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PING Golf apparel is a complete line of technology-driven gear to keep you playing and looking your best in all conditions.


Lost in the well-deserved hubbub around the G series is the fact that PING has launched a new apparel line.  At first glance this may seem like an odd venture, but when you think about how technical golf apparel has become, it’s really a natural fit.  I took some of their new gear to the course to see how the Sensor Technology performed.

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There are three parts to PING’s apparel line: Sensor Cool, Sensor Warm, and Sensor Dry.  I was able to test pieces from each Sensor family, and every one performed as billed.

The two polos I tested were from the Sensor Cool line.  Both are nearly weightless, though they retain a soft, quality feel.  The key to the cooling is how they breathe.  Even under the scalding Texas sun, these polos kept me dry and comfortable.

Equally impressive is the Sensor Warm pullover.  What makes it unique is the combination of heat retention and wind blocking with breathability.  Like the very best layering pieces, I was able to pull this on at the start of a round in 40 degree temperatures and continue to wear it comfortably right up to 70+ degrees.

Finally, the Sensor Dry jacket utilizes something called Pertex Shield+ to create a wind and water barrier that is still, you guessed it, breathable.  Because this jacket breathes, you won’t have to choose between being drenched by the rain and sweating to death.  Impressively, the Sensor Dry jacket I tested is guaranteed waterproof for three years.

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Style & Fit

PING is the company that really brought club fitting to the fore in golf, so it’s only natural that their apparel be well tailored.  All of the tops in this line fit true to size (I’m wearing a large in the picture above at 6 feet tall, 200 pounds), and are cut to make you look as good as possible.  Both the sleeves and the body of the shirt are the ideal length, and the shirt has a slight taper to enhance both appearance and function.

Much like their clubs, PING’s apparel is traditional with enough color and detail to give the line a unique look.  Across the twelve polos in the initial line, you’ll see a variety of styles – chest pockets, button down collars, stripes, and solids – in a color palette that is neither trendy nor boring.

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Wearing PING golf apparel may not make your swing as syrupy as Louis Oosthuizen’s, but you will look sharp and be very comfortable.  The Sensor Technology throughout the line functions as advertised and gives each piece a clear purpose.

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  1. Bev Saramaga

    Hi Matt. I am a new follow and so far I like what you are doing. I want to buy some hybrids, but where do I start. I am a 10 handicap. Have you done reviews on any of them yet? Would you suggest finding a head I like and then get a shaft fitting? I think I would like to carry 2 hybrids in my bag. Your recommendations would be much appreciated.

    • Matt Saternus


      All our hybrid reviews are here:

      I would definitely suggest a fitting, and the fewer preconceived ideas you have walking into the fitting, the better. A good fitter should be able to take your swing and preferences into account and put together a good combination of head and shaft for you.



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