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PXG 0311 T Gen2 Irons Review

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The PXG 0311 T Gen2 irons are the most impressive of the Gen2 line up.  Solid forgiveness in an attractive package.


Put the word “Tour” on a club, and it’s appeal goes through the roof.  That’s an immutable law of golf equipment.  Put “Tour” on an attractive club, like the PXG 0311 T Gen2 iron, and it’s guaranteed to raise eyebrows.  We tested the new PXG head turner to see if it has the performance to go with its looks.

Note: As you can tell from the pictures, this review is based on our testing with a demo 6 iron.  We contacted PXG about submitting product for a review, but they were not interested.  We did use more testers than normal to offer as much insight as possible.


The 0311 T Gen2 is clearly different than the P or XF models.  The 0311 T has half the offset of the XF and a shorter blade length than either of those models.

Interestingly, the top line is not much thinner.  Like the other models, it’s shaped to look smaller than it is.  Where the 0311 T is thinner is in the sole.  Not only is it thinner, but there are two degrees less bounce than on the other PXG Gen2 irons.

The 0311 T Gen2 was universally praised as being the best looking iron by our testing group.  Every player said that it was the one they would most want to play.

Sound & Feel

The 0311 T Gen2 is a hollow body iron that’s filled with a material that PXG calls COR2.  This creates a soft, elastic feeling when the ball is struck perfectly.  The accompanying sound is crisp and satisfying.

When you miss the sweet spot – which is surprisingly small – the feel gets substantially firmer and the sound becomes dull.  Feedback is average.  It’s easy to know when you missed, but pinpointing the location can be difficult.


There are two interesting spec differences between the T and the other PXG Gen2 irons.  First, the T has the weakest lofts.  This is normal for players irons, and the 0311 T Gen2 irons are generally in line with similar sets.  Additionally, the 0311 T has less bounce than the other PXG Gen2 irons – 2 degrees different in the 7I – and a thinner sole.

Given the smaller head, our expectation that was that the 0311 T would be the least forgiving of the PXG irons.  Interestingly, we found that, based on average smash factor, the 0311 T can hold its own on forgiveness even against its larger brothers.

Also interesting were the launch and spin numbers.  We found that the 0311 T Gen2 irons were the highest launching of the group and in the middle for spin.  Though this fits with their weak lofts, we thought that the smaller head might launch lower than the others.

Finally, it needs to be noted that despite PXG’s claims, the performance of the 0311 T Gen2 is nearly indistinguishable from the original 0311 T.  We looked at ball speed, launch, spin, forgiveness, and could not find a noticeable difference.


While the 0311 T Gen2 irons are certainly my favorites from the new PXG line, there’s nothing here that blows away the other irons in this category.  If you want to have the most expensive irons in your group, you won’t be giving anything up by playing the 0311 T Gen2, but you can get the same performance for much less money in other clubs.

PXG 0311 T Gen2 Irons Price & Specs

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  1. Overrated

  2. Wayne Talsky

    How do they compare against the gen1 clubs? Are they that much better?

    • Matt Saternus


      There’s very little difference, if any. The only caveat is – as I always say – try it for yourself. I’m sure that for some small percentage of people, there will be a measurable (if not significant) difference.



  3. Hi Matt, have you had the chance to demo the new XX10 forged irons yet? What do you think?

    • Matt Saternus


      I have not. If you’d like to see that review on the site, please let XXIO know through social media.



  4. How would you rate these PXG irons against either the Mizuno MP-18 or MP-5?

    • Matt Saternus


      There’s little in common between the Mizunos you mention and this PXG. The PXG is much larger and much more forgiving.



  5. Scott Longmore

    I just bought the PXG Gen2T irons last week and love them. Better than the Mizuno MP 18 irons I had last year. They are definitely expensive, but worth every penny in my opinion. They have such a solid, soft feel on every shot.

  6. Bryan Channers

    Just bought a set of 0311XP Gen 1 irons for less than half price of the Gen 2. The price is right in line with Calloway Rouge or Ping i700 clubs that the Trackman says were comparable. I love these Gen 1 clubs! They feel like a hot knife going through butter as I go through the ball.

  7. The Tour GEN2 irons are much easier to hit than the “T” for Tour symbol represents. I normally hit blades because I can’t really control accurate distance and flight of super forgiving clubs. This is the one iron that feels like a MB blade but offers forgiveness. I can easily hit long irons from the rough or fairway, which is a big advantage with blade type clubs. I pondered over buying these clubs for months and finally decided to trade in a couple sets and go for it. Well worth the investment. If you love golf and devote a lot of time playing, it is a good investment to have. And of course if you can muster up the money…

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