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Motocaddy M7 Remote Electric Caddy Review

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The Motocaddy M7 Remote Electric Caddy offers a unique way to get around the course.  Easy to set up, easy to drive.  Quick, powerful, and stable on any terrain.

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During the brief time when riding carts were removed from the game by COVID-19, many players rediscovered the joys of walking.  But walking can be taxing on the body, so Motocaddy created the M7 Remote Electric Caddy.  This battery powered cart is steered around the course with a simple remote control, allowing you to save your energy for hitting shots.

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Size & Set Up

The Motocaddy M7 Remote requires very little set up.  When you take it out the box, the majority of the cart is already put together.  The only separate pieces are the battery, charger, and the two larger wheels.  Each of the wheels slides on easily without any tools, as does the battery.  You’ll also have the remote, which needs to be charged separately.

Folding and unfolding the Motocaddy M7 Remote is quite simple, too.  There are two levers.  Pull them up, extend or collapse the handle, and then close the lever to secure it in position.  Even your first time won’t take more than a minute.  The handle height is adjustable to accommodate golfers of all sizes.

The Motocaddy M7 Remote is rather heavy – approximately 30 pounds.  Its unfolded dimensions are roughly equivalent to a normal push cart.  Folded up, it’s not as compact as Motocaddy’s CUBE, but it’s not enormous.  You can invert the wheels to make it a bit narrower for storage.  Unless you drive a compact car, you shouldn’t have an issue transporting the M7 Remote.

Storage & Accessories

Out of the box, the Motocaddy M7 Remote has no storage.  Motocaddy does offer three accessories: a scorecard holder, an umbrella holder, and a device cradle.  Any or all of these can be attached to the metal tubing just below the handle.  Each accessory retails for $29 on Motocaddy’s website.

When it comes to holding the golf bag, Motocaddy’s EASILOCK system is a step ahead of the pack.  If you have a Motocaddy golf bag, you can install “screws” in the bag’s bottom that will allow it to “lock” into the base of the cart.  This keeps the bag from twisting while it’s on the cart – a huge nuisance – and it obviates the need for the lower strap.  EASILOCK is a simple feature that’s well executed and makes using the cart more enjoyable.

On-Course Performance

The obvious place to start is, “How easy is it to drive the M7 Remote?”  It’s so easy that I turned my 6 and 9 year old kids loose with the M7 Remote and walked away.  Once you plug the battery in, the cart comes to life.  You can then push the silver button on the handle (see above) to start it or you can use the remote (see below).  The remote is well designed and easy to use – the only buttons on there are the ones you need.

There are nine speeds which range from a very slow walk to a brisk jog.  When you push the left and right buttons, the cart slows slightly to make the turn.  If you hold the left or right buttons, the cart stops and pivots in place for tight turns.  After about three holes, I found my happy spot at either a 5 or 6 on the speed dial.  At that speed, I could make small directional adjustments without the cart slowing enough to break my stride.

The M7 Remote has several smart safety features: Automatic Downhill Control for maintaining speed when going downhill, an anti-tip wheel, an auto-shutoff when the remote is 50 meters from the cart, and an auto-stop if no button is pushed for two minutes.  It’s also extremely stable.  I tried everything I could to make it topple – curbs, sidehills, uphill, downhill – and nothing fazed it.  Additionally, the M7 Remote does a great job maintaining speed whether it’s on flat or sloped terrain.

Finally, I want to make note of the M7 Remote’s battery life.  The M7 Remote lasted through thirty minutes of backyard testing plus a full round…and the battery indicator still showed a full battery!  Being a little OCD, I will probably charge the battery before my next round anyway, but it’s nice to know that it can last for 36 holes if need be.

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When I first saw the Motocaddy M7 Remote, I wondered if it wasn’t a solution in search of a problem.  After playing with it, however, I appreciate the experience it creates.  While I have no issue carrying or pushing my clubs, with the M7 Remote I was able to walk freely with my head up and shoulders back.  Additionally, I had great energy through the end of the round.  If you’re looking for a new, easier way to move around the course, the M7 Remote is worth a look.

Visit Motocaddy HERE

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  1. Tomas Craig

    Thanks for this review! I have seen the Motocaddy on several British YouTuber’s videos and have been very curious. Several folks at our club have experimented with motorized carts in the past but the execution of the Motocaddy looks to be top notch. At that price point I wish there was a demo program or at least a way to take one out for a short spin.

  2. Richard Barajas

    dream cart!

  3. George Maurice

    A comprehensive review. I will investigate a purchase

  4. I really need one of these! Have been an avid walker and now in my mid-50s, time to start looking to making things easier and this would do the trick. Thanks for the great review.

  5. Great review. Thank you

  6. Robert Pryor Jr

    Nice unit need to walk ,

  7. Rick Scott

    Thanks for the review and all your good reviews!

  8. Initially I wasn’t too interested in something like this, but last year I played several rounds where my bag was on my partner’s cart and I just walked and I found it so much easier. I didn’t realize how much of a difference it made pushing my 3 wheel cart around our hilly course. The back 9 usually starts wearing me out, but just walking I felt like I could go around again. Great review and I will be saving up for one!

  9. Richard Anderson

    Looks like a great alternative to carrying a cart bag.

  10. Jonathan Kim

    Great review. I always wondered if this was just a gimmick or another “toy” to buy.

  11. Rick Gallard

    Since I can walk again after back surgery but not carry my bag this would be the ultimate solution for me! Love it!

  12. How is the service for one of these?

    • Matt Saternus


      What do you mean by the service? Customer service? Repairs? Happy to help, just want to make sure I’m answering your question.



  13. Great review and after walking either using a 3 wheel push cart or carrying in my younger years, I am looking closer at a powered cart for my bag. This looks pretty good.

  14. Christian

    This Motocaddy looks nearly identical to my MGI motorized remote cart. I’ve had mine now for the third season, and I’m still loving it. I walk 3-5 times a week on hilly courses, and just couldn’t carry or push my bag up one more hill, especially in the heat of the summer. I found the push carts caused my lower back to really ache and also had my shoulders pushed up more than they should be, no matter how light I made my bag (sometimes I only carried seven clubs with only a 2-3 balls). Carrying was better than pushing the cart for my back, but in the summer, liquids, like water and other sports drinks can add a few pounds to the bag that caused neck and shoulder pain. When I was in my 20s, 30s, 40s, even 50s, carrying or pushing was no big deal, I was an avid climber and mountaineer so heavy packs weren’t an issue. When I finally reached my sixties, my body wasn’t the same, and I needed to find a better solution, which wasn’t riding a cart. I love walking the course, it’s part of the game. I did my due diligence and found the MGI which retails for about the same price as the motocaddy, and it has brought back golfing in a way that I haven’t felt in years. It worked all through the winter in 30 degree temperatures and on the hottest summer days. (I ride carts on days when heat indexes are off the charts.) Wind, rain, ice, mud, dewy grass, steep hills, thick rough, nor sleet have not hampered this little buggy of mine. Long, hilly courses are again feasible for me to finish in good form. It didn’t take more than a couple rounds to fully master the remote: forward, sideways, backwards or stop—it’s just not that hard. I have people ask me about this cart every round. If you’re on the fence about getting one, don’t think twice. These electronic carts are game changers, and I’m sure you’ll know as soon as you take that bag off your back, or once you stop pushing that cart up a hill. I play more rounds now, since I don’t carry my bag. I love walking the course again, my arms can swing freely and my posture changed instantly. No backaches or shoulder/neck pain from pushing or carrying. It truly is an electronic caddy—but it won’t give you yardage or read the wind or the greens for you—but you also don’t have to hand over a tip at the end of the round. I pull the battery off when I load it in the car. When I get home, I leave my cart in the car, take the battery and remote and charge them after each round. It’s not necessary to recharge it after each round, but I just make it a habit to do so. I use my wet golf towel to wipe the caddy down after the round and toss the towel in the laundry. The price was well worth the investment.

    • Patrick Shaffer

      The company is US doesn’t answer phones or emails My concern if you have a issue they don’t answer you back

      • Hi Patrick, Here’s the MGI customer service # in Canada if you have any questions. Phone: 800.617.2990

  15. Stanley Lindstadt

    I always play best when I walk but I hate dealing with my clubs and I can’t afford a caddy. This cart looks like the perfect solution. Great review! Thanks.

  16. I have an M3 Pro that is four years old now and have been looking to upgrade. Just wanted to say it is really unfortunately that Motocaddy has still put so little thought into their cart accessories. Take a look at Clicgear and how many $20-$40 accessories they sell for their carts. Just a real oversight in my opinion, a clear choice of form over function. On my M3 Pro I ended up taking the accessory mounting clips off my old Clicgear and just mounting them on the tubing. Doesnt look like that would work here though as again, its a choice of looks rather than functionality. Also sad to see that they chose to no longer have the pop up phone holder/charger like on the M3 Pro.

  17. Eric Boston

    I want a front wheel for a s1 motocaddy can you help

  18. Just bought a m7 remote extremely happy with the purchase well worth the money

  19. I’ve got the M3 DHC, and wonder if it’s possible to retrofit it with that anti-tip rear wheel?

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