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PFS Unbroken Training Program Review

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The Unbroken mobility training program from Premier Fitness System is designed to make your body more pliable and injury-resistant.  Outstanding app makes it easy to follow.


Ryan O’Toole.  Kevin Streelman.  Cheyenne Woods.  Lydia Ko.

These are just a few of the professional and aspiring professional golfers that you’ll see regularly on PFS’s Instagram account.  The moves you’ll see are often out of the ordinary, but after a month of doing them myself, I can tell you that the results are worth it.

Ease of Use

One of the best features about all of PFS’s programs is their app.  It’s easy to use and lays out each move in detail with a video demonstration.  You move from each exercise to the next with one click and can dive into the full explanations and videos only when you need them.

Unbroken is meant to be done a minimum of 4 days per week (you can do up to 6).  They state that the workouts take about 30 minutes which is true once you’re familiar with the movements.  My first workout took closer to an hour because I had to watch the videos for each move.  Subsequent workouts were closer to the 30 minute mark.

Another plus for Unbroken is that you don’t need much equipment.  The upper body workouts do require a bar to hang from – you can pick one up on Amazon for $20.  Some of the moves incorporate a long dowel rod, 5 lb dumbbells, and a Swiss ball but you can do without them if necessary.

Finally, as you can read in PFS’s description below, this program is not meant for beginners.  None of the moves are terribly complicated or strenuous, but if you don’t have an athletic foundation you won’t get the maximum benefit from it.



Unbroken is an amazing program.  I’ve consistently felt better and recovered faster starting from the first workout through to the end of the program.  There has been visible progress is many of the movements, and I feel more mobile and powerful when golfing.

One of my favorite aspects of the Unbroken workouts is the variety.  Most moves are only done for one set, so you feel like you’re flying through the workout.  As with any program, there will be exercises that you like, some you don’t, some you’re good at, and others that make you question your athleticism.  Stick to it and do them all.  If you’re like me, you’ll find that moves that you hate become your favorites as you make progress.

My advice is to get your Unbroken workout done first thing in the morning.  When I was able to do that, I spent the entire day feeling loose.  No matter when I did the workouts, I felt the benefits when I golfed.  My body felt warm and mobile faster, and there wasn’t as much stiffness or pain afterward.

A final thing that I enjoyed about Unbroken is that I learned a lot.  These are not cookie cutter stretches.  You’ll be doing moves you’ve never seen before, so the educational aspect alone is worthwhile.  While I may not continue doing the Unbroken workouts 4 days/week, I will certainly be adding a number of these moves to my regular routines.


Signing up for Unbroken comes at a cost of $50/month.  This is the equivalent of one session with a physical therapist or personal trainer, so if you have the discipline to do this work on your own, the value is great.


While there are still some dinosaurs who think that golfers shouldn’t lift weights, I haven’t encountered anyone who thinks flexibility isn’t critical to good golf and good health.  Despite this unanimous agreement, stretching is something few of us take seriously.  If you’re ready to change that – and play better, pain-free golf – check out the Unbroken program by PFS.

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