Podcast Episode 83 – Inside Tour Edge Exotics with Jon Claffey

Tour Edge has made huge strides in the last couple years both at retail and on Tour.  They’ve become omnipresent on the Champions Tour with hundreds of clubs in play, and consumers are getting to know them as the brand that delivers more performance per dollar than anyone else.  We discuss the new EXS 220 line, Wingman putter, and more in this episode.

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  1. Richard Olmsted

    I have known Dave Glod ever since he was repairing clubs as a young man at The Village Links of Glen Ellyn. I am very happy to see how well the company is doing. I play Tour Edge clubs, myself, and believe the products are among the best available.
    It’s a good story in a very competitive market.
    Continued success.
    Please say “Hi” to Dave for me.

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