Power Package Training Aid Review


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The Power Package training aid teaches you to set the proper angles with your wrists using your own clubs.


I don’t think that I’m alone when I say that hearing the phrase, “Power Package” makes me think of this classic video.


Jokes aside, Power Package is the name of a new training aid designed to teach you to hinge, flex, and rotate your wrists and arms correctly.


Ease of Use & Setup

To set up the Power Package, you need to remove the screw, slide it over your grip, then replace the screw.  Some fine tuning is usually required to get it into the exact position you want.  All told, setting up the Power Package only takes about a minute.

Using the Power Package is similarly easy.  The idea is that, with correct wrist angles, your forearms will end up in the “cups” in the back swing, stay there well into the downswing, and then return to them in the follow through.



The first question I ask of any training aid is, “How clear is the feedback?”  With the Power Package, it can’t be much clearer: your arms are in the cups or they’re not.  Similarly, the “fix” is easy to figure out: adjust your wrist angles until the cups hit your forearms.

Another thing I like about the Power Package is that it allows you to work with your own clubs.  Yes, the Power Package adds some weight to the club which will change the feel of it, but overall the transference should be quite good.

Finally, I appreciate the honesty of the Power Package’s instructional material.  They advise starting with small swings using a short iron before making full swings with longer clubs.  The book doesn’t say how long you should stick with short clubs and small swings, but hopefully the user will be smart enough to know not to “move up” until they’re having regular success at their current level.

Overall, I think the Power Package is an effective way to improve your technique.  Like most training aids, I think there will be a burst of improvement at the start, especially if your wrist angles are a train wreck.  Getting that last 10%-20% dialed in will require a real commitment of time.



Power Package is a mixed bag on longevity.  On the positive, it can be used on any club.  Also, it can be adjusted to “stronger” (more closed face) or “weaker” (more open face) positions, which means it can help a wide array of people fix a variety of problems.  You may start using it to fix a slice and come back to it years later to stop a hook.  Finally, Power Package can be very effective as an indoor training aid since you don’t need to make full-speed swings to work on your positions.

On the negative side, Power Package can’t live on your golf club (won’t fit in the bag), and it’s too big and awkwardly shaped to live in your golf bag.  This means that to use it you need to remember to bring it to the range and attach it to a club.



The Power Package sells HERE for $80.  Like many training aids, it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

I think the Power Package is effective and is decent in terms of longevity, so I think it is a good value.  As with any training aid, make sure you think about your problems and your practice habits before purchasing.



“Wrist angles” is one of the most popular phrases in golf instruction right now, and with good reason: they can be the difference between great ball striking and hitting it all over the planet.  The Power Package can teach you to use your wrists and arms correctly with clear, simple feedback.  If you want to put in the time to perfect your technique, the Power Package can be a very useful tool.

Matt Saternus


  1. I have been using the power package for a month now… It’s a great item that has help me. You can do so many exercise with it to help your game.
    It’s has help me with my chipping and my lag, plus the release of the club…My swing coach says my swing looks great,,,But I still have a bad habit of standing to close to the ball,and gripping the club to hard.
    All in all I’m real happy with the P.P. it’s one of the few golf aids that you can use to hit balls with.

  2. I changed over to a 1 plane swing a couple years ago and it had become of whack and I started hitting pulls and pull hooks with a closed club face and just couldn’t it back on plane and square the face even after a couple lessons. After reading all the reviews on sites like this one I purchased the power package 2 months ago.I put it on a old 7 iron and immediately found how out of sorts my swing had become. It took a little time and some really ugly shots but once I was able to consistently keep my forearms engaged in the cups and turn my body instead of throwing the club at the ball the ball flight straightened out and I’m now hitting the ball better than ever. I use it all the time while hitting balls alternating between the power package club and the club I’m hitting. I just purchased a 2nd power package yesterday to use with an old driver. I used the code pga1 and received a 20% discount off the purchase price. The golf swing is muscle memory and repetition in my opinion it’s the best training aid on the market to reinforce good swing mechanics. I have 8 grand kids and and when they show an interest in playing golf I’m going to introduce them to the power package.

  3. Do you have any branches (retailers or golf shops) in South Africa that are selling the Power Package Training Aid?

    I am very much interested in the training aid & would like to place an order and save on the shipping costs & delivery waiting period time!

  4. Roccy De Francesco

    I have the power package but I left it in Florida. I am now in Michigan and want another but would like a discount as a repeat buyer

    • Matt Saternus


      We do not sell anything. You would need to contact the manufacturer about this.



    • Roger Anderson

      You would like a discount as a repeat buyer? Why would you expect a company to subsidize your absent mindedness?

  5. Ted DeYoung

    My irons play well but need most of my help with my driver. Are people using this for that?

  6. Ethan Lilian

    I have checked this full article that you have explained here perfectly. thank you


    I am left handed golf player and this power package is universal type for both hand?

    • Matt Saternus

      No, the Power Package is specific to RH players. They may have a left handed option on their website.



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