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The PURE P2 Wrap offers softer feel with PURE’s trademark durability.


I tried softer grips once.  The experiment lasted just a few weeks because that’s how long the grips lasted.  If you’ve tried soft grips, you know exactly what I’m talking about: holes and wear-spots rubbed into the grip, loss of tack, and general uselessness within a handful of rounds.

Thankfully, PURE Grips and their 12-month guarantee have something to offer those golfers who prefer a softer touch: the P2 Wrap.

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The PURE P2 Wrap is offered in 7 bold colors.  Given the durability and vibrance of the colors, this alone would make PURE grips some of the best looking, but PURE has an ace up their sleeve – customization.

With the PUREP2 Wrap, you have the ability to order 13 custom designed grips.  You can choose from 7 grip colors and 11 paint colors; 77 possible combinations to fit any color scheme.  Additionally, you can add 14 characters of text in 9 different fonts and one of 12 different symbols.  This is a level of customization that you won’t find from any other grip company and all at a very reasonable price (under $11/grip without text, roughly $13.50 with text).

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The P2 Wrap is PURE’s softest grip.  It isn’t mushy-soft, but it has noticeably more “padding” than the Pro or DTX.  This softness not only makes the grips easier on your hands, it also soaks up a lot of the sting of mishits.  The feedback on shots is slightly diminished with this softer grip, but, especially in colder weather, that can be a trade worth making.

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As someone who normally wants all the tread, cord, and traction you can pile on a grip, I was skeptical about how much I would like the P2 Wrap.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that in most conditions I was able to keep an excellent hold on the club without additional grip pressure.  The P2 Wrap does have a little more tack that PURE’s other grips, but it’s not bathed in it the way some other wrap-style grips are.

As I alluded to at the beginning, the biggest difference between the P2 Wrap and other soft grips is durability.  The P2 Wraps that I’ve tested have already outlived any other soft grip that I’ve tried, and they could still pass for new.  If you’re able to wear out one of these grips within PURE’s 12 month guarantee, you are the object of my eternal envy because you must be golfing all day, every day.

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Whether you’re interested in switching to a softer grip for cold-weather golf or tired of constantly replacing other soft grips, the PURE Grips P2 Wrap gets my recommendation.  Though I’m happily “married” to the PURE DTX, the P2 Wrap is one of the few grips that has made me question the trade-off of comfort for traction.

Matt Saternus

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