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PING Cadence TR Putter Review

PING Cadence TR Putters_0099

50 Words or Less

The PING Cadence TR putters feature PING’s True Roll face plus different head weights to fit a wider range of players.  Head shapes range from classic to modern.


As a golfer, I love putters, but as a golf writer, I often hate writing putter reviews because there simply isn’t much to talk about.  That’s not a concern I have with this review.  PING has packed their new Cadence TR putter family with more technology and fitting options than I thought possible, and the result is one of the best putter lines available.

PING Cadence TR Putters_0156


The Cadence TR putters have a simple, clean, all-business look.  Each putter features a glare-killing black finish with a single white sight line.  The Cadence TR line features seven different head shapes, ranging from classics like the Anser 2 and B65 to modern designs like the Ketsch and the Rustler (above, right).  What I really like about this line is that the clean aesthetics highlight the beauty of the traditional shapes and keep the modern designs from being too “out there.”

Finally, I want to call out one visual detail that really set off the Anser 2 for me.  On the top line, the edge closest to the ball has a slight bevel.  It’s nothing you’d notice at a glance, but it stood out to me under the bright sun at Streamsong.  It doesn’t create any glare, but it does create a little contrast and makes it much easier to aim the putter face.  I love seeing those kinds of details because it speaks to how much a company cares about getting the product just right.

PING Cadence TR Putters_0115

Sound & Feel

The sound and feel of the Candence TR putters changes depending on which face insert you choose.  Generally speaking, both putters are quite soft in feel and sound, but with the aluminum insert (blue, traditional weight), the sound is slightly louder and the feel is firmer than with the stainless steel insert (black, heavy weight).  What is consistent with both inserts is that the sound of a pure strike is slightly duller than a mishit due to the True Roll grooves.

PING Cadence TR Putters_0096


While there’s a lot to talk about with the Cadence TR putters, the headliner is absolutely the True Roll face insert.  This is a technology that PING first introduced in last year’s Karsten TR line.  The concept is that the grooves are deeper in the center and shallower at the edges to make all putts go the same distance, and it flat out works.  I put the Anser 2 right into my bag for my PGA Show trip, and it was a needed boost for my rusty putting.  Even on miles-long putts at Streamsong, my distance control wasn’t negatively impacted by mishits.  While I’m often skeptical of technology in putters, I do believe that True Roll offers golfers a competitive edge.

One thing I’m not skeptical of is the importance of fitting, and the Cadence TR line gives golfers the ability to be fit to a T.  You can start with PING’s “Fit for Stroke” technology which has been around for a few years.  Using the iPING app, golfers can find out whether they have a Straight, Slight Arc, or Strong Arc putting stroke and then choose the appropriate putter.  The Cadence TR line has putters for each category, and two putters – Ketsch and Rustler – that can fit all three.  What’s new in the Cadence TR line is the ability to Fit for Stroke Tempo.  Each putter comes in Traditional and Heavy head weights, the difference being approximately 25 grams.  PING suggests the Heavy heads for those with slower tempos, though some fast players (like me) will prefer the Heavy head also.  Finally, each putter in this family can be ordered as a counter balanced putter with PING’s adjustable shaft.  This not only raises the balance point of the putter, it also allows the golfer to adjust the length from 31″ to 38″.

When you factor in the ability to dial in the right putter for your stroke, the right weight, and the right length, plus the most impactful face technology in putting, there is simply no way that PING’s Cadence TR putters won’t perform.

PING Cadence TR Putters_0104


If you’re looking for a line of putters with comprehensive fitting options, you’ve found it.  The PING Cadence TR putters allow you to find a putter that fits your stroke, your eye, and your tempo, plus the True Roll technology will help you out on the rare occasion that you miss the sweet spot.

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    Are all the shafts adjustable in the Cadence TR line ?

    • Matt Saternus

      No. I believe that any putter in the Cadence line can be ordered as adjustable, but most of the putters you’ll find at retail have traditional shafts.



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