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The OnCore Vero X2 golf ball represents the pinnacle of OnCore’s line up.  Firm, responsive feel.  High wedge spin with lower iron and driver spin.  Perimeter weighting can offer some help.


Golf’s pyramid of influence is clear cut.  Tour players are at the top, followed by the club pros and high level players we actually encounter in our regular lives.  Any brand hoping to achieve success needs to court those players with products built for their game, and that’s exactly what OnCore has done with the Vero X2 golf ball.  The successor to the Vero X1 [review HERE], the X2 promises even lower spin and firmer feel for the elite, high speed player.


Looking over OnCore’s golf ball comparison chart, one thing that jumped out to me is the increase in compression from the Vero X1 to the Vero X2.  Where the Vero X1 is at 85, similar to the Elixr 2022 [review HERE], the Vero X2 is at 95.  This is noticeable in the feel throughout the bag.

On the green, the OnCore Vero X2 is on the firm side of the premium ball spectrum.  It’s still obviously a Tour ball, but it’s closer in feel to a Z-Star XV than a Pro V1.  The sound matches – a medium volume “tock.”

Moving to the full swing clubs, the Vero X2 is noticeably firmer than the Elixr.  This enhances feedback through the hands and ears as mishits are noticeably firmer and louder than pure strikes.  Again, the Vero X2 isn’t a range ball by any means, but it’s on the firmer side for a Tour ball.

Short Game

The OnCore Vero X2 is rated as having “High” spin, just like the Elixr 2022, and my testing bore that out.  With a wedge, half shots were within a couple hundred RPM of other Tour balls – a negligible difference.  On full swings, there was no difference at all.  This short game performance can be credited to the cast urethane cover, which is also notable for its durability.  Even after dozens of wedge shots, the cover was unmarred.

Long Game

The OnCore Vero X2 separates itself from the rest of the OnCore lineup with its focus on the high speed player.  This is the highest compression ball that they make; a full 10 points higher than the next closest (95 to 85 in the Vero X1).  OnCore states that it’s built for the “Advanced to Tour Level Player” with swing speed either “100+” or 110+” depending on where you look on their site.

With irons, the Vero X2 produces below average spin for me.  This led to a small uptick in distance and slightly more roll out.  As a lower spin player, this is not ideal for me, but higher spin players may find more control and consistency with the Vero X2.

Off the tee, OnCore states that the Vero X2 has the “Lowest” spin with “High” launch angles.  For me, the launch angles were not markedly different than with my PXG ball.  The spin was also in the same range, which I regard as average for a Tour-style ball.  As always, I will note that your results may vary.  Additionally, I do not currently have the “110+ MPH” speed that OnCore says this ball is designed for.  Players with that speed may see a bigger spin gap between the OnCore Vero X2 and other balls.

With regard to OnCore’s claims of higher MoI and reduced side spin, I don’t have a clear conclusion.  Because of the time of year, I wasn’t able to test them on course.  My launch monitor testing showed slightly better spin consistency with the Vero X2, but my poor swings still curved the ball.  The best I can say for now is that the perimeter weighting may be a marginal improvement, but it won’t turn a hook or slice into a fairway splitter.


The OnCore Vero X2 golf ball lives up to its claim as being a strong performer for the elite player.  It offers plenty of spin around the green with lower spin in the long game.  There’s also the opportunity to show a little personality with this ball being offered in white, yellow, and lime green.

If you’re not a high speed player, or you just want help choosing a ball, check out OnCore’s online ball fitting tool HERE.

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