Podcast Episode 170 – This Idea Must Die!

Every week, we receive a comment referencing one of the most tired concepts in golf equipment.  In this podcast, Matt takes on this idea head first in the hopes of retiring it forever.

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  1. Aside from kids… I would propose the only time people outgrow their clubs and need new clubs is if they have relatively old clubs (more than 7 or 10 years old… since club technology has changed fairly significantly over the last 7/10 years)… Or people who, maybe started playing a year or so ago, bought one of those ‘starter’, inferior technology sets (by Strata, or TopFlite, etc.) that usually come with a whole set, including a Putter, Driver, irons, hybrids and a bag)… who, as a result of proper practice, have significantly improved their technique and lowered their handicap (say, from a 30 handicap to a 15). This person likely needs better technology clubhead, shafts, etc). However, regarding old technology (with a good name-brand club), even some old(ish) PING clubs (Eye2, etc) can still hold their own today with the correct swing technique.
    Great work… great podcast… Keep up the hard work.

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