Podcast Episode 141 – Have Wedges Evolved?

There’s no argument that, in every category, golf clubs are evolving.  But has this evolution benefitted all golfers equally?  Have certain clubs changed more than others?  We discuss these questions and more with Terry Koehler of Edison Golf.

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Matt Saternus


  1. Ballesteros stated the most significant innovation to the game of golf is the 60 degree wedge (not drivers or putters). Bounce and grind options, milled, grove designs, perimeter weighting, as well as 60 degree lofts allow weekend golfers an improved short game. It is silly to dare suggest wedges haven’t advanced and it is an overt insult to greats like Roger Cleveland (at Callaway). The harsh truth is lists of the best wedges NEVER include Edison (offering very few options). I own modern wedges from Cleveland, TaylorMade, and Callaway. They’re amazing. How many PGA pros use an Edison wedge? Not a single one. And, they wouldn’t use clubs that didn’t work, no matter the money. Over half of them carry a Titleist wedge. Koehler is a serious club designer but the support team from a “real” company really matters. Duh.

    • Matt Saternus

      What lists of best wedges are you referring to? The ones at the big magazines where positions are bought and sold?
      Your point about Tour players is hilarious because it’s exactly what Terry & Edison are saying: Edison wedges are designed for regular golfers, not Tour pros. Also, like the lists, Tour play is largely based on money.


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