PXG 0311 Wedge Review

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50 Words or Less

The PXG 0311 wedge is a very high-spinning wedge.  Solid feel.  Only one sole option.


It seems that virtually every product in the PXG line up has gotten its share of hype.  The irons, with their eye-catching weights, are the signature product, and the woods have received praise for their adjustability.  The wedges, to this point, have been a bit of an afterthought, but my testing revealed that they have standout potential.

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As you can see, at address the PXG 0311 wedge is quite traditional.  The leading edge is a bit rounded, and the blade has a pronounced teardrop shape.  When you check out the back of the wedge, you see PXG’s trademark weight screws across the lower edge and toe of the club.

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Sound & Feel

The feel of the PXG 0311 wedge is soft, as you’d expect from a forged wedge, but not life-altering.  It is clearly different from the trampoline-y feel of the irons, which is good – no one wants to hit their wedges to feel like rocket launchers.  By using the weight screws, you can dial in the exact swing weight that you prefer.

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I really like practicing my short game, so I hit a lot of wedges on launch monitors.  This means I know what to expect in terms of spin numbers.  The PXG 0311 outperformed those expectations so much that I didn’t believe the numbers as first.  The 0311 is easily one of the highest spinning wedges I’ve used since the USGA cracked down on massive grooves.

I attribute the high spin to two things.  First, PXG’s wide grooves and laser etching on the face.  Normally I’d be skeptical about this, but the spin numbers were so high that I have to think these factors play a role.  Perhaps more important is the amount of weight that is placed high in the club.  By putting weight screws high in the club, the center of gravity gets moved up, and that leads to negative gear effect.

My main complaint about the o311 wedge is the lack of sole options.  In the day and age of custom fitting, having a one-sole-fits-all offering seems antiquated.

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If spin is your top priority, the PXG 0311 wedge should be high on your list of wedges to try.  The lack of sole options is disappointing, but the look and feel of the wedge are quite good.

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  1. Great review Matt. I have to ask what’s the cost.

    • Matt Saternus


      I think the wedges are around $200/head, but I could be off. They’re substantially more than Edel, Vokey, etc.



  2. Wedges, like irons, start at $300 per wedge.

  3. Tom Cafferty

    Compare to epon wedges pls?

    • Matt Saternus


      We haven’t tested the head to head, so there’s no comparison I can offer outside of what’s in the reviews. Personally, I prefer the Epon wedges for feel, high spin, and aesthetics.



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