NEXShot Pro Golf Training Aid Review

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NEXShot Pro is a short game trainer that you can use indoors or outdoors.  Versatile – allows you to hit any club at any distance.  Portable and sets up quickly.


Training your short game is tough.  Many courses don’t have short game practice areas, or the small areas they do have are so crowded that you can’t comfortably hit shots.  And even if you have access to a good short game area, who has the time to go there regularly?

Enter NEXShot Pro.  This clever trainer makes short game practice as easy as rolling a few putts on your carpet.

Set Up & Ease of Use

Setting up NEXShot Pro couldn’t be easier.  Take the target board out of the carrying case, set the hinge to your desired angle (more on this later), and unfold the cup.  You’ll be practicing in 30 seconds or less.

Unlike many training aids, there is no learning curve to NEXShot Pro.  You’re trying to hit the ball into the cup, just like on the course.  Kids, spouses, and non-golfing friends can understand NEXShot Pro just as easily as a seasoned pro.


NEXShot Pro gives you the ability to work on numerous aspects of your short game.  The hitting mat has fairway and rough on it, so you can work on your contact from different types of lies.  For me, hitting basic chips from tight lies has become a weakness, so I’m loving the opportunity to get back to basics.

Additionally, thanks to the adjustable angle of the target board, you can use any club with NEXShot Pro.  If you’re hitting a high lofted club, you can set the board flatter.  For low, running chips, set the board at a steeper angle.  Combine that with the fact that you can set the hitting mat any distance from the target and you have  a complete short game practice set up.

NEXShot Pro can be used with real golf balls or the included Sci-Core balls that are meant for indoor use.  Sci-Core balls weigh about half what a normal golf ball does, and, even if you blade one, they won’t damage a wall or furniture.  I found that the Sci-Core ball was more forgiving of a thin strike, but it still provided meaningful feedback.

Perhaps my favorite thing about NEXShot Pro is how it gives me a chance to learn about my short game.  In my first session, I set the target just a few feet from the hitting mat to work on basic chips.  It was eye-opening how much consistency I sacrificed by using a higher-lofted club.  Without the opportunity to hit dozens of the same chip in quick succession, I wouldn’t have gotten such a clear message, and this knowledge will absolutely help my scores.


NEXShot Pro is a well-built product.  Despite its light weight, the target board has a sturdy feeling.  Mine even withstood small children wanting to stand on it (what’s with kids needing to stand on everything?).

Beyond the durability of the product, NEXShot Pro is fun, and even non-golfers are going to want to grab a club and play with it.  NEXShot Pro has also developed a scoring system for those that want to turn their practice into a competition.

Finally, the versatility of NEXShot Pro is outstanding.  The ability to hit different clubs at different distances means that you can’t fully master this trainer any more than you can fully master the short game.


At the time of this writing, NEXShot Pro is running a Kickstarter campaign to get their product off the ground.  You can purchase a NEXShot Pro at a reduced price through their Kickstarter page HERE.

The full retail price for a NEXShot Pro kit is $190, which includes the target board, chipping mat, carrying case, and six Sci-Core practice balls.  You can pre-order your NEXShot Pro for as little as $114 HERE.

Even at full price, I think the NEXShot Pro is a solid value for the serious golfer.  Being able to dial in your touch when you can’t get to the course is invaluable.  How much you would pay to hit the course in the spring without months of rust on your wedge game?  Probably more than the cost of NEXShot Pro.


Whether you’re a quarantined golfer looking to pass the time or a serious player trying to take your short game to the next level, NEXShot Pro is the perfect training aid.  Using it is addictive fun, and it provides an opportunity to improve and learn a lot about your game in a short time.

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  1. Looks like something I can enjoy with my grandson who’s just starting out.


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