Podcast Episode 64 – Can Technology Improve Pace of Play?

Pace of play is one of the most important issues facing the game of golf today, and everyone seems to think they have the solution.  In this interview, GolfLogix CEO Pete Charleston makes the case for technology, and specifically GolfLogix, as the way to speed up play.

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Matt Saternus
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  1. I just listened to the podcast interview with Mr. Charleston, it was great. I really wanted to hear how this would improve the pace of play and Matt, you seemed to have the same concern. Your question was spot on and I believe his response was great. But I still have my doubts. When he later said you can check out greens from home first, that convinced me to check it out. But improving the pace on the course, not convinced.
    The topic of pace and new technology: To that point, I’d say an outright no. How many times has a distance finder been pulled out and the other guy says, really, let me see what mine says? I see it all the time. Outside of technology is the flag. If you always have the same foursome it’s likely not an issue. I never have the same guys. So far I have seen some like it in, some like it out. Some like in for long shots and not the short ones. Now I see the pin is in and out several times on a green. So much for that pace of play rule.

    • Matt Saternus


      All good points. I think the issue with technology is the same as everything else: the user. In the right hands, technology can speed up play immensely. In the wrong hands, it’s another pace killer.



  2. Yes, Matt, agreed. As more of it, (technology), arrives, we’ll see. pt

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