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The.  Best.  Rain.  Jacket.  In.  Golf.

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We all learned to drive on some beat up old Chevy, and, because it was all we knew, it seemed like a decent car.  Then, one day, someone let us drive something really nice: a BMW or a Porsche perhaps, and we realized, “Wow…everything I’ve had up to this point was crap.” 

That’s the feeling you’re going to have when you put on the Nike Hyperadapt jacket.

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So why is the Nike Hyperadapt jacket better than the one you have now?  The answer is in the picture above: stretch.

Until now, you’ve had two choices with rain jackets: buy one that fits like a garbage bag so you can actually swing in it without restriction (and deal with the extra material, noise, etc) or buy one that fits your body but restricts your motion.  Now you don’t have to choose.  Buy the jacket in the same size as your Nike golf shirt, enjoy the fact that you look good in it, and, when it’s time to swing, know that the jacket is going to stretch to accommodate you.

Nike also did a great job with the other Performance elements of the jacket.  It keeps out the wind, but it also breathes so you don’t steam yourself to death.  The cinches on the bottom of the jacket are on the inside so they aren’t bouncing into you or getting caught on stuff.  The adjustable cuffs actually stay put.

As for the waterproofing…just watch the video.

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Nike could have made another plain black jacket with this technology and it would still be the best rain jacket in golf…but they didn’t.  This jacket not only performs better than everything else, it looks better, too.

Nike found a perfect balance with the neon yellow accents on this jacket: any less and it wouldn’t be modern and young, much more and it would be unwearable by anyone over 30.  The contrast panels in the shoulders and elbows add both form and function.  They provide a break from the grey and give you 4-way stretch in critical areas.

All that said, if you really love plain black jackets, that is an option, too.

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At $280 ($240 for the half-zip), my initial reaction was, “Yeah, it’s expensive, but you have to pay to get the best,” but the reality is that the price isn’t high for golf rain gear.  Any high end golf-specific rain jacket will set you back nearly $300, so when you consider that this is the crème de la crème, the Nike Hyperadapt is actually a really solid value.

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If you play any amount of golf in bad weather, you should buy the Nike Hyperadapt jacket, period.  With a superior cut and amazing new material, it simply outperforms everything else on the market.

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  1. +1 on the “6-Words”. This is the best golf rain Jacket on the planet

  2. Love the video Matt! Have you tried out the pants yet?

    It’s tough to justify spending $280 on some something I’d only wear a few times a year, doesn’t matter how good it is. Maybe if it had zip off sleeves so I could wear it in the summer months I would still consider it, but as it stands I feel like they have priced themselves out of at least half the market.

    • Matt Saternus

      Thanks! Haven’t tried the pants, though it would have been great to have them for the video. My pants got soaked!

      I would agree with your comment about the sleeves, but I’ve had many zip-off sleeve jackets and I NEVER used that feature. Either it’s cold enough for a jacket or not, end of story. For me, anyway.



  3. sweet video! although I would have enjoyed it more if it featured a retro super soaker 50.

  4. It looks like a great jacket to pack for a trip for those “business” trips where one might be able to swing 18 holes…….

  5. Have you compared it to the RLX Drive 3L jacket?

    • Matt Saternus


      I can’t say that I have. Honestly, I’m not familiar with much of the RLX line. Is it something we should look into?



      • Definitely. Best apparel line IMO. Hard to argue with how well dressed players like Luke Donald, Matteo Mannasero and Billy Horschel look in it. Curious if their rain gear can match the Hyperadapt though. It’s at a premium price ($350) but not sure if it’s a premium product or just it’s because it’s a premium brand.

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