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Welcome to!  We are thrilled that you’ve found us and we hope that we will be your regular home for golf instruction, reviews, and industry news.

To help us celebrate our launch, we’ve rounded up some great prizes to share with you.  Here’s what you can win:

The Prizes

Best Grips (1) Best Grips (2)


1-4) 1 of 1 Gridiron Grip Putter Grips from Best Grip

The name says it all: these are the Best Grips in the game.  And in this case, some of the coolest.  We’re giving away four different 1 of 1 putter grips from Best Grips.  That’s right, the winners will receive grips that no one else will EVER have.


5) IJP Design PGA Championship Putter Cover

From none other than PGA Tour winner Ian Poulter, this cover commemorates the final major of 2013.  Add this cover to your golf bag and you’ll be putting like Ian at the Ryder Cup!

(Note: Winner will receive the mallet putter cover.  Another note: Putting improvement not guaranteed.)


6) Benderstik Training Aid

A fantastic training aid designed by top golf instructor Mike Bender, the Benderstik allows you to work on all aspects of your game even when your coach isn’t there.


7) PureStrike 5 Simple Keys

If you’re looking for a simple system to help you improve your ball striking, this is it.  With just 5 Simple Keys, you can go from high handicapper to shot maker.


8) TP Therapy Grid

Who doesn’t like a nice massage before or after a tough workout or a round of golf?  With The Grid, you can have one anytime, anywhere!

From Trigger Point Therapy:

The Trigger Point Performance Therapy GRID  features a 3-dimensional surface whereas traditional foam rollers have a flat surface and prohibit bloodflow at the point of pressure. The Matrix of 3-D Distrodensity Zones allows for blood and oxygen to channel through and create elasticity in the muscle to deliver a precision massage associated with Self-Myofascial Release Therapy.  Being only 13″ long and 5″ in diameter, the sleek design of The Grid makes it an excellent travel companion.


9) 110% Play Harder Compression Socks

Golf is hard on the body, particularly the feet.  110% Play Harder makes gear that takes care of your body, like these sock.

From 110%:

Engineered for recovery and performance, 110% Mercury’s gradient compression enhances circulation while the unique design protects athletes’ legs from the wear and tear of long tough workouts.  The roomier toe, arch support and non-binding top band make them exceptionally comfortable and ideal for travel. These socks can also be worn while golfing and they will promote circulation and stabilize muscles so that legs and ankles do not swell and will tire less.  For after golf, these compression socks are a treat on your feet as they will promote a faster recovery for the next round of golf.

Gibbons Handmade

10-14) Patrick Gibbons Handmade Exotic Divot Tools and Ball Markers

Marking your ball with a quarter?  BORING.  Fixing ball markers with that little plastic fork from the pro shop?  YAWN.

Break the mold with these divot tools and ball markers from Patrick Gibbons Handmade.

(Each of 5 winners will receive a ball marker and divot tool.)

How to Enter & Official Rules

To enter the contest, all you need to do is join the Mailing List.  Click HERE

You can earn up to 5 additional entries by doing any or all of the following:

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  5. Post a comment below telling us something you’d like to see on  It could be a golf term you’d like to see in our Glossary, a product you’d like to see reviewed, a golf tip that you need, or anything else relevant to the game of golf.

Each winner will receive one (1) prize. Some winners will also receive a shirt and/or sunglasses from RoboToaster while supplies last!

The contest will run through August 15th with winners being announced and contacted by email on August 16th.

Show Love to our Friends

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  1. aotearoabrad

    Hey guys, massive congrats on the launch. I was fortunate to get to hit a few balls with a sample Tight Lies FM last week and was completely blown away. I’d love to see a full review of these if and when you get the chance …

  2. John Barba

    Great looking site Matt! Congrats on the new venture. As a frequent business traveler, I’d love to see reviews of courses in different parts of the US. Always looking for fun places to play while I’m, uhhh, working ;-)

    • Matt Saternus


      Thanks for checking us out! I will be posting up our first course review next week: Stonewall Orchard in northern IL.



  3. Richard P. Jacobs II

    HaHa, typical, I read the instructions AFTER I post, lol. I was born that way. Love the Cobra Irons Review. Just please keep the MBs in the review loop ;-)

  4. I’m loving the swing tips with pictures. It’s much easier to see what to do when you post both the wrong way to do it (what I look like) and the right way to do it. I have a hard time visualizing what good should look like just from reading an article so the pictures really help.

    I’d love to see the Tour Angle 144 in for a review. Or maybe a Golf Channel infomercial special. Record the golf channel for an hour, then try to review all of the mail-order training ads to show up in that time.

  5. Hey guys….Congrats on the launch. I’d like to see a review for the PGA Tour Academy home edition I keep seeing advertised all over. I wonder if it’s really worth the $175 bucks. Thanks and good luck!!

  6. Walkerjames

    Congrats on the launch!

  7. Any tips for learning how far you really hit the ball would be greatly helpful

  8. Ken Cromwell

    Great work on the site, Matt! I’ve benefited so much from your one on one LIVE instruction and the online instruction is just icing on the cake. Keep up the great work and congratulations on the launch of the site!

  9. Congrats on the website launch. Have fun with it! I look forward to it’s growth and interesting topics.

  10. I would love to see start to finish process of a putter being made.

  11. Benjy Palmer

    Great looking site! Look forward to using it

  12. I enjoy reading simple tips and tricks used to help bounce back after bad shots or even ways to approach different shots. More guidance on how to handle aspects during the game would be great!

    • Matt Saternus

      Great idea, Jordan. You can definitely expect to see a lot of material on the mental game and course management, particularly during the colder months when I can’t film tips from the range.



  13. Matt,

    Looking forward to reading various tips. One thing I think would be great to read before each tip is a “Who should read this and who shouldn’t” blurb.

    Best of luck!

  14. Nice site. Congrats.

  15. This site is now at the top of my favourites!! Having moved and now playing my golf at St Andrews, I’d love to see some tips on playing Links Golf……I miss lush fairways and short rough!!!

    • Matt Saternus

      Thank you, Paul! Hopefully we will stay there!
      Playing your golf at St. Andrews isn’t anything to complain about. I will see what I can do about some tips for links golf.



  16. Thanks for the comments so far, everyone! The site is still a work in progress to us, but we love to see everyone as excited about it as we are!

  17. Mike Slowik

    Congrats!! I would just like to see good honest reviews. It looks like you already have that figured out from what I have seem so far. Keep it up!! Too many sites seem to be kissing other companys butts with their reviews and never say anything negative. I find it hard to believe everything is awesome. Keep up the great work! I look forward to seeing exciting things from you in the future.

  18. Thanks for the note, Mike! Ultimately that’s our goal, but so far, we’ve been big fans of everything we have reviewed. While we have been getting off the ground here, we wanted to talk about companies and products we’re passionate about. Bring the real deal stuff to the readers.

    Hopefully you’ll find the reviews helpful going forward. At the end of the day, as long as we can give you REAL insight into a product that you didn’t have before, then we’ve accomplished our goal.

  19. Congratulations Matt!

    I’m going to rely on you for Wilson Staff news! In the meantime, I’m really looking forward to this great resource you’ve put together.

  20. Robin Wilson

    Congrats on your launch. I would like to see reviews on winter clothing ~ golf of course that you can actually golf in.

  21. Awesome job with the website, we all know what it’s like to suddenly get the itch to get up and go play and these articles defitnley did just that. Excited to go out and get better after reading these tips and reviews. Keep up the good work!

  22. Thanks, Tim!

  23. Mike Hallee

    What a great idea looks like you have some great items in your giveaway

  24. I would like to see tips on how to play shots from difficult lies uphill downhill standing in the bunker but the ball is on top etc…

  25. Richard Park

    Really like the looks of things here, much continued success. I’d like to see more on putters and fashion.

  26. Euan Kennedy

    I would love to see side by side comparisons of new clubs. Maybe launch monitor results. I know it seems like more of the same but that’s my addiction.

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