PXG 0311 GEN6 Fairway Wood Review

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The PXG 0311 GEN6 fairway wood combines high performance with high adjustability.  Much tighter dispersion than its predecessor.

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pxg 0311 gen6 fairway wood hosel


I noted in my recent review of the 0311 GEN6 driver that I had a certain amount of anxiety heading into my fitting at PXG [read more HERE].  It was February, so my driver swing – which is hit and miss at the best of times – was still in hibernation.  When it came to filling the gap between the driver and irons, there was no anxiety: I knew that was going to be a mess.  Could the PXG 0311 GEN6 fairway wood really be forgiving enough to end up in my bag?  Let’s find out.

pxg 0311 GEN6 fairway wood address


The PXG 0311 GEN6 fairway wood has a compact, round, symmetrical shape at address.  Most of the head is black carbon fiber, but there’s a thin stripe of matte black steel from the heel across the leading edge.  A small white “X” serves at the alignment aid, and there are very modest graphics and PXG branding around the edge of the crown at the heel and toe.  Both GEN6 fairway woods use Squared Face Design which gives the face a more boxy appearance than other FWs.

Flipping the club over reveals two wide-set silver stripes that divide the three movable weights.  With the exception of the stripes, “PXG,” and “0311,” everything is camouflaged in black-on-black.  It gives the 0311 GEN6 FW a clean, streamlined aesthetic.

pxg 0311 GEN6 fairway wood face

Sound & Feel

The feel of the ball colliding with the HT1770 steel face is very fast.  It’s not a thin-feeling face, but the ball feels like it’s gone in a hurry.  Through your hands, you’ll be able to locate impact with great precision, even if the head is weighted for maximum stability.

In terms of sound, the PXG 0311 GEN6 fairway wood falls between the traditional “tink” and a dull “thud.”  It’s fairly close to the mid-pitched “snap” of the GEN6 hybrids with moderate volume.  You get solid feedback through the sound as well: it becomes more dull as you move toward the heel or toe.


As with all of their GEN6 clubs, PXG has opened the books on what makes them better than GEN5.  And as we’ve seen with the irons, drivers, and hybrids, the answer is that they’re both longer and straighter.

For GEN6, PXG made the face of their fairway woods thinner.  They’re down to a razor thin 0.8″, 6% thinner than 0311 GEN5 fairway wood [review HERE].  This thinner face helps to fuel a small ball speed gain which, along with a small drop in spin, adds three yards to centered strikes.

*Launch monitor numbers above are from the 15 degree 3W.  The 5W was just used for photos.

What is likely more important for regular golfers are the gains in consistency.  Moving from heel to center to toe strikes, the launch and spin barely change.  The ball speed is also extremely robust, allowing the 0311 GEN6 fairway wood to produce repeatable, predictable distances shot after shot.

The PXG 0311 GEN6 fairway wood combines that predictable distance with high MOI to produce a much tighter dispersion than GEN5.  Some of this MOI boost is thanks to Squared Face Design which helps to push more weight to the perimeter.  Comparing the two clubs, the GEN6’s shot pattern is almost a third smaller.  On the course, that means having more confidence that your shots are going to go where you intend.

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Like its big brother – the 0311 GEN6 driver – the 0311 GEN6 FW has massive adjustability.  There are three weight ports on the sole, and PXG offers weights from 2.5 to 20 grams in 2.5 gram increments.  This creates a wide world of possibilities for feel and performance.  By pushing more weight to the rear port, you can make the club more forgiving.  With heavier weight in the heel or toe, you can bias for a draw or fade, respectively.  These ports are also a great way to cleanly adjust swing weight.  On top of that, the adjustable hosel gives you the ability to add or subtract loft, change the face angle, and adjust the lie angle.

For me, the 0311 GEN6 provided a lot of versatility.  I like the squared look and additional area of the face off the tee.  The compact size made it inviting to hit off the turf, too.  The only thing that kept it out of my bag was the 0311 XF hybrid [review HERE].  Being a low launching player – and one who’s more comfortable with hybrids – the fairway wood never faced an uphill battle for me, but those more skilled with FWs will love it.

pxg 0311 GEN6 fairway wood sole


While the PXG 0311 GEN6 fairway wood didn’t make my bag, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great option for most players.  This club has plenty of forgiveness for the average golfer while also offering a world of adjustability.  Dial in the best specs with your PXG fitter and you’ll have a club that can rely on across numerous situations.


PXG 0311 GEN6 Fairway Wood Price & Specs

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  1. Mark Kuyawa

    Great review Matt! I did an PXG iron fitting yesterday and going back next week to fine tune that and hit all the woods and hybrids. As I’ve gotten older (67) and some back issues, fairway woods off the ground a little tougher. Live my 7 wood but would like to get a little of that distance back if possible.

  2. Great and honest review Matt! Curious to ask that once you get down to a 13 degree… technically that’s mini driver or 2 wood area and could it be an alternative to those having a hard time hitting driver?

    • Matt Saternus


      That’s certainly an option. You’re giving up a lot of forgiveness compared to a 460cc driver, but the 13* FW will go a long way.



  3. Todd Addison

    Your numbers are exactly what I’m seeing on my G3. I’m in that 101 FW speed. I lofted mine up +1 and it has been great on the course. The 5w is so easy to hit. I also have the ping g430 fws. I prefer the feel of the PXG g6. Both are my Fav this year. Side note: PX evenflow CB shaft performs great with it. Easy to launch with that shaft.

  4. Dominic Zazzera

    Looking to by a 0311 gen 6 3 wood and a 0311 green 6 rescue where do I buy it

    • Matt Saternus


      There’s a link to PXG at the bottom of the review. Click that link and you can buy it direct from PXG or you can schedule a fitting and buy it there.



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