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The PING G30 fairway wood builds on the performance of the G25 with more adjustability and more speed thanks to the Turbulators.


In a recent review, I dubbed the PING G30 driver the “best all-around driver in golf.”  I’m not the only one who loves it: Billy Horschel just used one to win the Tour Championship and the FedEx Cup, and Bubba Watson is using one to lead the PGA Tour in driving distance.

With all this buzz around the driver, it would be easy to forget about the fairway wood, but in the case of the G30, that would be a mistake.  Just as with the driver, PING has taken a club that was already a standout and made it even better.

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The most noteworthy thing about the look of the G30 fairway wood is the addition of the Turbulators.  They’re a bit more noticeable on the fairway wood than on the driver because they’re larger, relative to the size of the head.  Nevertheless, I don’t think they detract from the look of the club, and they actually frame the ball nicely.

The club head itself actually looks a touch smaller than the G25 – there’s a little less bugle in the toe and it appears a bit smaller from front to back.  I don’t have exact measurements to confirm the latter, but, at a minimum, the shaping makes it look that way.  Overall, it has an average-sized foot print and a medium face depth that should promote confidence from the tee and off the deck.

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Sound & Feel

Just as with the G30 driver, my main impression when hitting the G30 fairway wood was how “clean” the impact feel was.  In the past, adjustable clubs have been knocked for creating unpleasant impact sounds, but PING has the G30 dialed in beautifully without any extra vibration or noise.  The sound is prototypical fairway wood – fairly quiet, a little metallic with a“tink” on well-struck shots.  The sound also helps with feedback – it’s a bit duller on mishits.

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For most golfers, the biggest question surrounding a fairway wood is, “Can I get it airborne?”  With the PING G30, the answer is almost always going to be, “Yes!”.  Just as with the past few G-series fairway woods, the G30 is incredibly easy to launch, even for players who are not skilled with fairway woods.  That isn’t to say that the G30 is just a retread; in fact, there’s a lot of important new stuff going on.

First, there’s the addition of the Turbulators.  As I said about the driver, I can’t prove that the Turbulators work, but I can say that my ball speeds were higher than with any non-titanium fairway wood that I can remember.  For those that are just joining the class, more ball speed means more distance which means happier golfers.

Additionally, PING has ratcheted up the adjustability of the G30.  In the past, you could only add or subtract 0.5° of loft.  Now, you have the ability to add or subtract 0.6° or 1°.  These loft changes will also affect the face angle which can help correct undesirable ball flights.

Overall, the G30 is a fairway wood that just doesn’t have any weaknesses.  It’s easy to hit, but also relatively low spin.  It’s forgiving, but you can work the ball if you want to.  It’s also solid regardless of the situation – fairway, rough, or tee.

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I hate to recycle material, but PING has given me no choice but to repeat what I said about the G30 driver: the G30 fairway wood has taken an already superior product and made it even better.  This is one of the very few clubs that I would recommend to players of all ability levels because it has great performance but also plenty of forgiveness.

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  1. good review,does this club offer better value than the rapture?

    • Matt Saternus


      The question of value is always tough because it’s very dependent on the individual in question. If you’re talking about yards/dollar, yes, the G30 is a better value because the Rapture is not twice as long. That said, if you really want or need those 10 or 20 yards that the Rapture delivers, maybe the price is worth it.

      I think for most players, the G30 is a better choice: it’s more versatile, it’s plenty long, and it’s much more affordable. The Rapture is more of a niche product designed to fit a very specific need.

      I hope that helps.



  2. Not actually a reply on the G30 fairway wood but a question on the G30 hybrid. I have a #5 G30 hybrid & keep hooking like crazy. Is there an adjustment to alter the face to neutral?

    • Matt Saternus


      No, the hybrids are not adjustable. You could try adding some lead tape to the toe of the club, but you’d need a substantial amount to actually move the CoG.



  3. I currently hit the Callaway X2 Hot 3 w0od and I am considering switching to the Ping G30 3 wood. Is the Ping more forgiving and will it hit any higher or longer than the Callaway.

    • Matt Saternus


      I think the PING G30 may be slightly easier to elevate, but it’s very close. Whether or not you hit it higher or longer will depend on how it fits your swing. I would recommend bringing your X2 Hot to a fitter or a store with a good launch monitor and comparing it directly to the G30.



  4. Nice review Matt. Do you think G30 is a better choice for high handicap players compared to the new 915 F ?

  5. Jim shuford

    What are the adjustments on thenumber 5G 30 fairway wood and what does the soleplate adjustment do?

    • Matt Saternus

      All the FWs in the G30 line can be adjusted for loft/face angle.
      There is a removable weight in the sole, but there are no aftermarket weights sold for it. Essentially, it’s not an adjustment for consumers.



  6. I am hitting the original Cobra ZL driver and a Cobra 3 wood that is about a year older than my driver. Will the G30 SF Tec driver be longer? Is the easy regular shaft similar to a senior of lite shaft? Will the G30 3wood be longer and easier to hit than my current 3 wood? Finally, does the G30 3 wood come in the SF Tec version? Thank you VERY MUCH

    • Matt Saternus


      No one can know whether any of the G30 clubs will be longer or easier to hit without you trying them out, preferably with a launch monitor. I’d like to give you a more direct answer to your question, but it would be dishonest.

      Regarding shafts, yes, the “Soft Regular” is akin to a Senior flex, A-Flex, or Lite shaft.
      The SF Tec is only available on the driver, but the fairway woods can be adjusted for face angle.



  7. Is the face angle adjustment separate from the loft adjustment? Can you expand on the impact of these adjustments as it relates to a fade or draw ball flight? Good review. Thanks.

    • Matt Saternus


      No, face angle and loft move together always. When you add loft, the face closes, and vice versa. Seems counter-intuitive, but it’s correct.



  8. Look forward to hearing what info is provided.

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