Moon Wood Fairway Wood Review

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The Moon Wood blends elements of an iron, hybrid, and fairway wood to make long approaches easier.  Unusual look.  Consistent performance.


Long shots into the green are some of the most difficult in golf.  Whether it’s a long par 3, a long par 4, or your second shot after a lousy drive, these are the shots that rattle the confidence of most players.

The Moon Wood claims to be the solution for those shaky knees.  Blending “the best of mid-irons, hybrids and woods,” the Moon Wood states that it launches “high, accurate, green-holding shots.”  I tested one to see if it’s true.


There’s almost nothing conventional about the appearance of the Moon Wood.  As you can see above, that starts with a stark white crown which has the “MW8” logo on the trailing edge.  It extends to the shape of the head which will remind some of the classic Cleveland HiBore clubs.  The “scooped” crown is designed to lower the CoG.

At address, I like the height of the face and size of the head.  Moon Wood says it has an “Ultra Low Profile Face,” but it looks fairly standard to my eye.  I also noticed that the white head “disappeared” when I was focused on the black face.

Compared to the crown, the sole of the club is rather tame.  The branding is fairly minimal, and there are no wild paint fill colors.

Sound & Feel

My first swing with the Moon Wood produced a hollow “doink” (H/T Matt Meeker).  So did the second and third.  I started to mentally compose a paragraph about one of the most unusual sounding clubs I’ve ever hit.

Then, I found the center of the face.  The Moon Wood felt solid, and the sound was a muted knock – a full 180 degrees from the “doink” of the off-center shots.  Needless to say, the audio feedback is very clear, which makes up for the poor feedback through the hands.

One thing that took some adjusting to was the weight of this club.  It’s not necessarily that light – the stock stiff shaft is 75 grams – but during the swing it felt nonexistent.  If you prefer a lighter club, you’ll like the balance of the Moon Wood.  If, like me, you want to feel some heft in the swing, you’ll need to modify this a bit.


Far more than the shape of the head, the combination of fairway wood head, upright lie angle, and short shaft shook me when I first tested the Moon Wood.  This club is 38″ long, equal to many 5 irons and about 4″ shorter than your standard 5 wood.  The concept is that these iron-like dimensions make the club easier to hit and the big head provides forgiveness.

After taking a few swings to adjust to the weight, length, and look, I started to see the consistent results that Moon Wood promises.  This club produces a high, soft ball flight time after time with distance equivalent to my 4I.

Given the upright lie and the slightly closed face at address, I was expecting to hit hooks with the Moon Wood.  I was surprised to find that, when I made good contact, the ball actually had a small fade on it.

While this is not billed as a players club, it is worth mentioning that the Moon Wood is not very workable.  I could hit lower shots, but I had to really work at it.  This is a club that wants to hit its stock shot and little else.

The stock shaft is available in five flexes: Senior Plus, Senior, Regular, Stiff, and Ladies.  I was able to get into a groove with it after a while, but I still can’t put my finger on a good description.  It doesn’t feel very active, but it doesn’t feel that stable either.  Whether or not this shaft works well for you will dictate your feelings about the Moon Wood.


It’s easy to ridicule clubs sold via infomercials, but often they’re ahead of the curve.  The combination of a large head, short shaft, and upright lie angle did produce the high, soft shots that the ad promises.  While this combination won’t work for everyone, the Moon Wood does come with a 60-day money back guarantee and may be worth testing for players struggling with their long game.

Matt Saternus


  1. What lofts will be available for this club?

  2. Harold Wetzel

    I enjoy my Moon Wood. I use it around 140-160 yards out. Also will tee off with it most Part 3’s.

  3. Afzal Malida

    Dear sir.was looking at review of moonwood 8 and very impressed.and would like to purchase one .Kindly send me full contact detail where to purchase moonwood 8 thanks and regards afzal

  4. Juan Abraham

    O owned a 21%, 25%, 33% and getting ready to buy a 29%, what is the average distance for these clubs? is there a table I can check?

    • Matt Saternus


      The distance you get from any given club has to do with your swing speed and many other factors beyond loft. There is no “right” or “average” distance to hit any club.


  5. Hans Hillen

    I own the moonwood8 25. My distance is round 130 meters. I am very satisfied with it. Fairways and Drivers are not my clubs. I now ordered the 21 to make some more distance. 🤞

  6. Susan harpine

    Should the top of the grip be soft and bend

  7. I have 2 moon wood 8 clubs a 29 degree and a 33 degree. What do they replace in my bag

  8. Tony McCann

    I am 83 and have replced my 3,4,5 irons with hybrids. Now I find that I,ve lost the feel with my 6 iron and can’t find a decently priced hybrid. My 7 iron goes about 135-140yds. What Moonwood, 25 or 29 would I buy to repace the 6 iron?

  9. Thanks for this review. I’ve been trying to put together a practical set of clubs for my wife. She’s a lefty, good athlete with a decent swing, but a beginner with beginner frustrations – especially with irons. I found a good deal on a set of 4 Moonwoods (21-33 degrees) used on ebay. I had never heard of them, so I looked them up. After reading some things, it seems like these could be a very good option for her. She prefers woods and prefers the length of her woods to the shortness of the irons – having to stoop more, learning to find the ball with different length clubs (sounds like an argument for one-length clubs). I know these aren’t as long as typical fairway woods, but I still think these will be worth a shot. If nothing else, I could pick up some longer ladies/senior flex shafts to go with these moonwood heads. I do think this is a perfectly reasonable concept for making the game easier for many. I ordered them a month ago and still haven’t received them (USPS is so slow right now!!). I’ll try to update how she does with them if they ever come in.

    • Jonathan Rowe

      Meant to update this earlier. These clubs truly seem to be about the easiest things to hit I’ve ever found. My wife is doing well with them – so much better than comparable irons. I’m now looking for some for my senior father who is now having trouble playing with irons. Here’s what really convinced me that these are somewhat special in the “ease of play” category: My wife’s a lefty, I’m a righty. I tried to hit several clubs I bought for her to try and failed miserably. I could actually hit these moon woods left-handed – like actual golf shots, high and somewhat straight. That says something.

  10. Ernie Raymond Sarchi

    where can I find the 33 degree moonwood 8

  11. I would like to purchase a 29 degree and 33 degree
    moon wood 8…..where can I find them

  12. Perry A. Snyder

    Matt, At 77, I thought I was doomed to be a 15-handicap. And then I purchased the Moon Wood 25. It works! So much so that I then added the 21 and 29 to my bag. I am now disappointed when I am not shooting between 79-82. Never did I think I would find a club that was so easy to hit…and hit straight consistently. I no longer carry a 3 nor 5 wood. I let a friend hit the 21 the other day and he couldn’t believe it, “Perry,” he asked me, “are you certain this club is legal?” It is, I assured him.
    Perry A. Snyder, Ph.D.

  13. I ordered driver and the two fairway wood bundle last week but have not yet received them. How long should delivery take?

  14. I just purchase a moon wood Driver.
    Can you use this driver as a fairway driver?
    And what kind of yardage will I get hitting off the turf?

    • Matt Saternus


      There’s no way for us to know what kind of distance you’ll get from it.
      My review was only of the Fairway Wood, so I can’t speak to how the Driver performs.



  15. Does moon woods come for 3 and 5 woods?

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