Podcast Episode 124 – The Truth About Distance Gapping

Are modern iron sets created to help golfers score or just to win the fitting?  Terry Koehler joins Matt to discuss this controversial question and much more.

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Matt Saternus


  1. Rob Halford

    Hi Terry
    I have been following you since the Eidolon days ( I still have a set ) great PodCast makes me rethink my bag. I’m retired now but like to hear your thoughts, keep up the good work!
    Rob Halford

  2. Stephen McGregor

    One of the best and most informative podcasts about what could have been a very technical subject, delivered in a way that has taken all the mystic out excessive technology out of the discussion, most helpful and interesting made simpler to the listener by the Matt and Terry good combination.

  3. Great podcast Matt. Terry’s comments on how to better gap the bag follows along with where I have been headed. I have been looking at the distances my Garmin Approach S20 has recorded for my clubs and those gaps (some are way too close) have me thinking maybe I don’t need a few of the clubs in the bag especially if they are showing roughly the same distances….

  4. Bjarke Rasmussen

    Nice podcast w good thoughts :-)

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