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PING G LS Tec Driver Review

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50 Words or Less

The PING G LS Tec driver offers similar forgiveness to the G driver, but with measurably lower spin.  The perfect option for high spin players.


While PING’s G driver, like the G30 before it, is the best overall driver in golf, the G LS Tec will be, for many players, the longest.  While the G has low spin, the G LS Tec takes things even lower to optimize launch conditions and maximize distance for players with excessive spin rates.

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The PING G LS Tec driver is virtually indistinguishable from the PING G driver at address.  If you really look for differences, the G LS Tec sits a bit more open at address and the face looks a hair taller.  The similarities, though, are numerous.  Both have PING’s newest hallmarks on the crown: Turbulators and Dragonfly Technology.  They also share the large, round footprint.

PING G LS Tec Driver_0182

Sound & Feel

The PING G LS Tec driver is very similar to the G driver in terms of sound.  Impact produces a medium volume, low-pitched “crack.”

Like the other G drivers, the stock shaft is the counter balanced Alta.  The counter balancing is needed to keep the swing weight in a normal range with the heavier head.  PING also offers a Tour shaft that is heavier and stiffer.

PING LS Tec Driver


In my launch monitor testing, the PING G LS Tec driver did exactly what it’s supposed to: it produced significantly lower spin than the G driver.  For me, the difference was between 300 and 400 RPM.  Please keep in mind that, as always, your results will vary.  I tend to be a fairly low spin player, so you may see a bigger gap.  You may see a smaller gap.  Fitting is everything.

What I was impressed with is the forgiveness of the G LS Tec.  PING is pretty up front in saying that the “cost” of lower spin is forgiveness.  That said, the G LS Tec is likely forgiving enough for any player in the mid-teens or better.

PING G LS Tec Driver_0176


If excessive spin is keeping you from realizing your potential off the tee, the PING G LS Tec driver is going to make you a very happy golfer.  For many players, it will be the longest of the new G drivers, and the cost in terms of forgiveness is not huge.  As always, we strongly encourage you to work with a qualified fitter to find the best PING driver for your game.
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  1. Dave Malone

    Hi Matt
    Thanks for the great review. I have a g30 ls tech that has really made a difference and wondered if there would be any performance difference in the club I have vs. the new G ls tech?
    I love the new technology, but when you are hitting something well, you know the expression ” if it isn’t broke done fix it”
    I would appreciate your thoughts
    Thanks again Matt for all the great insight

    • Matt Saternus


      The input I’ve gotten from the fitters at Club Champion is that the new LS Tec is even more LS than the old version. If you’re dialed in with yours, I’d probably hold pat.



  2. Hello

    What do you Think about the Alta Shaft? Ping standard shaft often have some less torqe. Do you think is stable enugh?

    Can you mention some other aftermarket shaft that is counter balensed as well and might suit with this head….

    • Matt Saternus


      It’s a very solid stock shaft and it’s designed to work well with this head. PING takes a lot of pride in their stock shafts – they don’t just slap a “made for” version of the hot new thing in their drivers.

      The Fujikura XLR8 line is all counter balanced, and they’ve worked well for me in my testing with this head.



  3. Frank Maiorana

    Hi Matt,
    I’m gaming the G30LS Tour 65S and love it. I noticed you have success with the Fuki XLR8 counter balanced shaft.Do you think the G30LS and or G LS perform better with a balanced shaft? Or is it the way you load the shaft that matters? I like the Tour 65s although its not counterbalanced.

    • Matt Saternus


      The stock shafts in the G30 and G are counterbalanced to offset the heavier head, so I would say that, generally, the XLR8 line pairs well with them. That said, players who want a heavier swingweight can do very nicely without the counter balancing.



  4. chris puckhaber

    i own the G30 SF tec (which i love but it goes way to high so i purchaced the G LS with a stiff alta shaft. ( didnt get it fitted , bought it online) my natural ball flight is a power fade , i wanted a driver that had a lower trajectory
    with the forgiveness for a amateur . swing speed between 90 -95 any suggestions ? thx chris puckhaber

  5. Ryan Carter

    I just got fit for this driver but with a completely different shaft and the numbers were remarkable. I tried pretty much every driver on the market and one came close but wasn’t able to keep the spin rate down for our liking. I was still about 3,000 rpm but average distance was 320 with a carry of 290-300 on average. This will definitely improve your game as even mishits still went over 300 and barely offline for me. Can’t wait to get my new driver and get it even more dialed in.

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