PUR Truth Prepare Putting Aid Review

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The PUR Truth Prepare putting trainer is the best start line trainer available.  Simplified version of the PUR Truth Trainer.  Fewer options but more compact and easier to use.

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I recently reviewed the PUR Truth Trainer [review HERE], naming it “the best putting trainer I’ve ever used.”  Those are big shoes for the little brother, the PUR Truth Prepare, to fill.  But with it’s just-the-essentials approach and a price tag that’s substantially friendlier, Truth Prepare might just be able to do it.

Set Up & Ease of Use

The PUR Truth Prepare sets up quickly and easily.  Take it out of its protective case, raise the bridge, extend the device to your desired length, and insert the Truth Gates.  While it may take a little while to find a perfectly level spot to putt, setting up the Truth Prepare takes under a minute.


The PUR Truth Prepare is a simplified version of the Truth Trainer.  It’s much smaller and features just the Truth Gate and Ghost Hole.

As I said in my review of the Truth Trainer, the Truth Gate is the best start line trainer I’ve ever used.  And since start line is arguably the most important element of putting, that gives the Truth Prepare a big head start on being a worthy addition to your kit.  What makes the Truth Gate so good is the clear feedback and difficulty scaling.  When the ball hits a gate, you can hear it and see it swing, but the ball continues through.  As a longtime user of the Putting Fork, I want to emphasize that last part.  It can get very frustrating to watch the ball ricochet back at you repeatedly, and that doesn’t happen with the Truth Gate.

By adjusting the Putting Pad and Truth Gates, you can vary the difficulty from a margin of error of 1.12 degrees to 0.36 degrees.  This translates to making straight putts from 7 to 21 feet.  On the low end, this might be a little frustrating for a beginner.  On the high end, there’s enough challenge for a very accomplished putter.

There is significantly less difficulty variance with the Truth Prepare than with the Truth Trainer.  The PUR Truth Prepare only has one pair of slots, the Truth Trainer has two.  Additionally, the Truth Trainer allows you to set the PUR Ball Pad at any distance and get farther from the Truth Gate, thus raising the difficulty.

Finally, the Ghost Holes (putting discs) bring distance control into the equation.  When you’re putting to a real hole, you can be fooled into thinking a putt was perfect when it was much too strong.  The Ghost Hole gives you a more accurate assessment of your speed control.  Additionally, they allow you to set up away from the crowds on the putting green.


The PUR Truth Prepare has outstanding longevity.  It’s small enough that it can live in your golf bag, and the set up takes under a minute.  You can use this trainer indoors and outdoors, so it’s good year-round.  And while it doesn’t have the immense difficulty range of its big brother, this is not a training aid that you’ll ever outgrow.


The PUR Truth Prepare retails through the PUR website for $149.  Use code PLUG to save 20% on all PUR trainers HERE.  The Truth Prepare comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

The PUR Truth Prepare is half the price of the Truth Trainer, which makes it friendlier on your wallet, but you do sacrifice a lot of functionality.  I think both are great trainers and great values, it just comes down to what you want out of your trainer and what you want to spend.


If you’re ready to get serious about your putting practice, the PUR Truth Prepare should be a part of your kit.  This is the best start line trainer available, and the compact size and quick set up make it something you’ll use regularly.

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