Podcast 158 – 10 Commandments of Better Scoring

If you’re truly committed to seeing your handicap go down this season, this is the podcast for you.  Matt boils down over a decade of teaching and writing about scoring into ten simple rules that you can follow to lower your scores.

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  1. David Robson

    I found this pod cast very entertaining and I will try to put it into practice

  2. Hi Matt,
    I really enjoyed the podcast. I was a little nervous when you started by saying you had to decide if scoring was really your priority – felt like I was being setup for a big serving of lima beans or something. I’m actually doing most of the things you suggested except practicing enough on the weak parts of my game; unfortunately there aren’t enough hours in the day for everything I’m weak at. I’m back and forth on the hit driver as much as possible commandment since I just still lose too many balls with that club. Unfortunately I’m topping my fairway woods and hybrid right now and when I drop back to my 5i it’s an incredible distance penalty and I’ve started hooking it I think trying to over-hit it. So I’m trying to work thru the hybrid topping when there’s not enough wide open spaces to hit my driver. It’s a process.

    Anyway, thanks again for an enjoyable podcast.

  3. Great podcast! You’ve convinced me to track shots (not sure on the method yet), not abandon the driver and stick with one ball. Thanks.

  4. Greg Motley

    Very good talk. Probably, good ideas even if scoring isn’t the most important thing. Implementing some of these things already but I will definitely look at the ones I’m not.
    Thanks Matt

  5. Learned a lot from this podcast. I don’t necessary aim for pins but I do try to always try to pick the club that will leave myself an uphill putt. Wonder if I’d be better off going for center of green regardless of slope.

    • Matt Saternus

      Glad to hear it, Andy!

      And yes, I think you’d be better off with more GIRs even at the cost of some downhill putts.



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