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Range to Go is a great option for the serious range rat or the golfer looking to practice at home. Durable, portable, and offers 3 hitting surfaces.


Unless you’re a member of some private club with immaculate practice facilities, you’re quite familiar with the problems of regular range mats: the tee is never the right height, the “good” part of the mat is worn down to the concrete, and there’s no variety.  Range to Go is a new training aid designed to remedy these problems.  With three distinct hitting surfaces – including a place to put a tee – it will make you want to quit regular mats forever.

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Ease of Use & Set Up

There really isn’t any set up required with Range To Go: simply remove it from the carrying case, unfold it, and drop it on the ground.

One strength of Range To Go is that it does a great job of staying in place, even when you hit a fat shot.  With many smaller mats, the mat can fly as far as the ball.

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The question you’re probably asking is, “Why do I need my own mat?”

First, having your own mat, specifically Range To Go, solves the problems I mentioned in the introduction.  With Range To Go, you can use a tee of your preferred height which makes driver practice much more effective than hitting off whatever tee happens to come with your spot at the range.  You’ll also avoid the boredom of hitting off the same lie for every shot, and you won’t have to worry about hitting out of a rut in the mat.

As I’ve used Range To Go more and more, I’ve found other reasons to love it.  When I set up a drill or a practice station on a grass range, I may use Range To Go to avoid having to move my station or hit out of my own divots.  If I want to do some practice in a short game area, I may use Range To Go so I can practice the same shot repeatedly without moving or digging a trench.

Finally, Range To Go is the best mat for home use that I’ve seen.  Even if you don’t want to set up a net to hit balls into, you can drop Range To Go and make some swings without tearing up the grass or the living room carpet.  For those of us who know what winter is, this alone makes it a worthy purchase.

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The longevity may be the most impressive thing about Range To Go.  You’d think the mat pictured in this review is new, right?  You’d be wrong.  This is the original Range To Go prototype.  It’s had thousands of shots hit off of it, and it still looks brand new.  Unless you’re Vijay Singh, wearing out a Range To Go is highly unlikely.

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Range To Go is being offered at an introductory price of $89 with a regular retail price of $109.  This puts it in the sweet spot of the bipolar mat market.  There are plenty of cheapo mats for $20, but those are flimsy and not really worth owning.  There are also huge commercial-grade mats that cost several hundred dollars.  Range To Go offers the durability of a commercial mat at a consumer price, plus it has features no other mat does.

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If I were buying or recommending a mat, Range To Go would be at the top of my list.  It has fantastic durability, and it solves all the main problems that are associated with hitting off a mat.  Range To Go will definitely be a part of my practice kit going forward.

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