow out my swing plane, and FEEL amazing.  Seriously, everyone that I golf with as already received a note from me saying you gotta try this out!  Side note – there are some forgiveness labeled wedges out there that look way too big at address, almost infomercial-esque.  These are not like that, they are more players looking than infomercial looking.

Will you be making the Cleveland CBX 2 your gamer?  Absolutely, already in the bag.  In the next week I scheduled 2 rounds of golf in to continue having some fun with these wedges.  I can’t wait to find new irons to complement these, when my budget allows.  Now if only I found something to help with my putting

Reader Review #2

Name: Guy C

Handicap: 11.7

Current Wedge: RTX 56 and CBX 60

How did the Cleveland CBX 2 perform on full shots? The CBX 2 provided an almost point and shoot feeling. The  ball flight and yardages were consistent.  A big difference was the forgiveness on off center strikes. The ball still found my target area. A key thing when you have an approach shot over water. It instills confidence with each swing.

How did the Cleveland CBX 2 perform on chips and pitches? I was curious here how the different sole grinds would work in this area. The CBX 2  is genius around the greens. I can hit it high and land it like a butterfly with sore feet or go low and watch it hop and stop. The spin is wonderful even on partial shots.

How did the Cleveland CBX 2 perform in the sand? I didn’t think my CBX  could be outdone in the sand. It was already so easy it should be illegal but the CBX 2 56 and 60 make your sand game better. You can open it up, close it down and get the ball on the green. Again the sole grinds make this a stroke saving weapon even in my hands.

How did the Cleveland CBX 2 feel? Smooth. You know where the club head is at all times and ball to face contact lets you know exactly how you hit the ball.

Additional Notes: If you need a little extra forgiveness without sacrificing touch and feel in your wedge game try the CBX2. It’s a game changer and will lower your scores.

Will you be making the Cleveland CBX 2 your gamer? They’re in the bag right now and not coming out.

Reader Review #3

Name: Geoff Metts

Handicap: 14

Current Wedge: Callaway Mack Daddy 4

How did the Cleveland CBX 2 perform on full shots? I really liked the CBX2 on full shots. The face on these is HOT and forgiving. I had no problem getting the ball in the air or stopping it on the greens. On mishits there wasn’t a drastic loss of speed or length. Forgiveness is definitely a strong point for the CBX2 .

How did the Cleveland CBX 2 perform on chips and pitches?  This is an area of the game I struggle with. I usually just grab my 60 around the greens and try to get it high and stop it around the hole. Another strong point of the CBX2 is the combination of loft/grind/bounce. These wedges are easy to hit a variety of shots with due to their bounce and leading edge and can easily hit the ball whether you want to hit it low with some spin or open the face a bit and can do so with confidence! The ball comes off the face “hot” on chips and pitches as well with plenty of spin to play the shot you desire.

How did the Cleveland CBX 2 perform in the sand?  Out of the sand the CBX2 performs just as well as out of the fairway. The bounce/grind of the sole and leading edge give you a certain confidence that you can and will hit your desired shot if you put the proper swing on it. With a proper approach and swing I had no problem hitting these out of the sand and having the ball check or release when I needed it to.

How did the Cleveland CBX 2 feel?  I LOVE the feeling of the CBX2. Since getting my MD4 wedges I have thought it’d take something special to make me consider replacing them in my bag. The CBX2 has a great balance and a great sounding “click” when struck well and the feel is fantastic. Almost like you only hear the ball strike the face but don’t really feel it, and again they are hot.

Additional Notes:  If I’m being honest, on first look of these I felt they were “chunky” with a wider sole and cavity back than I was used to, and I wasn’t sure if I’d like them. But when you lay them down on the ground behind a ball you don’t see any of that. The balance and weight of these is also very nice. They’re easy to swing and make solid contact with. They are hot and extremely forgiving and should be looked at by a wide range of golfers from low to high handicaps. I have really enjoyed hitting these and feel they will help my game once I get the distances dialed in a little more. Thank you for the opportunity to hit these and I’m glad I was wrong about them from first glance.

Will you be making the Cleveland CBX 2 your gamer? They’re already in my bag!

Reader Review #4

Name:  Jerry Dushane

Handicap:  13

Current Wedge: PING Eye2, Mizuno MP-Series

How did the Cleveland CBX 2 perform on full shots?  Performed very good on full shots. Spin was great. Shots stopped after one bounce, or spun back on softer greens

How did the Cleveland CBX 2 perform on chips and pitches?  The big sole helped mask some of my chipping and pitching issues More forgiveness always helps

How did the Cleveland CBX 2 perform in the sand?  Did really well from the sand. Great from the soft sand

How did the Cleveland CBX 2 feel?  The feel of this wedge felt like my current wedge.

Additional Notes:  On softer greens, I got the ball to spin back 3 feet with a full shot.  I hit a good shot out of the wet bunker to about 5’. I hit a fat shot from the wet bunker, and still got the ball onto the green about 10 feet away.

Will you be making the Cleveland CBX 2 your gamer?  I really like the wedge. It will stay in my bag. Plus, I could use the extra forgiveness.

Reader Review #5

Name:  Jason Crowder

Handicap:  24

Current Wedge: Adams Sand Wedge, Cleveland CG Gap Wedge

How did the Cleveland CBX 2 perform on full shots?  Both have very good carry distance on full shots.

How did the Cleveland CBX 2 perform on chips and pitches?  The 56 Wedge launches the ball steep and high with back spin creating unbelievable stopping power on the green.  The 52 Wedge requires some practice but has good forgiveness.

How did the Cleveland CBX 2 perform in the sand?  I hit twenty balls out of the bunker. All landed within a 10 foot circle of the pin. The ball had great back spin and very little roll once it landed.

How did the Cleveland CBX 2 feel?  Both of the Wedges have a heavy feel to them. I feel this helps you follow through on your swing preventing you from trying to stop the follow through.

Will you be making the Cleveland CBX 2 your gamer?  Yes, and I show them to all my friends. Really looking at making Cleveland my next purchase in Irons and Driver.

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  1. Josh Giesige

    Enjoyed reading all the great reviews. Can’t get over how much i like these clubs. Thx again

  2. Great reviews.
    I happen to have tried them and found them to be a little firmer than I expected. They are easier to hit but they were not as accurate as some of the new wedges out there.

  3. I play the original CBX wedges and they are the best I’ve played and that’s the truth. For the gentleman looking for putter help, look at the new Cleveland Frontline putters. Outstanding.

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