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Puttdots are an inexpensive training aid that will enhance the feedback from your flat stick.


Just as with drivers and irons, every new crop of putters comes with claims of greater forgiveness and stability.  And while forgiveness is a wonderful thing, there is no substitute for hitting the center of the club face.  Puttdots is a simple training aid designed to help you hit the sweet spot more often and make more putts.

Set Up & Ease of Use

When you open your package of Puttdots, you’ll see four “strips,” each with a pair of dots.  Remove the paper from the back of the strip, line up the center of the strip with the sweet spot of your putter, and stick it to the face (above).  After giving it a firm press, you’ll peel away the strip, leaving only the dots (below).

Once Puttdots are attached to your putter face, all you have to do is putt.  This couldn’t be easier to use, and installation takes less than a minute.


What Puttdots provide is enhanced feedback.  With so many modern putters, particularly mallets, there is precious little feedback on strike quality.  Puttdots let you know when you miss the center by A) changing the feel and B) sending the ball sharply off line.

I found that using Puttdots kept me focused, especially when drilling short putts.  On a flat indoor mat, hitting four footers isn’t a great challenge.  You can miss the center of the face and still “make” the putt.  However, when you add Puttdots to the mix, a loss of focus can mean punting the ball clean off the mat.

Additionally, I like that Puttdots work with your regular putter without adding weight or appendages.  The fact that you’re using your own putter in its natural state boosts transference.  The skills that you gain in practice will show up on the course.

Finally, Puttdots hit a sweet spot in terms of challenge.  It looks intimidating, but, especially on short putts, is not too difficult.  Consistently hitting the center of the face gives you a nice boost of confidence.  On longer putts, Puttdots provide more challenge and a strong reminder to maintain focus.


Puttdots has some very strong pluses in the longevity category and one notable negative.  To the good, Puttdots can be installed quickly, and, once they’re on, they require no set up.  You can use them on their own or with other tools or drills.  I also found them to be fun to use, borderline addictive, actually.

The big negative is that, unlike most training aids, Puttdots are a consumable.  If you don’t have multiple putters, you’ll need to remove and re-install Puttdots every time you switch between practicing the playing.  This may discourage players from using them during every practice session.


Puttdots retail for $15 for a set of four Puttdots.  If you have the ability to leave them on a putter, the value is tremendously high.  If you only have one putter, I still think Puttdots are worth having, but you may find that you only install them before longer stretches of dedicated practice.


If you need to up the ante for your offseason putting practice or boost your focus on the practice green, get Puttdots.  This simple training aid is effective, easy to use, and affordable, and it focuses on the one fundamental that everyone agrees on: hitting the center of the club face.

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  1. Christopher Shively

    Great review as always. Very interesting concept.

  2. I’ve tried these, they are a fun aid, but they would be great if they could figure out a way to make them reusable.

    • Austin Mourad, founder of puttdots

      Hey Bryan! If you head to our Instagram *@puttdots* you’ll see a piece of content explaining how you can reuse your puttdots and way more than one use out of each pair! If you DM, I’m more than happy to talk through the details. Thanks again for your support!

  3. John Toenjes

    Tacky poster putty works just as well and is MUCH less expensive.

  4. Or just go buy a package of 20 rubber bumpers for $4 at Home Depot.

  5. Interesting concept

  6. Great review, definitely something I’d consider giving the inconsistency of my putting stroke.

  7. Question…is it within the rules to have something on the face of a putter/ if it is allowed you can leave puttdrops on while you play. Minimizes the consumables problem. It minimizes ‘foregiveness’ of offcenter hits (there is none) it will make you focus

    • Matt Saternus

      I don’t know for certain, but I would guess that it’s against the rules to have anything on your club face.



  8. I can actually see this thing working!

  9. Christian

    My pro handed me two rubber bands a couple years back and had me putting with them before I played. They really worked. Inexpensive/free. Reusable.

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