PXG 0311XF Irons Review


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The PXG 0311XF irons aren’t worth the premium price.  Weird, inconsistent feel.  Good forgiveness and distance but not at the top of the category.



It’s impossible to deny that PXG has made an impact on the golf industry in their first couple years of existence.  Some of the hype has been well-deserved: their NUMBER hybrid is exceptional.  In the case of the new 0311XF irons, however, the performance does not match the price tag or the promotion.



As you would expect, the PXG 0311XF is the largest iron in the PXG 0311 family, and the look is typical of an SGI iron.  There’s quite a bit of offset, the top line is thick, and the sole is huge.  The marketing talks about how this is an SGI iron that looks like a players iron, but let’s cut the bulls***: sealing off the back of the iron doesn’t make this look like a blade.


Sound & Feel

All of the PXG irons have an unusual, springy feel as a result of the TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) that’s injected into the cavity, but that goes way too far in the 0311XF.  As PXG shows in their marketing, the cavity of the 0311XF is huge, and the result of having that much TPE is a feel that is squishy and inconsistent.  I found myself having no idea whether I hit the ball flush or barely missed the hosel.



Compared to an average iron, the PXG 0311XF is long and easy to hit.  However, it’s not impressive when compared to its peers.  I found that on well-struck shots, the ball speed was very high, but it fell off substantially on mishits.  The Mizuno JPX 900 Hot Metal that I reviewed recently was much more impressive in terms of both top end distance and consistency.

Compounding the problem is the fact that the 0311XF irons don’t have a particularly strong desire to go straight.  Many SGI irons give you the feeling that all but the worst swings will end up right on target.  The 0311XF, however, is happy to go left and right.



At $350 per club (more with the black finish), PXG’s irons should be category leaders.  The 0311XF simply isn’t.  Is it forgiving and long?  Yes, in the grand scheme of things, but pitted against other top SGI irons, it fails to impress.  Both in consistency and top end performance, it falls short of other irons like the Mizuno JPX 900 Hot Metal.

PXG 0311XF Price and Specs


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  1. Tom Duckworth

    I’m glad to read an honest review of these irons too many other web sites want to proclaim them as the best irons out there. I’m sure they are fine clubs but way too much hype for me and way too high a price tag.

  2. Thanks for this review. I’ll stay with Ping.

  3. Admittedly, when does an iron give $350+ in value? It does not. When one purchases PXG, it is for a variety of reasons, and it may be other than performance. I only purchase irons once every 5-7 yrs, so I opted into the 0311 line because my fitter raved about them and he built them. They are fine irons – you can hit them beyond the grooves, out on the toe, and still obtain excellent results. As to the XF Lineup, I had not carried a 5 or 6i in years, when my swing was not so sweet, and over the last year they gave me the opportunity to bag these mid-irons. True, the soles are game improvement wide but there is relief on the trailing edge, a bit more offset than the 0311. On the other hand, they provide additional forgiveness and I can work them, now that I know how to work an iron. Over extended time, I do have consistency with them. I also have hit the Mizuno Hot Metals mentioned above, and they are a great alternative. My fitter also recommends the Mizuno when performance between the two is about the same for the value minded.

    • Bob Subash

      If Terry or Brian (who have reviewed) read this can you please inform which shafts you use for the PXG 0311 XF. I am a struggling 12 hcap and have decided to buy these iron heads
      I normally use Nippon 750 stiff. Would Nippon 950 Regular suit better?

    • Garry Hamilton

      PXG 0311XF…..I have purchased these clubs. I read all the reviews and watched tons of YouTube video. So I replace my Srixon irons. I did a complete golf bag dump. I went with the PXG 0311. I will not agree that they’re the best clubs on the market. The ball spring off the cluv face. You can work the ball too. I am happy with the clubs and purchased my affordable set from gl********.com. Don’t get it wrong, these clubs will improve your game.

  4. Yes Please all of you stay with your run of the mill mediocre mainstream golf mill clubs.

  5. Terry
    I recently purchased these PXG 0311xf irons and must say for a 10 handicapper it was the best club move I have ever made! They are much easier to hit than any previous irons I have owned. It did take about 12 rounds to get the consistency and feel together. So for me I can’t agree and look forward to only lowering my score!

  6. Similar to Terry’s comment as posted on April 24th, I have had my 0311XF irons for about 6 weeks now playing in Florida. Am hitting them about one club longer than my previous set of Callaway Apex irons. Also as a 10 handicap, it has taken me 10-15 rounds to get a real feel for the distances but sure do like the feel as I had played with another PXG iron owner yesterday who had similar sentiments. I was also fitted for the rescue 25 club and like it well. I bought seven irons (5-G), but seldom use the 5, so would recommend the rescue instead of buying the 5 iron.

  7. I have read and agreed with many of your reviews. However after playing a round with my pxg clubs. I must say you must have had a off day when you hit them. I had my best round of golf ever. I have been playing for years and can hold my own with anyone.Cant wait to get a few round s in with them. As I’m sure they will only get better.

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