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Mitsubishi Kuro Kage XD Shaft Review

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The Mitsubishi Kuro Kage XD is surprisingly smooth while delivering the expected spin-killer ball flight.


While not as famed as the Diamana series or as popular as the new Tensei shafts, Mitsubishi’s Kuro Kage line is well known for standing up to aggressive swings.  The latest addition, the Kuro Kage XD, builds on the platform created by the Kuro Kage XT but takes that performance to even higher (or, more correctly, lower) levels.


The Kuro Kage XD looks similar to past Kuro Kage shafts with a white upper section transitioning to a shiny silver lower.  With a touch of flash in the form of “Kuro Kage” branding that can light up with a rainbow of colors, the XD strikes a balance between eye-catching and classy.


I had a certain amount of trepidation when I first headed out to test the Kuro Kage XD.  My swing speed has dipped recently due to some small injuries, and my past experience with Kuro Kage shafts told me that I would need every bit of power to make these shafts work.

MCA provided the Kuro Kage XD in both stiff and X-flex for testing.  I started with the stiff thinking that I wouldn’t be able to move the X at all.  After a couple of swings, I was pleasantly surprised by how much action I was feeling.  The kick point is decidedly high – it feels like it’s just inches below the grip – but it loads and unloads smoothly.  In contrast, the tip section is rock solid.

Buoyed by the pleasant feel of the stiff, I switched to the X.  Again, I was surprised at how smoothly the shaft flexed, even when I wasn’t swinging all out.  While the X provided much less kick than the stiff, it still combined the stable tip section with a smooth feeling in the grip.

If you’ve been scared off of the feel of Kuro Kage shafts before, give the XD a try.


The Kuro Kage XD’s raison d’etre is low launch, low spin, and tons of stability.  To that end, MCA used 1.5 times more Dual-Core Titanium Nickel Wire in the KK XD compared to the XT.  That stability was immediately noticeable when I took this shaft to the range.  From the first swing, I saw shots that barely curved at all.  Even when I bashed one off the heel or toe, the ball would take a small turn then seem to straighten at the end of its flight.

In terms of trajectory, the Kuro Kage XD produced some of the flattest shots I’ve seen lately.  Even on a breezy spring day, my shots climbed quickly to their peak then bored through the air.  Whether I was hitting draws or cuts, no shot seemed bothered by the wind at all.

MCA is making the Kuro Kage XD available in 50, 60, 70, and 80 grams.  Regular flex players will have only the 50 gram option.  Stiff will be available at 50 and 60.  TX (Tour X) comes in 60, 70, and 80, and the standard X flex is the one flex available in every weight.


It’s becoming a trend this year: equipment changes that I wasn’t expecting.  While I’ve been extremely happy with my driver shaft, the performance of the MCA Kuro Kage XD is too good to not get a serious look.  If you want lower spin with surprisingly smooth feel, talk to your fitter about giving this a swing.

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  1. Hi Matt, Any thoughts on how these compare to the previous KK Dual Core and the Project X Even Flow (Blue or Black).


    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t done any head to head testing, so I don’t have anything to add to the reviews that are already on the site.



  2. How would you compare this to your CK Pro Orange, which I believe is what you play regularly?

    • Matt Saternus


      The Orange is a little more active, and it’s counterweighted. If I had to give a single word description of each, the KKX would be stable, the Orange smooth.



  3. Andy Stone

    I’m currently gaming the KK XT60 in S and love it. Is this a pretty natural progression to knock down spin and launch a touch? I tried the Tensei Pro White in 60S as well but couldn’t get it to turn over. Very straight shots (maybe 3-5 yd fade) but I prefer a bit of draw.

    Thanks for the great info on the page.

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t know if the XD would necessarily lower the launch and spin, but it’s certainly the first one I’d look at if you like your XT.



  4. Andy Stone

    I’m playing the XT60 S currently and tried the Tensei Pro White 60S as well. Couldn’t get the Tensei to turn over as easily but wanted to drop spin over XT. Should the XD be plug and play from the XT that I really enjoy?

  5. What weight shaft did you use when trying with your G400 max? Do you know what length you were playing the shaft at and its swingweight? Interested in possibly trying this in the Max but its not directly orderable with Ping so not sure what length it needs to play at to keep swingweight around D3 or D4 with 10 grams of hotmelt in the head.

  6. Mark Smithberger

    How would the Kuro Kage XD compare to the RIP Black 60 gram Stiff I’m currently playing?

  7. I’ve been on the search for THE shaft for my G400 LST. I’ve come up empty on every shaft I tried. I saw a good deal on a second hand Kuro Kage XD on GolfWRX and took a shot at it. I was worried it would be way too much shaft for me. It’s a TX and it’s tipped 1/2″in as well. I’ve now hit about 30 balls with it and I’m just blown away at the performance. I’m not sure why there’s not more buzz surrounding this shaft. It’s the best feeling, best performing shaft I’ve ever hit. Nothing balloons on me (so far) and everything is just on a rope (maybe little draw or maybe little fade). I feel like I can swing as hard as I can and the shaft will perform.

  8. Peter Mallari

    I have been using Kuro kage 80hy Flex A and it has giving me good results in my hybrid apex 5 wood. I want to change my irons to Kuro Kage. But I don’t see 80 Hy Flex A kuro Kage Mitsubishi selling. What is your suggestion?

    • Matt Saternus


      My suggestion would be to work with a fitter and builder like Club Champion to see if they can either modify the available Kuro Kage shafts to fit you or find another shaft that will give you similar feel and performance.



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