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The Origins of a Club Speed Specialist

How did Tyler Parsons become one of the top physical trainers on the PGA Tour?  His story starts out unsurprisingly, playing golf at a young age with his family.  And just like most of us, he became obsessed with hitting the ball farther and farther.  The difference is, he was really good at it.  From an early age, he was blowing it past most of his competitors…except his childhood friend JB Holmes.  After playing 8 years of high school golf – he joined the team in 5th grade – Tyler changed his focus from playing golf to physical training.

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Knowledge is Power Speed

Tyler started his formal training at the University of Kentucky.  He was already pursuing a degree in Kinesiology when he reconnected with Holmes and learned about golf-specific training.  This led him to the Titleist Performance Institute, one of golf’s leading physical fitness groups, where he now holds the highest level of certification.

Humble Beginnings

Despite growing up with a PGA Tour Pro, Tyler Parsons didn’t get to jump to the top of the pyramid of fitness specialists.  His first golf fitness job was working at a local range in 2008.  Working with everyday golfers, Tyler developed his philosophy of helping players to achieve their highest level of performance.  He starts by developing basic movement and function in the golfer, then adding the strength and explosive power needed to create speed.

Tyler is a swing instructor as well as a fitness specialist, so he’s uniquely capable of blending knowledge of the body with knowledge of the swing to create spectacular results.  He can also draw on substantial personal experience – through training he has boosted his own club head speed from 120 MPH to a jaw-dropping 152 MPH.

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The PGA Tour’s Distance Doctor

After spending some time working with golfers of varying ability levels, Tyler joined JB Holmes’s team as his trainer, working to improve his performance and protect his body.  Tyler’s PGA Tour presence has grown tremendously since then including names like Kenny Perry, Blake Adams, and Justin Thomas.

Justin Thomas, of course, is one of the PGA Tour’s hottest young stars and the pound-for-pound distance champ.  Tyler started working with him at the beginning of his Tour career and they continue to set new goals for Justin’s physical training.

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Helping Players at All Levels – Including You!

As a member of Matt Killen’s Killen Golf Academy, Tyler still works with players of all levels.  From junior players with Tour dreams to older players with dreams of breaking 100, Tyler helps everyone to achieve their goals.

This also includes working with golfers remotely through video.  Tyler can create workout plans, stretching routines, and online lessons that are tailored to your specific goals and your abilities.  Every new client starts with a screening which allows Tyler to find your body’s strengths and weaknesses, and this, along with your goals, guides the creation of the program.

If you’re interested in hitting it as far as humanly possible and staying injury free, email Tyler at and keep an eye out for his contributions to

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