OnCore Elixr 2022 Golf Ball Review

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The OnCore Elixr 2022 golf ball is a mid compression ball with wonderful feel.  Strong wedge spin.  Low spin throughout the long game.


Breaking into the golf ball market is hard.  Titleist is the undisputed king and almost all the major OEM are fighting for their piece of the pie, making it a true heavyweight fight.  In spite of that, OnCore has survived for over a decade, offering some genuinely novel innovations.  We first looked at their Elixr golf ball when it was launched in 2017 [review HERE], and today we’re checking out the new version.


I went through all of my testing of the OnCore Elixr 2022 golf ball before I looked at the price or specs on the website.  Based purely on the putter feel, there’s no way I would have pegged this as a $30/dozen golf ball.  On the green, the Elixr feels premium, right on the border of soft and responsive.  Long putts produce a quiet “tock.”

Moving into the full swing, the lower compression of the Elixr 2022 comes through.  It feels very soft off of wedges and irons with a bit of the squishy, tennis ball feel that’s characteristic of low compression golf balls.

Want a firmer feel? Check out the new OnCore VERO X2 golf ball HERE

Short Game

With its 3-piece construction and urethane cover, we should expect the OnCore Elixr 2022 golf ball to spin well around the green, and it does.  Comparing the Elixr 2022 to premium, Tour-style golf balls, the spin on half and full wedge swings was within a few hundred RPM.  On the course, you would not be able to tell the difference.  Around the green, the OnCore Elixr 2022 will give you all the spin you need.

Interestingly, according to OnCore, the Elixr 2022 has slightly less spin than the original version.  Their comparison chart rates the Elixr as having “Higher” wedge spin and the Elixr 2022 as “High.”  I did not test the original Elixr, but Matt Meeker’s review noted that the original Elixr spun a couple hundred RPM more than a Pro V1.

Long Game

My long game testing started with the mid irons and a fairly big surprise.  Most often, golf balls “cluster” in the mid irons.  Even if they’re quite different, the mid iron performance ends up being fairly similar.  That wasn’t the case with the OnCore Elixr 2022 golf ball.  For me, the Elixr spun about 800 RPM less than an average Tour ball with the 7I.  That’s a difference of over 10%.

Two important notes must be made here.  First, your mileage may vary.  I feel confident in saying that the Elixr is lower spinning than a Tour ball with the irons, but you may see a smaller gap or a larger one.  Second, spin is not inherently good or bad.  I’m a moderately low spin player who is not seeking more distance, so I’m not willing to give up stopping power to gain extra yards.  Other players will happily make that trade.  The goal is finding a golf ball that gives you the things you need.

Returning to the testing, my driver results bore out OnCore’s claim of “Low” spin with the big stick.  I saw a small drop in spin with the Elixr 2022 compared to my Tour ball.  The difference was not large – less than 5% – but that might be a meaningful drop for higher spin players.


The OnCore Elixr 2022 golf ball is a strong performer through the bag.  Around the green, it has all the spin you could want.  In the long game, the low spin performance can help you gain distance, though you need to be mindful of maintaining stopping power.  At just $30/dozen, this is one of the better values in golf balls.

Visit OnCore HERE

Matt Saternus


  1. Gil Bloomer

    I played this ball for about a year and really liked it until I tried the VeroX1. Both balls are remarkable compared to the “Tour’ balls.

  2. James J Wenzel

    How did you find the durability to be?

  3. I was able to snag the Elixr for about $20/doz last winter and played them a lot this year and was really impressed. At $30 I would go for a Maxfli Tour or Vice Pro ball, but for me the Elixr works very well and I don’t think there is anything close when it’s on sale. I do tend to generate a fair amount of spin so it fits my iron game. I was worried about shots from say 40 yards and in, but I found the ball to perform much better than say an AVX or Tour B RXS (they are horrible around the greens IMO lol). I think it makes a great ball for Spring and Fall golf here in the Northeast when it’s usually cold and you want a softer feeling ball.

  4. David J Sell

    Matt, I wish you hadn’t reviewed this ball, as I’d prefer to keep it my little secret , LOL !
    The Elixr is my gamer ball and I absolutely love it. IMHO, it is easiest the best value out there. I’ve found and tried a lot of different balls (that’s how I initially discovered the Elixr, the previous version which is still available), and for me, it’s the best ball for my game. Personally, I found distance gains in the Driver because it did lower my spin for that club, however, I find plenty of spin and stopping power off of the irons. Very durable, especially compared to many other DTC brands I’ve tried.
    The ball is easily worth $30 per dozen compared to the big name balls for nearly identical performance for a guy at the higher end of a “mid swing speed”. Oncore often offers specials that can lower the price even further for all their ball models. I’ve tried the Vero X1 and didn’t see any significant difference, FWIW. Very intrigued however with the new model they are touting to come out soon.
    Keep up the great reviews for all of us hackers out here !

  5. Don Di Carlo

    Thanks for confirming what I had though all along. I have used the original Elixr and really liked it, nice feel, no sacrificing distance v. ProV1. And especially the price and they recently had their by 2 get 1 free plus free shipping (to U.S. addresses). I took advantage after reading your review earlier this week and ordered the Elixr2022 bundle. I live in Canada but fortunately my sister-in-law is only 2 hours away in Michigan. All said, 3 dozen cost $60 USD ($83 CDN) delivered! Compare that to $72 CDN for ProV1 (or 2 dozen for $120 CDN gift pack).

  6. I usually play Srixon Z Star XV, but can’t get myself to use the newly designed 3pc XV plus higher price. Been looking at different balls to use this fall, and the Oncore has been a pleasant find. The feel is firm but certainly not as firm as the XV. The surprise is how well I putt with an Oncore and the total driving distance is a bonus. I’ve mishit a few drives and they still end up better than expected, shocking to me. Cannot find any problems with short or long irons and around the greens they play as expected. My only real gripe is the logo design, not the most attractive but not nearly as bad as the Kirkland Signature!!!

  7. I have been using the oncore elixr for 2 years. I have tried the vero x1 and like it too. I really like the elixr best. I have 2 dzn titlest pro v and another dzn callaway bals i got as gifts. I use them on waterholes where i dont want to lose a new elixr.

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