Kam Kaddie Motorized Push Cart Review

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The Kam Kaddie Motorized Push Cart is a tremendous value in the powered push cart space.  Costs less than half other carts and comes with accessories.  Long battery life.  Does not “follow” and cannot be steered via remote.


During the pandemic, more golfers discovered the joy of walking golf.  And as more golfers starting walking, the popularity of push carts – and their motorized brothers – grew.

While many walking golfers would love to ease the physical toll of the game, paying over $2,000 for a Stewart Q Follow [review HERE] isn’t in the cards for most.  Enter Kam Kaddie.  This newcomer has dramatically slashed the entry price for a motorized push cart, opening the category up to many more players.  I tested one to see how it compares to the much more expensive options.

kam kaddie motorized push cart folded

Size & Set Up

When you unbox the Kam Kaddie Motorized Push Cart, a little assembly is required.  You’ll need to attach the three primary wheels as well as the rear stabilizer wheel.  Thankfully, all of this is simple, intuitive, and takes no more than a couple minutes.

Fully assembled and folded, the Kam Kaddie is roughly 45″ X 22″ X 18″.  This is a bit bigger than most standard push carts, but it should still fit into a trunk fairly easily.  If you do need to make it smaller, the wheels come off without tools.  Also, the Kam Kaddie weighs under thirty pounds, making it substantially lighter than any other motorized cart I’ve tested.

One of my favorite things about Kam Kaddie is that the folding and unfolding is so easy.  There are two hinges that unlock with the flip of a handle.  Unlock both, extend the cart to its full height, and close them up.  It’s as easy or easier than most standard push carts.

Storage & Accessories

The Kam Kaddie Motorized Push Cart offers more storage than other powered carts that I’ve tested.  There are two flip-up sections on the console.  The one closer to the handle is actually a phone or GPS cradle.  Forward of that, there’s a storage compartment with a pencil holder on top.  This compartment is deep enough to hold several golf balls, your wallet, or whatever else you want to have on hand.

Kam Kaddie also comes with some nice storage accessories.  As you can see above, there’s an umbrella holder and a cup holder that both connect to the console.  Other carts like the Motocaddy M7 Remote [review HERE] cost more and sell these accessories separately, further highlighting Kam Kaddie as a strong value.

kam kaddie motorized push cart console

On-Course Performance

The Kam Kaddie motorized push cart is extremely easy to use and features a clear, color display at the handle.  Once you unfold the cart and attach your bag, you press and hold the “On/Off” button until the display lights up.  This shows you the battery life (extremely useful) and the current speed. There are five speed settings that range from slow walk to brisk jog.  You can modulate the speed by turning the button, and you start the motor by giving the button a quick push.

kam kaddie motorized push cart remote

Additionally, you can control the Kam Kaddie via remote.  As you can see, it’s very straightforward.  The plus and minus symbols turn the speed up or down, and the top button starts and stops it.  The remote is very small and light, so you can easily throw it in your pocket or clip it to your belt loop.

It is important to note that the Kam Kaddie only powers itself forward in a straight line.  You cannot steer it around obstacles without having your hands on the cart.  I found that there’s still a noticeable energy saving in not having to push the cart, but you do need to be hands-on most of the time.

kam kaddie motorized push cart handle

One unique feature about the Kam Kaddie is the ability to customize the handle width.  As you can see above, the handles are naturally very short (right side) for folding up and storing, but they can expand approximately six inches (left side) to give you more leverage when turning the cart.

Finally, the Kam Kaddie easily holds a wide variety of golf bags.  Whether you use a slim carry bag, a loaded cart bag, or even a staff bag, Kam Kaddie supports it on a sturdy base and holds it tight with two thick elastic straps.

kam kaddie motorized push cart


If you love the idea of a self-powered push cart but don’t want to spend $1,500 or more, the Kam Kaddie is a great option.  With strong performance features and a holiday price of under $600, you can put one under your own Christmas tree and still have money left for green fees.

Visit Kam Kaddie HERE

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  1. Richard Barajas

    Great review! I want one of these some day.

  2. Hey Matt, great review. I will be interested to see if you can compare it to Alphard golf carts for maybe a review of electric carts under $800. Do you have any plans to get your hands on Alphard anytime soon?

  3. How is the weather protection of Kam? IIRC, one of Motocaddy or the other electric carts aren’t waterproof/lousy in the rain?

    Thanks to some Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals, I bought an Alphard V. 2, which is supposedly weatherproof. Tested it out on a hilly golf course (Chambers Bay near Tacoma, WA) and it did pretty well, although I did not take it up some of the more extreme moguls (I kept the ball reasonably in play).

    • Matt Saternus


      Good question. The battery seems well protected, but this is what their website says:

      In the event of water damage submersion (full or partial) with your Kam Kaddie, we advise to full write-off your electronic golf caddie.

      So I think I would do my best to keep the cart dry by using the umbrella holder.



  4. Nice review! I certainly like the price as even other similar non-remote carts cost more. Those wheels don’t look like they have enough tread to hold on some of the hills at my course though.

  5. RIDICULOUS to have a non remote steerable cart which requires excessive hands on manipulation. You can add an Alphard V2 to many current carts for $800 or Omnicart + V2 for < $1,000, so no massive saving to outweigh the aforementioned disadvantage.
    The wheelbase on the KAM also looks highly unstable for any sidehill use.

  6. Terence Clark

    Why when trolleys are reviewed is there is never focus on winter wheels being available? Is it a lithium battery?

  7. Bill Hirschfeld

    What about going down hill. Does the cart govern itself in a low gear? My current car drags me down the hills, which is a big negative.
    Thanks, Bill.

    • Matt Saternus


      Sorry for the delayed response – I wanted to make sure I got the right answer for you.

      The Kam Kaddie does not have any kind of governor to lower the speed when going down hill.



  8. Looks like they became popular over Christmas. They’ve raised the price $100. Steve

  9. Fred dinnini

    Have you noticed any problems with the battery compartment getting cover on and off.

  10. Just received mine, it seems like a fairly good cart for the money. The only drawback, and it can be a significant challenge, is that it freewheels forward. Not good on a hill or even slight incline as it can quickly become a runaway if using the remote. Not even a brake to keep it from rolling by itself. The only option is to make sure it is pointed uphill and then the motor keeps it from moving backwards. Probably going to return as it was a gift for my wife and not sure if it safe enough for her to use.

  11. Fred Dinnini

    Do you use Kam kaddie on a regular basis or just review, Also on the fence about buying this or MGI zip x3. Any suggestions you have that might sway me one way or another.

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t use the Kam Kaddie on a regular basis as I typically carry a handful of clubs in a Sunday bag.
      I don’t have any information about the MGI, so I can’t speak to that versus the Kam Kaddie.



  12. Don Vaughan

    Where is the kamkaddie made ? Where can zi replacement battery and what’s the cost

  13. I purchase this cart not knowing it doesn’t have remote steer. I hope the return policy is forgiving and will accept the return with full refund. I put it together but will not be using it because of no steering.

  14. Tom Kozak

    The small stabilizer wheel was lost on the course (not found). Where can I purchase a replacement?

  15. I needed to thank you for this great read!! I absolutely enjoyed every little bit of it.
    I have got you book-marked to check out new things you post…

  16. Cheryl Dinkin

    I am disgusted with the company bought one in the beginning of June battery worked one time got in touch with company said a new one would come it’s now July 6 th they have not responded to any emails other than one time saying they were stuck at the airport and would get back to me and still No battery at this point it looks like I am have to cancel this from my credit card as there are no phone numbers just email

  17. I believe the Kam Kaddi is made in China? Sounds to me from the comments once you buy the Kam Kaddi your pretty much on your own? I had lots of questions but could not get anyone to respond via email: not a good look.

  18. Brant Bentley

    Let my Caddie get too far from me and had a run away cart. Lol how close do you have to be for remote to work.

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