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myCharge Adventure Mobile Charger Review

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The myCharge Adventure portable charger is the tech accessory you didn’t know you needed.  Enough power for even the most battery-hungry devices and users.


Just like everything else in life, golf is becoming more technology-driven.  From GPS apps to shot trackers, smart phones are increasingly integrated into the game.  But what do you do when you’re on the course and your battery is running low?  A portable charger like the myCharge Adventure can erase those worries.

Ease of Use & Performance

The myCharge Adventure couldn’t be easier to use.  Plug the device into a computer or USB wall charger and wait until all four lights are solid – that indicates a full battery.  When you want to charge your phone, tablet, etc, plug into one of the two USB ports and push the power button.

What’s really impressive about the Adventure is the amount of power it holds.  I used the Adventure as my only power source for three straight days of heavy phone use before it wore out.  myCharge claims that the Adventure is good for six full charges, and my experience is that it’s good for at least that.

The rugged design of the Adventure lends itself to golf and other outdoor activities, but I’ve loved using it in more mundane settings, too.  A few weeks ago I sat down to watch the early rounds of The Masters on my iPad only to discover that someone had run the battery down to 2%.  Usually that would mean watching golf in front of a power outlet, but the Adventure allowed me to lay on the couch and enjoy the golf.


I have some very exciting destination golf on my calendar for this year, and the myCharge Adventure is going to be a top priority when packing.  If you use your phone for shot tracking, GPS, photography, or all of the above, the myCharge Adventure is a necessary accessory.

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